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    It once seemed like this nba record might never be broken.

    Although I kind of like the old Knicks bully ball style of play, there is no question that the game flows better today and that is one reason for some of the crazy numbers yet the skill levels are also insane. The idea of a 3 point step back 10 years ago would have driven coaches crazy. Now...
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    Biggest off-season need Andre Jackson working in n basketball fundamentals

    Jaylen Brown is a great comp although Brown was more skilled as a scorer as a Cal freshman and I think Andre is more explosive and definitely the better passer.
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    2022 Recruiting: Denver Anglin

    He really has great balance on his shot. Granted we are watching highlights but everything he is doing looks like it translates to college. My only question is he a PG, SG or combo?
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    Kyle Filipowski Update

    That's a good comp.
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    Charlie Moore Just transferred to his 4th school in 5 years

    From Cal to Kansas to Chicago to Miami... he didn't quite hit all four time zones but he came close.
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    Rocket Watts?

    Regardless of Watts and I haven't seen it mentioned but it feels like either Hurley likes two (and maybe 3) combo guards running the offense simultaneoulsy or we just haven't recruited a pure point guard. I actually prefer the two combo's myself but I've also seen plenty of great teams with...
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    Recruiting Transfers - March

    Jeriah Horne would be an incredible get. He was absolutely dynamic as a 3 point shooter and hit 90% from the line. He’s also a willing defender and an excellent defensive rebounder. Would fit in great with IW or AS as a four and could play a small ball five against the Novas of the world.
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    Recruiting Transfers - March

    I went to Colorado and have seen most of Schwartz’s games. He’s a 3 year starter and a better version of JA on a very good team. Not an elite defender but puts in the effort and is an effective 3 pt shooter. He was recruited by KO’s staff previously but is likely heading to George Mason to...
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    Indiana Hires Mike Woodson

    I think Woodson is really good with X's and O's and I think he will also put together a decent staff but the problem is simply age. Anytime you hire a coach at an Indiana or a blue blood you expect that person to be there for 10+ years because you are hiring the best (a la Self or Williams or...
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    OT: Enoch Boakye to Arizona St

    I saw them play and my reaction was they were the opposite of Danny’s squad... very skilled but just not tough enough.
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    jalen gaffney: year one to year two.

    I like his shot making but I think the coaching staff has to push him to start the offense earlier when he his running point. Many of his points came late in the shot clock which is good but that's not an effective offense as a whole. Hopefully will have better spacing next year and he can...
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    Why is the Pac 12 so Dominant?

    Just a random observation but travel is always a big deal in the PAC-12 as Colorado to Washington or Eugene to Tucson are further than for instance Rutgers to Lincoln and Pac-12 teams tend to have more losses than any other conference. That always distorts the leagues image nationally.
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    Recruiting Transfers - March

    Would Grady have 2 years given Covid?
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    Recruiting Transfers - March

    I think Maryland showed what we were lacking and that is effective defenders who can hit the three. If we are recruiting transfers, we need those types of hard-nosed grinders who can hit an open 3. On a side note, this year it appeared that Danny resisted the NBA model of spread offenses but...
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    I thought Gaffney was the lone bright spot last night

    I thought Gaffney played well too but he still needs to initiate the offense earlier. Some of his drives where late in the shot clock which only increases the degree of difficulty for him while inadvertently freezing out more effective offensive players.
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    Tyrese Martin’s “athleticism”

    Regardless of his plays at the rim which need improvement, I feel he has to work on four things to be a more complete offensive player; 1) the obvious is 3 point shooting but 2) a floater a la Jeremy Lamb from the corners after a hard close out on his 3 point shot 3) a post up game especially...
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    Thoughts from Coach Calhoun

    Cole and Gaffney are not your typical Calhoun guards either. Kemba, Price, Boatright, Ollie, Taliek etc. were all legitimately “fast”. Perhaps Sool has that end to end speed but we haven’t seen it yet in Hurley’s tenure.
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    Adama Sanogo comparison

    I see a bunch of Zebo in Adama although I can see the Al Jefferson comp as well. Re: comparisons to Boone... AS is already more refined in the post but Boone appears to be the better overall athlete.
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    Bouk up to 6 on Wasserman’s Big Board

    In terms of being dynamic, there is no question he should be included in the top 6. I look at his skills which are considerable and almost every one can be improved despite having a solid base to build on. That is not true of most other prospects. Keon Clark, for instance, is a great athlete...
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    2022 Recruiting: Update on Donald Hand

    I don't think we can assume who and who we aren't losing next year. Given the extra year of availability, we just don't know the player's mindset or the coach's perspective.
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    Why don't we run?

    I agreement with the argument of playing faster. Donny Marshall said on one of the broadcast that he didn't understand why we didn't initiate the offense earlier and I believe it starts with probing the defense after rebounds with the idea of getting an occasional easy look when the defense is...
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    This team has gotten worse

    I'm reluctant to say this but I just don't think you can play Sanogo and Whaley together until Bouk is back.
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    Some thoughts and areas of improvement

    IW definitely needs to produce more but there is no question that the spacing with Sanogo is affecting him. One way to change the spacing more to his favor is to sprint down court when he doesn't get the rebound but that means the guards need to force tempo. Fortunately, Bouk's return and...
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    I Miss Alley-oops

    At some point in the last two years and I'm paraphrasing, Dan Hurley mentioned how few dunks we had and that's a sign of a bad team. Even with Bouk out there, it feels like we are lacking in this department all year. I have no statistical evidence but I feel like IW has the majority and almost...
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    The Last Sporting Event You Attended?

    Houston/UConn and I sat there thinking... is this the last event I will be going to for awhile?
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    Can you dunk?

    As an 8th grader, I was 5'9 and could touch the rim. At that point, I said as soon as I'm 6 foot, I'm going to be able to dunk. I grew to 5'10 and the rest is history.
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    NBA Offense vs College Offense

    Turnovers... the NBA is great at getting shots off whereby the college game is filled with empty possessions.
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    Cole, Bouknight, Martin, Polley, Whaley

    I think Bouk and Polley need to play more often together as it allows Bouk more driving lanes to the hoop. Simultaneously, it also helps Cole and Gaff with driving lanes when Bouk and Polley are in together.
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    You can see the difference Polley makes

    I thought he looked really aggressive and if he continues with that attitude, it will be vital to put him on the floor at the same time as Bouk and Cole who will either have easy driving lanes or uncontested 3's.
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    2021 Recruiting: 4th open roster spot

    I think most if not all of our seniors will be playing college basketball next year whether it is for us or someone else. It's the same for them as being a redshirt or a normal transfer so unless the NBA is calling which isn't likely, each will pursue graduate opportunities or playing time...
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    Did Bouk set a UConn record yesterday?

    Brimah was 13 for 13 from the field against Coppin and I think 12 of them were dunks.
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    Staff wants Whaley hitting 3s...

    If IW can consistently hit threes he can be more than an overseas pro. He is already a superb defender, rebounder and rim protector. Adding a consistent 3 point shot makes him a very long 3 and D wing which every NBA team covets.
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    USC Predictions

    I think USC is really dangerous but I think UConn's depth will be the difference. 78-75.
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    (Poll) Starting PG

    I just think they really need to compete against one another. If one rises to the occasion then you have at the starter. If both raise their levels then you start the two of them together.
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    Cole is the key

    I think so much of being a PG is showing energy and competitiveness to the rest of your floor mates and neither Cole or Gaffney are displaying enough offensively or defensively. Given that, I'd recommend DH separate them for now and make them compete for minutes. That will force them to pick...

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