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  1. jk0411

    OT: Louisville and ACC

    Out of curiosity, could the ACC throw Louisville out of the conference if they were so inclined? I know that typically there's a buyout for universities that want to jump ship to another conference, but what happens if the conference decided Louisville is a bad fit for their future and asked...
  2. jk0411

    Two ESPN top 100 2018 recruits decommit from U of L

    Louisville losing two ESPN 100 prospects
  3. jk0411

    Didn't know R Allen was such a good golfer

    Currently in third place in Diamond Resorts Invitational, a golf tournament for Sr. PGA tour and celebrities. On Golf Channel now.
  4. jk0411

    Boat to play in China

  5. jk0411

    At least someone believes...

    For those of you not insiders, Goodman predicts we'll run the table at AAC tournament and make NCAA tourney. His logic, Uconn has thrived with backs to the wall in past few years, why not this year...
  6. jk0411

    How out of touch is NCAA?

    EPSN just ran a story that Louisville men's bball team won't be able to watch the girls play tonight, unless they pay their own way. NCAA considers the tickets to be a "benefit". Unbelievable!!
  7. jk0411

    Since you all seem so starved for any morsel of info

    Here's an article in the Austin American Statesman I read while flying out of town this morning. Point 3 deals with realignment.

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