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  1. jk0411

    Players we missed on that went to implicated schools

    Newman's Dad played at Mississippi State, so plausible he ended up there initially.
  2. jk0411

    OT: Louisville and ACC

    Out of curiosity, could the ACC throw Louisville out of the conference if they were so inclined? I know that typically there's a buyout for universities that want to jump ship to another conference, but what happens if the conference decided Louisville is a bad fit for their future and asked...
  3. jk0411

    Two ESPN top 100 2018 recruits decommit from U of L

    Louisville losing two ESPN 100 prospects
  4. jk0411

    Didn't know R Allen was such a good golfer

    Currently in third place in Diamond Resorts Invitational, a golf tournament for Sr. PGA tour and celebrities. On Golf Channel now.
  5. jk0411

    New Offensive Coordinator! Rhett Lashlee of Auburn

    For those of you that want to see what Auburn fans and rest of SEC are saying: Auburn Football - Sports - Message Board
  6. jk0411

    New Offensive Coordinator! Rhett Lashlee of Auburn

    Lashlee has been tied to Malzahn since he was a hs qb. While OC in title, Malzahn made all the calls and even though supposedly giving up play calling part way into the season, Auburn fans say his fingerprints were still all over the offense. Timing was good for Lashlee to get out (or as some...
  7. jk0411

    OT. Things to do in Houston

    Totally agree. I live in Austin, but have traveled to Houston on business or pleasure many times. Not comparison between the cities. Austin has great food, cool neighborhoods, lots of music and a great vibe. Easy city to get around as well. If you decide to take the drive (about 3+ hours), let...
  8. jk0411

    OT: Best grinder in CT.

    Stretch's in Newington - just added grinders in the past year, yummy H&M - Windsor Locks
  9. jk0411

    Boat to play in China

  10. jk0411

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Have to put a plug in for my brother and sister-in-law, who own and run Stretch's in Newington and made this list. They also were listed at 28th, in Hartford Magazine's list of the top 50 pizza places in Greater Hartford...
  11. jk0411

    Music Genre

    I live in Austin, arguably the live music capital of the world, and have been lucky to see a ton of great bands. Headed to ACL festival next weekend. Here are some bands I've recently found and some groups from Austin that you might want to check out: Beach House - Bloom The Amazing - The...
  12. jk0411

    Favorite frozen pizza

    I go to Whole Foods and buy one of their fresh, proofed dough balls. I think they charge $2.99. I also use my grill and a pizza stone and it comes out unbelievable, nice and crusty on the bottom. Found a great recipe for those who like white pizza. One fresh mozzarella ball cut into slices (8...
  13. jk0411

    Favorite frozen pizza

    If you're going to take the trouble to go to a grocery store to buy a frozen pizza in the first place, why not just go to the plethora of fresh pizza options around you. For crying out loud, there's a thread about a million posts long debating the best pizza in CT. Living in Austin, TX, I'm...
  14. jk0411

    PF Mamadou Diarra (Signed LOI on 11/14)

    I was just looking at 247 sports and there are a slew of crystal ball picks for Diarra heading to UConn. Was wondering if anyone has seen any communications recently to prompt all these recent posts? I realize sometimes these are musings of bad prognosticators, but as the saying goes, "where...
  15. jk0411

    SF V.J. King (Louisville Commit)

    So, this is his second visit? Could be a good sign!
  16. jk0411

    At least someone believes...

    For those of you not insiders, Goodman predicts we'll run the table at AAC tournament and make NCAA tourney. His logic, Uconn has thrived with backs to the wall in past few years, why not this year...
  17. jk0411

    Jalen Adams (Committed to UConn)

    Stellar defense.
  18. jk0411

    Crystal Ball?

    Hey, we just got a Mack prediction from Michael Bohlin (who??). Check out his stats, he's 9/17.....that makes me feel real good.
  19. jk0411

    Lobster Dinners in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

    Years ago, when I lived in RI, I used to frequent Champlain's in Narragansett. It's a drive from Groton, but a good day trip.
  20. jk0411

    Sporting News Top 10 Point Guards

    "But good things seem to happen to Uconn guards.", and small forwards and power forwards and centers! Just sayin'!
  21. jk0411

    UConn / Texas home-and-home

    Glad to hear they're coming back to Austin, where I reside. I still remember that 82-81 OT win fondly, thinking that might be the highlight of their season, never imagining what was to come!!
  22. jk0411

    Northeastern just beat Georgetown

    Gtown outscored 38-20 in second half. Yikes!!
  23. jk0411

    How out of touch is NCAA?

    EPSN just ran a story that Louisville men's bball team won't be able to watch the girls play tonight, unless they pay their own way. NCAA considers the tickets to be a "benefit". Unbelievable!!
  24. jk0411

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Cool, let everyone know how it was. Been there enough, so I'm obviously biased.
  25. jk0411

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Try Stretches on Main St. in Newington. Been written up numerous times in Courant and even NY Times. Compared to Pepe's in one article I read.
  26. jk0411

    Do you think Napier and Boatright will stay next year?

    One can only hope they get good advice, as someone else mentioned. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Here's a link to Chad Ford's top 100 prospects for the 2013 draft and neither SN or RB appear on his list. Obviously, this is one man's opinion, but doesn't bode well for the prospects...
  27. jk0411

    Since you all seem so starved for any morsel of info

    Here's an article in the Austin American Statesman I read while flying out of town this morning. Point 3 deals with realignment.
  28. jk0411

    XRM done with visits...

    Does that mean he'll be less familiar with the school after he enrolls?
  29. jk0411

    Jefferson to Connecticut?

    If you read through the blog posting, it states that her signing will take place at "her" church in Duncanville, TX. This is Geno's recruit. Not sure the blog is restricted to guys. Doesn't really say.

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