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  1. dvegas

    CT Outdoor Live Music Venues

    Levitt Pavilion free. Just RSVP. what about Lotus? I think Tim is gonna rock
  2. dvegas

    CT Outdoor Live Music Venues

    Never miss a Sunday show. Brass Bands and UConn legend LarryBlu. Set up in 213 look for the tall guy
  3. dvegas

    Best BBQ in CT

    The brisket, sausage and ribs I had at City Market in Luling TX on 3/31/2004 (on way to San Antonio from Houston Airport) was by far the best CT connected BBQ I've ever had :cool:
  4. dvegas

    CT Outdoor Live Music Venues

    They threw more JRAD tickets for this weekend on sale today. I'm guessing they will be on the ground 6/20. Never miss a Sunday show
  5. dvegas

    Bouknight Draft Watch
  6. dvegas

    OT: Condo Board

  7. dvegas

    OT: Condo Board

    The board cannot vote in executive session. Not opening a pool that is a common amenity would require a vote by the board in an open meeting. But the board is most likely being advised by the management company, their attorney (and perhaps an insurer) to do as they please, they can't be sued...
  8. dvegas

    OT: Condo Board

    You are actually not suing a board member, you are suing the association, which includes your share (% interest). The key a lot of board members don't realize when they are screwing over members aka owners ( usually while bring told by the property manager and the associations attorney dont...
  9. dvegas

    OT: Condo Board

    The worst are scumy HOA's. No matter how much they ignore their governing documents and state statutes, you can't get a lawyer to sue them. I'm a real estate professional (with a UCONN real estate degree), have documented fraud, and can prove the board\officers did not use standard of care or...
  10. dvegas

    Tankless Water Heaters - Anyone have one of these?

    This Old House just did a triple decker in Dorchester and devoted pretty much an entire episode to tankless boilers hot water heaters. I know they can shill a bit for whichever company donates the supplies, but it was pretty informative and current
  11. dvegas

    OT/ Most Pasta for your Buck in Connecticut

    The Open Door aka Sabia's was my dad's favorite. They also made some mean chili (go figure?). The Brass Rail was the first bar I was ever served in pre 18 without a fake ID.....
  12. dvegas

    Lobster Roll in CT

    I had a tremendous pair of (fried) soft shell crabs at Westfair fish and chips last week. Went a la carte (their "chips" are nothing special), $23 total. I was licking the mustard off the wax paper. Will be back weekly as long as the season lasts.
  13. dvegas

    CT Outdoor Live Music Venues

    I just got offered a comp for Bisco . . . that may be me on Friday
  14. dvegas

    Men 2021 UConn Baseball @ NCAA Tournament’s South Bend Regional (6/4 > 6/7) Game 3 v. Central Michigan > Sunday @ 12p on ESPN3/Mixlr

    Yes and most likely weather friendly, little chance of deep south/Texas/far west potential extreme heat and/or humidty
  15. dvegas

    CT Outdoor Live Music Venues

    Got gifted this in the Yale bowl parking lot b4 the show And the gas was right next to us post show. And what a show!!! Never miss a Sunday
  16. dvegas

    CT Outdoor Live Music Venues

    Headed up from Norwalk in a bit. Even though you are all obviously seasoned show pros, just a friendly PSA for tonight, do not forget - A freezer zip lok for you phone; If you wear glasses, a baseball cap, a dry wipe cloth and no fog spray if you're got it; And tighty whities or boxer briefs...
  17. dvegas

    CT Outdoor Live Music Venues

    Didn't look like you needed a poncho last night. They'll probably be marked up to $10 tonight.
  18. dvegas

    CT Outdoor Live Music Venues

    The gore tex did not hold up great Friday night, needs to be re-waterproofed. Been looking for the trusty Rent rain poncho since yesterday, seems to have disappeared (been a while). Ill be hitting Wal-Mart for a replacement for tonight, or maybe the dollar store for some to sell on the lot, $5...
  19. dvegas

    UConn Athletics Transitioning to Mobile Ticketing

    Dead and Company & Phish offer "commemorative" 3D ticket stub options when you buy their ticket (all E-tickets or mobile) for $10 to $20. Some stupid hippies actually pay for that :eek:
  20. dvegas

    Having dinner with two Huskies

    Ray Broxton owes a buddy of mine from UConn $30. I broke the news to him, he's not collecting.....
  21. dvegas

    UConn @ St. John (Friday 5/7 @6p, Saturday 5/8 Doubleheader @Noon & Sunday 5/9 @1p) All games on ESPN3

    Good evening for the ball teams wearing blue in Queens last night. Wonder if Nick Ahmed might be giving the pre-game speech to the Huskies today?
  22. dvegas

    UConn @ St. John (Friday 5/7 @6p, Saturday 5/8 Doubleheader @Noon & Sunday 5/9 @1p) All games on ESPN3

    The one camera through the backstop netting feed is pretty much unwatchable, giving me a headache. I think I'll watch the Mets and just listen to the Huskies. Baseball night in Queens.
  23. dvegas

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Blasphemy The Best Pizza in Every State — FOOD & WINE
  24. dvegas

    Best Bacon Egg + Cheese in CT?

    this should be dated April 1, not April 26 Police found a cow in the road at Black Rock Turnpike at Congress Street just after midnight on Saturday.
  25. dvegas

    The last swim

    Josh placed 11th in the 100 free last night. Last UConn mans swim. Dropping the mens program will adversely affect the women, won't have the guys to train with. No excuse to cut the team. Same coaches and meets. Meanwhile, Kiernan Smith out of Ridgefield won the 200 free at the NCAA's as a...
  26. dvegas

    Carriage House Sold for $11.2m

    the seller paid $11 million in 2012. Imagine the capital repairs on turnovers must be crazy $$$ if its still the show it was in the 1980's. But student housing is (or was, pre-pandemic) a very hot CRE investment sector.
  27. dvegas

    Proud to be a UConn grad

    Sign me up!!! UConn to offer non-degree online courses in cannabis growing - Westfair Communications
  28. dvegas

    CT Outdoor Live Music Venues

    Don't think there's anything on this list we haven't covered here, but its a good summary
  29. dvegas

    Jim Nantz is a P*tz

    Actually, not outside Connecticut. Nantz lives in Westport.
  30. dvegas

    Jim Nantz is a P*tz

    On CBS Saturday morning, he declared that Scott Drew's coaching at Baylor is "the greatest rebuilding job In NCAA basketball history." I hope next time the GOAT Jimmy C runs into him at Ed Mitchell's in Westport (where they both buy their suits), he kicks him in the nuts....for the Boneyard
  31. dvegas

    CT Outdoor Live Music Venues

    Westport Chamber of Commerce has started their drive-in series up again. Very relaxed security and BYOB Supper & Soul - Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce | WWCC
  32. dvegas

    OT: Best value propane grill

    Pro tip for the Weber - don't waste your $$ on the Weber cover, buy a generic cover at Lowes or WalMart, and a heavy duty tarp (8' * 10'-ish). Use a couple of bungee cords to secure the tarp over the cover, you'll get years of use out of that paring and better water resistance than the name...
  33. dvegas

    CT Outdoor Live Music Venues

    those Norwalk shows are in the parking lot behind the Wall Street Theater, who is the promoter. Expect to wait 20 minutes for a beer lol
  34. dvegas

    OT: Cord Cutters

    Anyone else with AT & T TV having issues the last couple of weeks? Last software update 5ucks donkey dong....

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