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  1. huskeynut

    A day with UConn's Geno Auriemma: A lot of practice, basketball philosophy and banter with Paige Bueckers

    What a great article. At the same tie very insightful. You can see the relationship between a coach and two of his stars. It's a wonderful thing! You can also see the respect that both sides have for each other. There is a reason UConn has been so successful under Geno.
  2. huskeynut


    My avatar is the US Navy flag. Our third son is on active duty in the Pacific.
  3. huskeynut

    Another Day, Another Azzi Article

    A very good article. We are getting to see who Azzi is all about. Gifted, determined young woman. The ability to see through the BS of recruiting by some schools. Really looking forward to the coming season. We may have a backcourt for the ages!
  4. huskeynut

    OT: It was a good run…

    Being retired has it's perks. The HOA is responsible for the lawn, plant, shrub and tree (palm trees) maintenance. The company that maintains the community starts in our area by 7:15 AM every Monday morning. A couple of hours later they are off to another street/ area.
  5. huskeynut

    OT: I Heard 72% of Adults Live Within......

    Poughkeepsie, NY to Poinciana, FL is 1,191 miles. Not including the side trip to CT for 44 years.
  6. huskeynut

    Pick a second team to root for

    USF Bulls. We have season tickets again for the up and coming season. Really enjoy Jose and his international contingent. And its only a hour and 15 minutes from the house.
  7. huskeynut

    OT: Bears

    Yup - the phrase for identifying a coral snake.
  8. huskeynut

    How long do you use your razor blades before changing them? Reprise.

    Haven't used a blade in a couple of years. Ditched them for a Braun electric. Order a new blade from Amazon every 6 to 8 months for the Braun.
  9. huskeynut

    Florida Husky Fans - Check In

    Very true. Some down here call it Southern Hospitality.
  10. huskeynut

    The Official Thread of the New York Yankees - 2021

    As of right now, a little over 1/3 of the season is done. If the present record is an indicator for the rest of the season, the Yanks may win 90 games. Enough for the playoffs, I don't think so. Tampa and Boston are the better teams in the division. Then there is Chicago, Houston and Cleveland...
  11. huskeynut

    OT: Above Ground Pools

    When we lived in Danbury and the boys were young, we had an above ground pool. 48" high, 24 foot circular. Maintenance was not that bad. The prep for winter was a pain. Drain the pool down, blow up the pillows and tie them off. Pull on the cover and tie it off. The winter maintenance. As snow...
  12. huskeynut

    Florida Husky Fans - Check In

    Word is the series will be continued. Both coaches want it. It might happen by next season.
  13. huskeynut

    Florida Husky Fans - Check In

    Yes they do. Non-season ticket holders do not have access to the buffet area. Once you have eaten, go straight to your seats. A couple of times a year, free t-shirts and the like. Some of the other perks for season tickets holders in addition to the meals are: Credit card type pass - no paper...
  14. huskeynut

    Florida Husky Fans - Check In

    USF has a real nice facility. Season ticket holders have a buffet meal before each home game. Price included in your season ticket. With the buffet comes a cash bar for those who wish to have one. The buffet area opens 90 minutes before tip off.
  15. huskeynut

    Florida Husky Fans - Check In

    Solivita residents also ride around the community in golf carts. Difference is Solivita will top out at around 5,700 - 5,800 homes. The Villages is long past that number.
  16. huskeynut

    Florida Husky Fans - Check In

    That's us!!!! Now that we're back open, the cruise ship continues!!
  17. huskeynut

    The rivalry continues

    SCG - I agree with you. If anything, Tennessee probably needs the game more than UConn. As to SC, it is the rivalry now. And that's a good thing.
  18. huskeynut

    Florida Husky Fans - Check In

    I've seen your buses at the South Florida games. Solivita usually has one bus that goes. BTW - we have had season tickets to the USF women since 2017. A little over and hour ride from Solivita.
  19. huskeynut

    Florida Husky Fans - Check In

    At least 2 of us Solivitans are on the BY.
  20. huskeynut

    Florida Husky Fans - Check In

    Poinciana, FL since 2016. Fans since 1994 when we lived in Danbury, then Sandy Hook.
  21. huskeynut

    Uconn Tennessee Series To Continue, Texas Pushed Back

    Just remember - it takes two to tango. Some on the wish list don't want UConn on their OCC schedule.
  22. huskeynut

    Charcoal or Gas?

    I use propane for the grill and the smoker. Clean, easy to use, consistent temperatures for cooking. As for flavor, if I want I have a wood box for the grill. I can put in wood chips and get that smokey flavor. Same with my smoker, obviously. And a lot of the flavor comes from the quality of...
  23. huskeynut

    How many Yarders Actually Went to UConn?

    Kent State University & Western Connecticut State University for undergrad. WestConn for master's. Southern CT for 6th year. Or second graduate from UConn in 2005 as did his wife.
  24. huskeynut

    OT Current and Former New Yorkers, I'm Curious

    Born in 1951and raised in Poughkeepsie, NY. My Dad took me to a lot of games when I was young. Most were in the old Yankee Stadium with the monuments in center field. Saw Jimmy Piersall have one of his moments and hide behind the monuments. Saw Mantle hit one in the upper deck of right field...
  25. huskeynut

    O.T. Moon to LSU

    Not surprised.
  26. huskeynut

    Long Article on Caroline Ducharme from Mike Anthony

    Caroline is edgy. Nika is the hard nose guard, Paige is the field general and Azzi is the sharp shooter. Add Christyn as the aggressor and E as the heart and soul and you have a deadly back court combination. These young ladies have no intention of sitting on the pines. This coming season is...
  27. huskeynut

    Senators propose labor bill for college athletes

    The reality is Murphy is known for not following through on his words. I don't see this as being any different. A lot of hot air from both.
  28. huskeynut

    OT: Name Your Favorite....Anything

    The trumpet is a cylindrical bore instrument. The diamneter of the bore stays the same. The cornet & flugelhorn are conical bore. The diameter of the bore increases over the lenght of the horn. The difference is the flugelhorn has a wider bore than a cornet. The flugelhorn is used by many jazz...
  29. huskeynut

    OT: Name Your Favorite....Anything

    Since I'm a musician, two of my favorite things (no pun intended) are my horns. The flugelhorn is 1982 Olds red brass. Made in America. The trumpet is a 1971 Getzen Eterna, Severinsen model. Made in America. And these babies get used everyday. It's either practicing for the next gig or...
  30. huskeynut

    Geno speaking with media today

    I disagree. 6' 5" Nelson-Ododa, 6' 4" Jurhasz, 6' 5" Debarry, 6' 5" Gabriel, 6' 3" Edwards, 6' 1" Griffin is a good front line. A lot of talent there. Paith will be out for the summer session. Maybe not the front line you want especially since Cardoso went to SC. No bruiser to pounded in down...
  31. huskeynut

    Geno blasts the transfer portal

    I agree that this entire process was poorly devised. It has turned into a disaster. Another shining example of the NCAA's leadership. Do I believe that student athletes should be able to transfer in certain situations? Yes. But those situations were never defined. And they needed to be. The...
  32. huskeynut

    Surprise. Freshman Amari DeBerry coming to UConn with big expectations

    Good for Amari. She expects to play and contribute. If she is working hard for that goal, as other articles have eluded to, I hope she makes believers of all of us. Never sell a kid with determination short.
  33. huskeynut

    Golf shoe recommended?

    My golf shoes are Addidas. Very comfortable with plenty of support. Had a pair of Foot Joys and they were not comfortable at all. Replaced them with the Addidas after and handful of times on the course. For sneakers I love New Balance. I have a pair of walkers from NB and it's like walking on...
  34. huskeynut

    BY Census: What’s your age?

    Turned 70 in April. Still alive and kicking!!!

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