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  1. ktuck911

    "UConn president Thomas Katsouleas is resigning"

    Ummm... what the heck is going on?????
  2. ktuck911

    Donta Moore (former UConn Football standout)

    Geesh, Marvin Taylor posted RIP for this former UConn football player (during Edsall 1.0)... Gone too soon. Wonder what happend... Prayers to his family
  3. ktuck911

    FCS Playoff game last night

    Although out of season, pretty decent game. Southern Illinois and S Dakota State played hard solid football... (embarrassingly speaking, looked better than us over the past several years).... just sayin... I'm enjoying this stuff...
  4. ktuck911

    2021 Spring Roster updated...
  5. ktuck911

    192 Days til Gameday...

    ... just trying to keep the die hards in the loop... That's all we got as far as updates with the current team make up...
  6. ktuck911

    Not ready yet

    Lots of talent but we haven't put it together yet. We settled way too much for outside shots, especially early on in the game then later. We shoulda worked on fouling out Boston late too. I think we should've posted Edwards on her late. We didn't. We kinda let her have her way a bit in the...
  7. ktuck911

    200 Days til Gameday...

    Just took a quick peak at the football site and hit has a countdown clock... According to that, the game is set for a 10:50PM EST start (obviously primetime out west @ Fresno State) We got no updated roster (yet), but at least we know in 200 days we'll find out something about us...
  8. ktuck911

    No Feb 3rd National Signing Day gifts for us...

    Guess Santa left us nothing but coal for Christmas today...0 signing day surprises... Guess it'll be 0 peeps about the program today from Coach and the staff as well. Tough sledding for us fans... No news is not good news...
  9. ktuck911

    Kevin Morton's kid

    I'm offficially riding harder with UConn Baseball... Checked out the roster... Nice to see we have an alumn from my HighSchool, Brien McMahon, in Norwalk, CT... I believe the young man's name is Korey Morton... I remember his dad balled out at BMHS as a pitcher back in the day when I went...
  10. ktuck911

    Time to turn the page on 2020...

    That year for UConn Football is now a thing of the past.... Let's get a new roster update... Let's see what we're working with in preparation (so far) for '21 season, which is only 7 months away (that time will fly quickly)... Somebody get the Football folks on campus to get us something else...
  11. ktuck911

    Marquette @ St Johns

    Man what a big difference the play is between the #3 & #4 ranked teams in the conference. St John's needs more skilled bigs badly.
  12. ktuck911

    RIP Deebo from Friday (Tiny Lister)

    Geez many known folks are getting called home to Glory in 2020.
  13. ktuck911

    Sunday on a Wednesday afternoon.. Gotta love it (Ravens/Steelers)

    It's soooooo weird... but it feels good at the same time... one beer will make it complete for me...
  14. ktuck911

    RIP- Norwalk CT/Brien McMahon HS legend Paul Atkins

    Had to start a quick thread on this... The hits don't stop in 2020. This one was a bit of a shock since he was seen in Norwalk but other family members walking down the street only weeks ago... A true Norwalk CT basketball legend (arguably 2nd to Calvin Murphy). Probably the greatest to...
  15. ktuck911

    Spring League Football - Pro League - On FS1 tonite

    The Blues vs. The Aviators... Fun to watch when there's nothing else on... Lots of action....
  16. ktuck911

    Schiano and Rutgers

    Nice win on the road against Michigan State. Watched some of the game on rewind (the quick 60 minute version)... Schiano has his guys firing off the ball... I mean they're comin downhill like a freight train on both sides of the ball. We gotta get back to that kind of playing... Yeah, we'll...
  17. ktuck911

    UMass vs. Georgia Southern

    It's about to kick off on ESPN2. I'm seriously hating right now.
  18. ktuck911

    RIP - Joe Morgan (another Hall of Famer)

    Geesh! Talking about piling on... Joe Morgan was a great player for the Big Red Machine in the 70s.. Enjoyed his play by play calling on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN too....
  19. ktuck911

    RIP NY Yankees great Whitey Ford

    "Chairman of the Board". Gone at 91 years young. 2020 hasn't been fun. We've lost quite a few sports heros....not to mention what's happened with the pandemic... Stay prayed up Boneyard family...
  20. ktuck911

    Starting Five for 20-21

    I did it for the Women, now let's get to the Men... I gotta admit, this feels like a possible "Shock the World" feeling I get for us... We got some serious depth... Just need to put it all together... We could very well be seeing a year where BOTH teams do it again... With that said, here goes...
  21. ktuck911

    Starting 5 predictions for 2020

    I just checked the roster... My prediction on the starting 5: G - Bueckers G - C Williams G - Westbrook F - Griffin F/C - Nelson-Ododa Sleeper of the bunch: Edwards... If she can play strong in the paint area she's going to get legit minutes. Footwork, touch is already there. Just want to...
  22. ktuck911

    BYU - How do they ever lose????

    literally they gave a roster full of grown men
  23. ktuck911

    Pasqualoni to Florida Gators

    Wow... He's got like 20 lives.. I thought he'd settle in at his digs with the Detroit Lions until he retires.. and then maybe (just maybe) return to the HS circuit in CT.. Congrats to Coach P. He ain't done yet...
  24. ktuck911

    love this team...

    They are showing that they can be resilient... on the road.. Yes, we lost last night, but DANG! SMU shoulda ran away with that game last night. What did we do? We fought til the very end. On the road against a pretty decent basketball team. Too bad we fell short so many times this season...
  25. ktuck911

    New assistant?

    Guys - Anybody know K. K. Rountree???? According to Twitter he's UConn Football Special Teams QC...
  26. ktuck911

    Current Roster question

    Any updates? on current players,, how they're coming along in their development. I'm interested in guys like Jaylen Jones (physical kid. thought he'd come in and start at a CB spot day 1, but that didn't happen), Messiah Turner, O'Neil Robinson (is he finally gonna secure that FS spot? I would...
  27. ktuck911

    O', to just go bowling again..

    was watching the LA-Lafayatte/Miami(OH) game last night... Man I wish we were in one of these bowl games.. Pretty decent game that was last night up and until Miami (OH) botched the snap on the 3rd & Goal play late in the 4th quarter... Just sayin, hopefully Edsall & Co can get us back to...
  28. ktuck911

    Question about our coaching staff

    Are we looking to maybe add an OC? a LB coach? a true QB coach? Just wondering...
  29. ktuck911

    With all the transfers

    Can we see in excess of 25 newcomers? Via the transfer portal does anybody know if we can scoop up a few players that will be on campus starting this Spring and not effect our 25 scholly limit. You gotta hope we can get maybe 8-10 transfers in total this year (hope for half or more to come in...
  30. ktuck911

    Oh, BTW, would be nice to have one more defensive assistant...

    ... to focus on (drum roll)..... LINEBACKERS!!! We don't have one....
  31. ktuck911


    That's a name I really like for our staff.. In all seriousness, as OC... Probably affordable and sees an opportunity to simply focus on one aspect of the team (our offense to bring consistency).. He's done it before, ran his own program, understands OL (and has gotten experience at the FBS level...
  32. ktuck911

    Josh Carlton

    Whoever on our staff that is working with him needs to be reprimanded. You can't come all the way down and go backup like that wide open in the paint. A big should never do that.
  33. ktuck911


    I remember during Fiasco/Disco era we'd played a game so poorly somebody made mention on the board ' are we doing all week' during practice as we prepared for the game. I think that question comes to mind again nowadays. The only reason I bring this up is because we have some SERIOUS...
  34. ktuck911

    Current QB situation...

    Not gonna cut it. I like the players on our team at QB, BUT we need a better leader at that spot for RIGHT NOW. Can't afford this kind of inconsistency at the position. We MUST recruit a P5 QB that's in the transfer portal. We're no different than other G5 program trying to get on track. Ask...
  35. ktuck911

    Optimistic? or Cautiously Optomistic?

    Anybody have an idea on how we look? Don't need much info.. But do we pass the eye test as being a legit problem for the entire NCAA like the past 10 plus years?

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