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  1. JustbrewitMan

    UConn President Thomas Katsouleas will leave post, sources say

    UConn's very, very high Indirect Cost rate (IDCs) that they try to add to the direct costs of faculty's research grants are a major barrier to faculty's obtaining research grants from many organizations. Can attest first-hand. TomCat is not BS'ing about that.
  2. JustbrewitMan

    The UConn Moose

    This happened about a week ago in Goshen, CT!
  3. JustbrewitMan

    OT: Hartford Athletics Possible Drop to D3

    Having a college freshman that was a fringe D2/D1 softball recruit (and investigating lots of schools when she was a HS junior/senior, I can tell you that D1 softball has a max of 12 scholarships per team. They usually give full schollys to pitchers/catchers or top recruits, but usually split...
  4. JustbrewitMan

    Favorite Cologne/Fragrance?

    Brut Faberge & Drakkar Noir are my go-to’s. Highly recommended to attract the ladies
  5. JustbrewitMan

    The Official Mets 2021 Thread

    Cohen is not messing around...
  6. JustbrewitMan

    Luke Murray Hired as Assistant Coach

    I’d like to take this opportunity to confirm Chief’s confirmation of the UConn Press Release!
  7. JustbrewitMan

    Transfer Thread - May

    I'm reporting this post. Too much level-headed, reasonable logic. Not enough unfounded doom-and-gloom
  8. JustbrewitMan

    Mark Emmert Extension

    This is the only explanation I can think of:
  9. JustbrewitMan

    COVID Vaccine Thread, the Sequel

    FYI: There are hundreds of vaccination appointment spots still open at UConn Health starting as soon as tomorrow Feel free to sign up if you haven't had a chance to schedule one yet!
  10. JustbrewitMan

    Your Stand Up Comedian Mt Rushmore

    Not necessarily my favorites, and I don't know that these ultimately make it onto Rushmore, but some more that should at least be debated for a Top 10-20 list based on overall popularity/longevity: -Jim Breuer -Jeff Foxworthy -Steven Wright -Joan Rivers
  11. JustbrewitMan

    --fix a flat

    Use this stuff. You can build a boat with it!
  12. JustbrewitMan

    Is anyone getting nervous? We haven't got any transfers yet and Noah Locke has committed to Louisville

    I do agree with you that we can't run the team's offense in '21-22 like we have a lottery pick who can almost always manufacture a shot when needed. This is probably the biggest wildcard that determines how good we can be next year: Can Hurley & Co advance/modify our offensive mindset to...
  13. JustbrewitMan

    Is anyone getting nervous? We haven't got any transfers yet and Noah Locke has committed to Louisville

    Let’s be honest. We only got about 50% production out of our Lottery pick due to injury/post-injury rust. Even with that, We ended up a Top 25 KenPom team and made the tourney. We have a great recruiting class coming in, and many here love to sell our current squad woefully short. I’m bullish...
  14. JustbrewitMan

    Rocket Watts?

    “Maryland thumped us” in our worst offensively played game of the year to the tune of being up only 5 pts with less than 3min to play... Using that conflation plus “Fatts going to Maryland” as some kind of calculus that we suck and also we’re desperate for quality dynamic players is peak BY...
  15. JustbrewitMan

    Tyler Polley returning to UConn

    Still time for this to come true! Some oofa takes here :)
  16. JustbrewitMan

    Tyler Polley returning to UConn

    Interesting that his game quickly evolved to mainly just being a 3pt shooter: How many dunks has Tyler gotten in his time at UConn? I think I recall one this year...
  17. JustbrewitMan

    Tyler Polley returning to UConn

    So I went down the wormhole and found Tyler's original "commits to UConn" BY thread: Some interesting quotes worth revisiting & possibly discussing (politely)...I screenshotted them because I basically forgot about the...
  18. JustbrewitMan

    COVID Vaccine Thread, the Sequel

    Congress is holding hearings because that's what they love to do...makes them seem important in the public eye, garners them TV coverage. Helps with job security. It's also usually good for high comedy due to some doofus senator trying to play "gotcha" with an expert and then that expert...
  19. JustbrewitMan

    Rocket Watts?

    Yeah, I was just being snarky about the name driving the interest level. Agree he has "potential" and taking a flyer on him could be a good risk with this year's wacky COVID transfer rules. I'm sure that Hurley & Co. will do their due diligence to make sure that they are comfortable with him...
  20. JustbrewitMan

    Rocket Watts?

    If his name was something more mundane than "Rocket Watts" most here would have given the "pass" verdict 6 pages ago. Honestly, his shooting has been close to consistently horrible. His ability to get into the paint is not that much better than Cole, Gaff, and also probably Diggins. We need a...
  21. JustbrewitMan

    Tyler Polley returning to UConn

    Either @UcannUconn 's source is Some Guy, or UcannUconn is Some Guy
  22. JustbrewitMan

    COVID Vaccine Thread, the Sequel

    @CL82 Yep, what HH said. Both the mRNA & DNA provide the instructions to our cells to ultimately manufacture the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which our immune system responds to. The mRNA platform has significant advantages as a vaccine platform that I think we are seeing with the COVID...
  23. JustbrewitMan

    NCAA Proposed Rule Changes

    -LOL the 2nd proposed rule (foul reset at 10:00 mark) is basically splitting the game into 4 quarters without actually doing that procedurally. I think it works great in the WBB games so I would 100% endorse that. -I don't know if I like the declining FTs rule as it was shown. Still won't stop...
  24. JustbrewitMan

    COVID Vaccine Thread, the Sequel

    I can tell you that the vaccine effect is real...and real impressive. We are sooo close to getting close to pre-COVID normal. Just need to hang in there being smart with meeting outdoors whenever possible, ventilating indoors, masking, distancing, limiting large group gatherings, and getting...
  25. JustbrewitMan

    COVID Vaccine Thread, the Sequel

    Generally agree with what you're saying. But we will very soon have surplus vaccine in most parts of the U.S., so that becomes much less important. The editorial comment you linked to by Florian Krammer (great follow on Twitter for COVID stuff, BTW, as you likely know) raises the issue about...
  26. JustbrewitMan

    COVID Vaccine Thread, the Sequel

    The other benefit recently reported (cant find the link at the moment, in a hurry), is that people with previous COVID early in pandemic don't mount a strong immune response / have minimial neutralizing antibodies to newer variants. Getting the vaccine expands their antibody neutralizing...
  27. JustbrewitMan

    COVID Vaccine Thread, the Sequel

    It's definitely a cause for concern, and I think the FDA is right to do a "timeout" to investigate things further. Since both the JJJ & AZ vaccines have the same adenovirus vector, it's plausible that it has now happened with both. Important take homes: Doesn't seem to be an issue for Pfizer...
  28. JustbrewitMan

    Gillespie and Samuels returning to Nova

    Will be interesting to see how he recovers from his season-ending MCL injury. Not sure the extent of it and/or if he had surgery, as well as the expected timeline for recovery, but it happened later in the season than Polley's.
  29. JustbrewitMan

    Isaiah Whaley is back!, thread cleaned up

    Thanks for clarifying all this. I was unaware that D1 level athletes were only allowed to work on only 2 skill areas in the offseason. This is the helpful content I missed over the last couple of months.
  30. JustbrewitMan

    OT: The Masters

    Should be an interesting day. Rose going out early -7, 4 strokes up on 2nd place had a chance to put intense pressure on the field. So far, +1 through 4 holes though.
  31. JustbrewitMan

    Recruiting Transfers - April

    The poop that some BY'ers try to fabricate to support their narratives & beliefs are amazing. Hurley was (and still is) intensely loyal to Brendan Adams as his first "real" UConn recruit. Here's his minutes in the last games from February onwards as Dre & then Bouk came back from injuries and...
  32. JustbrewitMan

    Now that Isaiah Whaley is coming back

    I think you're onto something but we need a little bit better shooting. Swap in Andrew Hurley (100% career 3pt shooter) for Hawkins, and I think it's title #5.
  33. JustbrewitMan

    Isaiah Whaley is back!, thread cleaned up

    Great News! Can't wait to see him next year. Looking forward to seeing him push his game further along. Things I would love to see: -Same great tenacious perimeter and interior D -Return to ~70% FT shooting; Increase finishing % around the rim by ~10% -Shooting 2-3 3pt shots a game. Doing...

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