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    "UConn president Thomas Katsouleas is resigning"

    There is a lot more back story to come out. If it ever comes out.
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    2021 UConn Football Commit - Robert Burns (Miami FL Transfer)

    Looks like straight ahead power is his game.
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    Talk me out of talking myself into 7 wins

    If they win seven games they will give HCRE2.0 a ten year extension and a $10 million per year raise. That should should be good enough to talk some sense into you. Curb your enthusiasm.
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    22 Seasons and For the 1st Time Just Unenthused

    I haven't bought season tix for awhile now. But to put the situation in perspective, getting out and doing a bit of tailgating in the cool crisp air of fall and then watching a game regardless of how it turns out is not a bad gig. Expectations are zero at the moment. So with that being said, we...
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    Tyler Coyle

    It speaks volumes that UConn's arguably best player the year before last played only on third down passing situations at Purdue last year. At not his natural position. With a coaching staff that could fully appreciate him although perhaps not his last accomplishments at UConn.
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    Tyler Coyle

    I didn't either, but he ran down several guys from behind, so I knew he was fast. Perhaps not quite how fast exactly.
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    Tyler Coyle

    Really? His speed (and his no quit MO) was one of the few bright spots when he played for UConn.
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    UConn adds H/H w/ Florida Atlantic University (2024/2026)

    Understand your point in your first sentence, but as for the rest of your post, are you totally nuts? I think you will find yourself in the minority on that part of your post.
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    UConn projected 2.6 wins, rated 124th in Brad Powers’ 2021 CFB Power Rankings and Preview

    If you book now, you might be able to stay at their convention center. That is a really nice place. Have stayed there several times for conferences. You might even be able to book a tee time for the morning of the game.
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    Taisun P tears his ACL (*actually Achilles*)

    Yup. Going thru that rehab myself at the moment. My PT therapist says the standard full recovery time is 14 months. The issue is that strength takes a long time to come back. Who was it in MBB who had an Achilles injury? Akok Akok? I think he got back in under a year but was not the force that...
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    The Rent

    Skate a few goal line to blue line to goal line to red line to goal line to ... drills, and you will be amazed at how LARGE a hockey rink is. If you aren't puking at the end of it, that is. And if you dog it, the coach might not let you touch pucks for the rest of the practice.
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    Recommendation for FBS to split from NCAA

    Couple comments. Guessing that whatever organization will govern football, it will be P5 only. The other schools are not gonna share any revenue with G5 schools. They will only share costs. MBB will go the same way. Why should the P5 MBB schools share revenue with G5 or FCS schools? The NCAA...
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    “I think we can win 6 games next year”

    Yup, and if he gets 4 he gets an extension
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    Will Randy coach an actual game again?

    If you say so ::rollseyes::
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    Will Randy coach an actual game again?

    Don't change the subject. Did I or did I NOT say that UConn would go FCS. ANSWER: I said it would more likely be discussed than Randy being replaced because UConn cannot afford a replacement. Full stop.
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    Will Randy coach an actual game again?

    Did I say UConn would be going FCS? I think you need to re-read my post. Learn to read more accurately and think more critically in the future.
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    Will Randy coach an actual game again?

    Doesn't the buyout go to zero on Jan. 1? The issue is the new hire. Who is gonna work that cheaply? I think it is more likely that the FCS discussion is going to get raised again after next year.
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    Will Randy coach an actual game again?

    Not sure I would want the Huskies playing Clemson with a new coach, new system, and mostly freshmen. It's gonna be bad enough as it is. So yeah, he finishes his contract and then gracefully exits stage left.
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    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    If the AD was worried about our continued interest in FB, they needn't have. The ticket response next year should be great. See you in August.
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    UConn Football Rebroadcast of Inaugural Game @ Rentschler Field (9/3/20 @ 7p)

    UConn was just much better then than now. Indiana looked like the present day UConn, and UConn looked like the present day Indiana.
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    Now it hits the Big Boys wallets

    Have been to several games at Camp Randall. And State Street after a Badger victory is a zoo.
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    Now it hits the Big Boys wallets

    I absolutely love New England in the fall. But there is also an intense charm in the midwest during fall. I've spent some time in both Indiana and Wisconsin. Love those states in the fall.
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    Now it hits the Big Boys wallets

    Thanks for this. I have a stack of New Yorkers to read on vacation next month. Also electronic NYT access.
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    Hahaha, ...

    Not sure that it is correct for CT to be in the 40. I think there are some very highly paid faculty, perhaps in the med school although their outside income may not be counted like it is in football.
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    The Machinery Is in Motion to Postpone the 2020 College Football Season...

    Whoever raised the point about how many infectious disease specialists these institutions have on staff and whether or not they are in positions of influence authority, reporting to the AD or President's office vs. all the orthopods and neurologists in the Athletics Department is right on the...
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    The Machinery Is in Motion to Postpone the 2020 College Football Season...

    Exactly what I said in the Hahaha ... thread. We are gonna find out who runs the P5 institutions. I said that I was betting on the highest paid persons. So far I have been proved wrong in 2 out of five cases. But it is early days yet. I do think that the Conferences have tremendous sway in this...
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    Hahaha, ...

    Of course.
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    Hahaha, ...

    The larger question is, does Edsall get another year?
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    Hahaha, ...

    Agreed. Some docs are very highly paid at P5 med schools too. Rock stars in their world.
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    Hahaha, ...

    Blew me away today. I thought the HC's would let the presidents know what's what.
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    Hahaha, ...

    ... now we are gonna see who really runs the P5 institutions. My money is the guys who make the most money, and I think we know who they are, don't we?
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    The Machinery Is in Motion to Postpone the 2020 College Football Season...

    Pretty much agree although I prefer Whiffle ball bats when fighting with tigers rather than Waffle ball bats. I find holding maple syrup on the bat is really a disadvantage rather than an advantage.
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    Big Ten cancels 2020 FB season (via Detroit Free Press)

    No beer on State Street is the bigger issue. But somehow I am betting the Badgers will find something to do that involves beer.

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