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  1. HuskyFan1125

    June Transfer Thread

    It looks like she is a graduate transfer. She should be good to go for the 21-22 season.
  2. HuskyFan1125

    LSU Basketball 21-22

    I'm really interested in what Mulkey does at LSU and will support her and the team. Mulkey says she is bringing 2 players with her (Ursin & Gusters). I guess Oliver isn't going to follow her to Baton Rouge.
  3. HuskyFan1125

    NCAA Softball Tournament

    I have the utmost respect for Odicci Alexander!!! She is a champion and the star of the this WCWS imo. She is the one everyone is talking about. I already jumped on board and purchased a JMU softball shirt for my daughters. Great player!!
  4. HuskyFan1125

    June Transfer Thread

    Graves is known to run with 2 PG's though. Ionescu and Cazorla and then Ionescu and Minyon Moore. So he technically could run with Rogers and PaoPao. I guess it depends on how much of a PG Scherr turns out to be or if she and Parrish are more of the 2/3 rotations. I watch a lot of PAC 12...
  5. HuskyFan1125

    UConn Louisville Hall Of Fame Showcase Dec 19

    Wasn't there an Arkansas game that supposed to be played but got delayed? Little Rock maybe? It may have completely fallen off the radar but not sure. Evina gets a homecoming game but what about Liv? Georgia? Georgia Tech?
  6. HuskyFan1125

    Geno speaking with media today

    Let not breeze past the comment about how there are 200 folks in the portal that haven’t been contacted. I think it’s too late for them to go back to their schools. Could be some folks on the outside looking this upcoming season. Or dropping down to D2/3 or JUCO route. Will be interesting to...
  7. HuskyFan1125

    WNBA player transactions

    Its sad! I could build a team with those waived. May not win a championship but could field a pretty decent team. Still amazes me that Kaela Davis cant make a roster. Wonder if its something off the court.
  8. HuskyFan1125

    Kiki or Kk ????

    I'm not sure either one end up here. Too many other options for PT on certain teams. We will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  9. HuskyFan1125

    If you could have dinner with any two Huskies who would they be

    Gabby and Stef. And i didn’t even really have to think about but it.
  10. HuskyFan1125

    May 2021 recruiting thread

    I could be wrong but I see Rice at Stanford or Duke. Just my opinion. She comes from a high academic family.
  11. HuskyFan1125

    Hearing smoke of Cardoso to Texas

    Correct me if wrong but Vic is getting credit for his great development of post players and he has had some good ones but wasn’t Johnnie Harris the post coach?? I remember Vic and McGowan thanking her for all the great work she does with the post when they chronicled Teira’s maturation of the game.
  12. HuskyFan1125

    Baylor hire?

    I’m so glad Joni Taylor is staying at Georgia. I didn’t really see her leaving because she seems like she likes Athens and her players love her.
  13. HuskyFan1125

    LSU Basketball 21-22

    Ya never know about Brock and Messer. She said twice that her staff is NOT complete. I took it as maybe if they are vying for the Baylor job and she may get whoever gets the short straw? I dont know. We shall see.
  14. HuskyFan1125

    Autumn enters transfer portal

    She is an academic so following Shea to Vanderbilt might be another option.
  15. HuskyFan1125

    April Transfer thread

    Auburn with Johnnie Harris is a possibility.
  16. HuskyFan1125

    Syracuse has 6 Players on Tranfer Portal List.

    Johnnie Harris at Auburn would be considered for KC as well i would think.
  17. HuskyFan1125

    Invitees to 2021 USA Women’s AmeriCup Team Trials

    Super stoked to Veronica Burton made it as a finalist. She is fierce defender and an underrated guard in the country. Lead nation in steals i believe.
  18. HuskyFan1125

    April Transfer thread

    I liked this for Jaz. She had some really great games for the Ducks. I think she had one game where she hit 10 3's. She just needed to find the right system. Nebraska may be it. Freshman Jaz Shelley Hits Ten Triples in Win Over UC Riverside, Ducks 84 - Highlanders 41 - Addicted To Quack
  19. HuskyFan1125

    It's Official: Shea Ralph Named Vanderbilt Coach

    I'm so happy for Shea. Vanderbilt is a great school and and Nashville is a great city. It has the tools to be a great spot for her.
  20. HuskyFan1125

    Asst Coach Job Posting

    I also wonder if he is going to be position specific? Meaning Shea worked with guards.
  21. HuskyFan1125

    April Transfer thread

    Some of these transfers (not specifically just this one) are head scratchers as they are going to teams stacked at certain positions.
  22. HuskyFan1125

    2017 Top 10 Recruits

    I mean if your gonna redo the top 10 i would consider moving a few players up on the 11-100 list such as Satou Sabally or Rennia Davis.
  23. HuskyFan1125

    Coaching Hot Seat 2021

    @nwhoopfan should be happy??
  24. HuskyFan1125

    #3 Arizona vs #1 Stanford - 4/04/21

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Stanford will win by double digits?
  25. HuskyFan1125

    April Transfer thread

    This will be a nice pick up for someone.
  26. HuskyFan1125

    Players Declaring for WNBA Draft

    Wonder if Moon Ursin comes back? There was some speculation to that.
  27. HuskyFan1125

    April Transfer thread

    Think she would follow Karen Aston to UTSA??
  28. HuskyFan1125

    Coaching Hot Seat 2021

    Looks like Sue is headed back to the Noles.
  29. HuskyFan1125

    2020-21 Transfer thread

    Question?? Does Texas have room?? They have 5 incoming already including 2 fantastic JUCOs. If Harris moves to OU or another BCS school she could scoop up a couple of them.
  30. HuskyFan1125

    #6 Texas vs #1 South Carolina - 3/30/21

    It’s aggravating to listen to ESPN and the analysts talk up Collier. Have they watched any of her games against other dominant post players???? She disappears!!! This is not new!
  31. HuskyFan1125

    Rice and Nancy Mulkey WNIT

    Rice is a great academic school. Student athletes with emphasis on the student part. Rice was a great fit for her and both Ogwumikes.

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