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    Ayanna Patterson and Confessions from a Borderline Dunker....

    Been watching videos of Ayanna dunking and I'm absolutely blown away. I'm convinced she will be the first Uconn women's player to throw one down in a game, and yes, it will count for exactly two points, the same as a layup. But it will make a bunch of us jump out of our seats and let's face it...
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    Problems with SNY today

    Anyone else having problems with SNY today? I'm in Mystic using Comcast and the pregame and the game are totally scrambled:(
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    Good time to book Final Four flights to NOLA!!

    Southwest Airlines opened their schedule today thru April 13th. I just booked flights to/from NOLA from Providence for $204 round trip (4/1-4/7):) Haven't done The Big Easy before and hoping like heck that I'll be sharing it then with our awesome UConn crew!!! Go Huskies!!
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    Help me spend my kids inheritance!!!!

    Desperately searching for 2 GOOD tickets for Final Four in Tampa! Having just returned from Albany, my wife says WE MUST ATTEND this years Final Four. The edict felt like hearing Christopher Walken say in Saturday Night Live skit, 'WE NEED MORE COWBELL"! Anyhow, if anyone has any contacts...
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    Tampa Final Four accommodations

    Hi Bone-yarders-my wife and I have our plane tix but we need help in finding the right place to stay. We are focused on being on the gulf beaches for most of our 6 day stay with the 45-60 minute drives to Amalie Arena on the 2 game days. We are very active, in our 50's and hope to find a...
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    Streaming SNY from afar

    OK Techies, I'm on the road the next 10 days-how can I watch the Huskies live? I do have a Comcast account at home with SNY. I know how to access replays but hoping to watch DePaul live tonight-thanks for your help!!
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    Need help watching ND game from Canada, eh!

    Don't feel sorry for me but I'm stuck in British Columbia for the next 9 days XC ski training:) Just found out the ESPN3 option doesn't work out of the US and the ski house cable only gets ESPN-C. C stands for Canada or 24/7 hockey so I might see Kia's brother Darnell mixing it up on the boards...
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    Are you ready for the Z Show???

    I may be calling it a couple weeks early but I think we may see a coming out party for Azura today! She has already shown some impressive flashes early and I believe she will take this start and run with it-go Z!!
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    Attention Dallas, Basketball's Navy Seal Team 12 has landed...

    What do Coronado Island/San Diego and Storrs CT have in common? They are both sites of the some of the most intense, elite team building centers in the US, if not the world. Yes, I'm referring to the Navy Seals and the UConn Women's Basketball program! Geno, CD and crew have taken our incredible...
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    No Wooden nomination but Gabby Williams is.............

    The Most Interesting Woman in the World!!!! Seriously, who needs a Wooden nomination when you are already the MIWITW??? Sure, all WCBB fans have seen her...
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    Gabby Williams........OMG!!!!

    I'm so speechless after watching that incredible game-Gabby in particular, that it's taken me a while to form the words. As a very avg high school/college high jumper, I've always been amazed at great jumper sand track speedsters and have often thought, "Wow, it would be amazing if that...
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    I hate injuries, but.......

    Listen, I love our girls like my own daughters (who are both graduating from UCONN this May) and it pains me when they are injured. That being said, I can't help but be excited about all the possibilities for our bench players when they get the opportunity to step up! What will Saniya do in...
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    OT-No Pats/Skins on Fox tomorrow-help!

    Looks like Fox is not showing the Pats game tomorrow:( There must be a way to stream online-any ideas?
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    Are you ready for Stewie 2.0?

    After reading Jim Fuller's article, including his observations on yesterdays practice and Stewie's comments, I'm convinced that we are going to see something special out of Miss Stewart tonight!! Think hibernating bear poked with a stick!! Let's face it, it must be tough to impossible for a 20...
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    Need ND connections to get a couple tix for 12/6 matchup!!

    After feeling the euphoria of sitting courtside in Nashville and watching our beloved Huskies dismantle the Irish for the NC, I find myself looking at this years home schedule with a bit of dismay. There is a very real possibility that our killer Huskies will blow out even the 'higher tier'...
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    Copy of Championship Game

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the big game? It's not available on ESPN3 now. Had a great time in Nashville but found out when I got home that my DVR ran out of room trying to tape both the men's and women's games:( I'm being greedy here but would love, love, love to be able to...
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    Found some mutual respect between Huskies and Irish in Nashville

    Just finished watching the exciting men's championship down here in a Nashville sports bar. Sat at a table with two Irish fans who were heartily rooting on the Husky men as they have become big fans of Kevin Ollie. During much of the game we were talking about our women's programs and...
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    Final Four BY get-togethers and/or post game Uconn parties?

    Very excited to be heading to my first FF in Nashville and I'm wondering if there will be any BY gatherings either during the games or after-particularly if our wonderful women capture the hardware!!!
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    Selling 4 tix for Women's Final Four in Sec 315-face value

    Four tix are together in Secton 315-each ticket is good for semi's and final $150/per ticket-will sell 2 or 4. 860-460-2253
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    Final Four Tickets/Nashville

    I have 6 Final Four tickets together in Section 315, Row H-which I will set for face value ($150/each) plus the NCAA handling fees. We decided to mortgage our house and buy floor seats:) PM me for details/phone. GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!
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    Final Four info

    After years of talking about it, my wife and I are finally heading to the FF and have booked Nashville hotel and flight. No jinxing our fine women-let's just say I'm hoping to see our Huskies there!! Looking for advice from those of you who have been to the FF before. What kinds of things are...
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