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    States Highest Paid Employee

    ESPN has an article about each states highest paid public employee. In many states, it's a football coach. In Connecticut, it's Dan Hurley. None of that is a...
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    Brimah/Drummond and Help Defense

    I had a chance to watch a Zach Lowe video on Andre's inability to help defend on screen and roll and it made me focus on Amida last night and how he handles similar. To my naked eye, Amida was excellent. Where Amida tends to get in trouble is one on one matchup and bailing out the opponents...
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    KO gets shoutout on Netflix's Luke Cage

    Kevin Ollie (and Rick Pitino) both get mentioned in the first 10 minutes of the show during a barber shop basketball debate.
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    What to Expect if the Big 12 Knocks - A Perspective (very long)

    Let me say before I go more in depth that if UConn is invited into the Big12, they have no choice but to accept but while keeping my fingers crossed I’m still going to hold my nose because as a fan I’ve lived the Big 12 experience. I went to Colorado and graduated in the 80’s when Oklahoma and...
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    Getting to the rim

    If you asked me about my biggest overestimation this year it was the ability of our guards (and Daniel Hamilton) to get to the foul line. Our best teams over the last 10 years have had multiple players who drew significant fouls. From the Final Four teams alone you had AJ, Dyson, Kemba...
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    Long Colorado Scouting Report

    So this is my nightmare scenario... I'm a CU alum yet an enormous fan of UConn since I was teenager. With that said, I've seen every UConn game and most CU games (with exceptional of the 11 pm starts on the Pac 12 Network network). The bottom line... there aren't many similarities. I will...
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    Most Important Week of the Year

    I've had this week circled since the schedule came out. Neither Tulsa or Houston are great but they both are very competitive and have beaten the Huskies at home. I'm sure travel has something to do with it as Ollie's teams have really struggled when they head West. Whether Houston, Tulsa...
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    Husky All-Time "Pace & Space" Team

    I admit I like modern “pace & space” ball. It got me thinking... if I was a coach and I could draft any UConn players for one year and one tournament who would they be? This isn’t my all-time team… it’s a very specific team building exercise. Here are my initial requirements. At guard, I...
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    Burger Boys

    I've been trying to figure... What is the last National Champ without a McD's AA prior to this year? I'm thinking maybe Maryland? If earlier... Nova or NC St?

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