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    Bueckers has ankle surgury, per WFSB.

    expected back for Sept preseason.
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    Cardoso to transfer[merged thread]

    Bigs want to play with great point guards = Geno wants answer for L Betts.
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    Ignore feature

    Hmmmmmm tooooast.
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    Evina Westbrook would be perfect

    Could Berube qualify? Could Ralph? Marissa? But Jen?
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    UConn soccer mired in slump.

    Rutgers canned Donigan several years ago.
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    Perspective and a bit of sarcasm from Coach

    The difference being?
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    Perspective and a bit of sarcasm from Coach

    An adult understands that one need say nothing. Integrity isn’t the issue. Judgement is the issue.
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    Perspective and a bit of sarcasm from Coach

    Again, this is about his behavior, not the customers.
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    Perspective and a bit of sarcasm from Coach

    My bad behavior is no excuse for yours. Professionals should understand that. Geno should understand that.
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    Perspective and a bit of sarcasm from Coach

    My point is directed at his behavior not the customers. Maybe expecting him to act like a professional will never be realized.
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    Perspective and a bit of sarcasm from Coach

    I would have hoped he would be the adult in the room rather than the “parent”.
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    Perspective and a bit of sarcasm from Coach

    He may or may not be ”absolutely correct” but dumping on your customers is absolutely stupid. 100%.
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    USWNT Plays 2 Biggies

    Injured. Can still return. Roster isn’t final.
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    OT: Roy Williams retires

    Sorry, didn’t see earlier posts.
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    OT: Roy Williams retires

    Report from nbc sports Boston says he’s gone.
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    Ignore feature

    A poster I had on ignore has come off ignore and I cannot seem to reignore (sp?) him/ her. Not a huge problem but others may be having similar issues.
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    OT: New Neighbor, Old Trees

    Good fences make good neighbors?
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    Job posting (no joke, guys)

    Me too, except I don’t do the FaceTiming (whatever that is) and I‘m not sure what “remediated” is.
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    Why can’t Polley get open to shoot off of screens?

    In the games I’ve seen, Polley is often guarded by guys who appear to be 3-4+ inches shorter than him. Doesn’t that mean he’s always open? (Clearly I’ve not played much basketball)
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    Martin’s Layup Yips

    Is Akok limited to one entry per game? Makes sense given that he’s recovering from a series injury?
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    Best Sandwich in Connecticut

    No Banh Mi fans? Pho House in Avon does a good job. One’s enough for two.
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    Blockbuster NBA trade- Bazz

    Anyone think Harden trade makes any room for Bazz? I‘m not versed in NBA, just a Napier fan.
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    Semi Brilliant Analysis

    or, he didn’t travel but he almost did and it wasn’t called.
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    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Oh, OK, I get it now.
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    OT: Best Pizza in CT
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    UConn vs Marquette on Tuesday

    According to UConn, it is.
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    OT: Beach town vacation ideas

    Carolina Beach NC, just south of Wilmington, is nice and more reasonably priced than most options. Nearby Myrtle Beach is a plus. If you love to spend money, hop over to Bald Head Island. No cars, just beach, golf and golf carts.
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    Gas vs Electric Oven Range

    Don’t you have to go outside to use them?
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    ridiculously addictive you tube clips

    What the heII?

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