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  1. statman

    OT: Battle 4 Atlantis Question

    Thank you guys for all your inputs. Much appreciated!
  2. statman

    OT: Battle 4 Atlantis Question

    Planning a family vacation this year and thinking of mixing it with some UCONNBB fun. Question for people who have been to this tournament before - is it worth buying the tix package in advance or the tix are available easily at the door? Also, is it assigned seating? As that can be...
  3. statman

    Battle 4 Atlantis Tickets

    Question for people who have been to this tournament before - is it worth buying the tickets package in advance or the tix are available easily at the door? Also, is it assigned seating, so if it makes a consideration to buy it early now in a package? The reason for my questions is that I find...
  4. statman

    Kemba on NYT

    I didn’t see this posted yet. Nice write-up. Kemba Walker Is Smiling as He Reads This Now, Walker is a Celtic. Before this season, Walker’s highest-stakes games were at the University of Connecticut, where he played three seasons and provided countless highlights, particularly during a 2011...
  5. statman

    Season Tickets

    I have not seen that $10000 number mentioned anywhere in the materials but it will make sense they would have a large amount tied to it.
  6. statman

    Season Tickets

    Just out of sheer curiosity, can anyone buy a court side seat or there is a minimum donation level? I was wondering as they seem available in the seat selection view for any one to pick up at the specified amount.
  7. statman

    Can we get an updated AAC bracket?

    Looks like in most scenarios, we play ECSU or Temple in the first round and Tulsa or Cinci in the second.
  8. statman

    College Basketball Scandal

    Great read. At Arizona, Truth Without the Consequences
  9. statman

    Cincy Roll Call

  10. statman

    Anthony on Gilbert

    Gilbert’s career is not over. He will play again this season. And if he can rediscover peace and happiness in basketball before departing Storrs for good I’d call that a UConn victory worth appreciating, and one he deserves.
  11. statman

    Anthony on Gilbert
  12. statman

    UCONN sections at MSG

  13. statman

    Season Tix deadline Extended...

    Well, in that case, makes it roughly where I was last year. Thanks!
  14. statman

    Season Tix deadline Extended...

    I just got the email, Monday 08/19 on 9:41. Do you guys know if they let you pick seats on the weekend, as it seems further from the starting date for me this year, compared to last year.
  15. statman

    Charleston Classic

    Just got 2. Super excited.
  16. statman

    Season tix renewal poll

    No matter how it plays out, at least they were decisive, and took control of their own destiny, instead of waiting for that P5 invite.
  17. statman

    Season tix renewal poll

    So what do you guys think, are these numbers going to change in light of the Big East news? I was wondering if some of the nays will change to yays now.
  18. statman

    Mike Anthony: UConn men’s basketball season ticket changes puts school at risk of losing some longtime fans

    Aren’t priority points still relevant in terms of when you pick your seats online, giving you a shot at better seats at your current seat donation level, and also if someone wants to upgrade outright, say from $400 to $800 level?
  19. statman

    Season tix renewal poll

    Well, as unscientific as it is, this poll should raise some significant concerns for the AD. The only way this idea of seat donations (which theoretically should produce a higher fixed revenue per season tix holder ) will work is if their math tells them that they would be able to raise at least...
  20. statman

    Season tix renewal poll

    With multiple threads, countless opinions and a lot of time to think about this issue, let’s count some votes the unscientific way?
  21. statman

    Does your spouse/SO like or enjoy sports, especially UConn?

    Great thread. We have seasons tix for UConn men’s BB at XL and my wife goes to about half of the games in her Ray jersey :) (my 10 year old goes to the other half of schedule in his Kemba Jersey). And we catch a women’s BB game here and there through the season. So, UConn BB is definitely a...
  22. statman

    Charleston Classic

    Me and the wife are planning to be there. Week before thanksgiving works really well. Looking forward to a fun start to the season!
  23. statman

    Season Tickets for 2019-2020

    Are these seat donations amounts tax deductible?
  24. statman

    Details on Ollie's firing

    Well, we really don't have debate our betting abilities I guess. We will know for a "fact" the strength of this and other arguments both parties are making in court or in case UConn settles and pays KO.
  25. statman

    Details on Ollie's firing

    Well, I guess we will find out what Calhoun had in his contract when this goes to court. But we can rest assured that this argument will be tested, unless of course UConn decides to settle, which they should have done in the first place before they fired KO.
  26. statman

    Details on Ollie's firing

    We can debate all we want about how bad the violations are, but the crux of this matter is captured here in this paragraph of the story. As the documents were released, Michael Bailey, director of the UConn chapter of the American Association of University Professors, issued a statement...
  27. statman

    Bigger problem, offense or defense.

    Obviously, as mentioned by a lot of you, there is lack of effort and confusion that persists on the D. But I do agree more with the folks that see it as a case of bad offense leading to a bad defensive effort. Taking contested threes that quickly become one and dones as well as a ton of...
  28. statman

    Syracuse Game Roll Call

    Will be there + 1. Will be attending Uconn alumni pre game starting at 5. Legends - 6 W 33rd street.
  29. statman


    Encouraging night. Played good D most of the night especially on ball reversals, not giving away easy open 3s like we did last season. Larrier came back as advertised, Whaley had flashes of Deandre Daniels, Polley was solid, and Anderson was a pleasant surprise and very impressive as a pure...
  30. statman

    RIP Frank Deford

    Loved him on NPR over the years. RIP.
  31. statman


    No matter how many times I screamed at my TV this year when he steped out of bounds on a critical play, I must say though, I do respect the kid for his attitude. He represents the Huskies extremely well, and with his positive attitude, I have no doubt, he will go far in life. I wish him the best!
  32. statman

    I'm holding my nose and rooting for Puke against Syrexcuse tomorrow

    As much as I hate saying this, I think Cuse winning will be preferable for us. Hopefully we then beat Cincinnati and SMU at home and now suddenly we have three wins against teams that will be in the tournament, giving us a sliver of hope for an at large.
  33. statman

    Game Thoughts - Temple dos

    Great writeup the #12.
  34. statman

    ESPN podcast interview with Kemba

    Thanks for sharing this!
  35. statman

    Suggestions for a good in-ground hoop under $300

    Maybe I need to get the budget a tad higher and just go for the in ground.

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