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    Wondering if anyone knows why Shea wasn’t at the game? Hopefully nothing serious!
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    2020-2021 Schedule

    Assuming we have a season, what does the OOC (Out of Conference) schedule look like? Away - Virginia, Baylor (?), Notre Dame, Oregon (?) Home - South Carolina Neutral - Quinnipiac, Mississippi State (likely) Any other games known to be on the schedule?
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    Caitlin Clark

    Maybe I missed the thread, but did anyone post about Caitlin Clark committing to Iowa over Notre Dame? I looked at Hoopgurlz 2020 rankings just now and saw Iowa beside her name. Did anyone else see that?
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    WNBA Jerseys

    I hope everyone is doing well - I have a question about WNBA jerseys - does anyone know any other place online besides the WNBA Store to purchase them? I have started to collect the UConn players in the league, but am now stuck - I have Dee, Sue, Stewie, Moriah, Morgan, and Tiffany, but cannot...
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    Erin Boley - Rumor has it...

    Hello everyone, I hope all of you are well - I have heard Erin Boley has chosen a destination. My mom's sister had lunch very recently with Erin's grandma (with whom Erin is very close). Her grandma mentioned Erin would be going to a school out in California. As far as I know, she either did not...
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    Alexis Jones Injury

    I am curious as to whether anyone has heard anything on Alexis Jones's injury? I have searched around the Internet and have not been able to find anything as of yet. I wonder if it is an ACL again or if it's a minor knee injury (relatively speaking). If anyone finds anything I'd appreciate it!
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