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  1. Wordbomar

    Kevin Freeman stepping down from coaching, but will remain at UConn

    His family just moved back to CT from PA last week. The timing is bizarre
  2. Wordbomar

    Tyler Polley’s mercurial UConn career is winding down

    I want Whaley back and I would take Tyler back too if he wanted to stay.
  3. Wordbomar

    UConn @ #5/#16 Virginia (Friday 2/19/21 @ 3p > Saturday 2/20/21 @ 1p & Sunday 2/21/20 @ 1p -- All Games streamed on ACC Network Extra/ACCNX)

    Very excited to listen to Chris Jones on the call! Roll Skies! Going to be a great season
  4. Wordbomar

    Will Whaley consider returning?

    It is amazing how much he brings to this team emotionally and intangibly. In the pre-season, he mentioned that he would consider a 5th year to have a more "normal" senior season. I know we have Samson coming in next year, but since Javonte transferred and Bouk is likely leaving, we have two open...
  5. Wordbomar

    Mike Anthony mentions Sanogo in the 10th paragraph of his game story.

    Anthony has become a mouthpiece for the athletic department. His puff pieces for access are laughable.
  6. Wordbomar

    CIAC Winter plan: January 19th start of practice

    What is comical to me is making the kids wear masks while playing, then they all jump in cars and go hangout together after practice with no masks on. Just make them wear them on the bench and anywhere other than when they are on the court or in the game. But again, common sense with the CIAC...
  7. Wordbomar

    Adams and Gaffney

    Andrew Hurley didn't even start in high school lol
  8. Wordbomar

    Javonte Brown enters transfer portal

    The more you read this, the funnier it gets
  9. Wordbomar

    Vandy out of Legends Classic

    Side note but I wonder if it’s Florida, if they break up the other game to try to set up a UConn - Florida final
  10. Wordbomar

    Beat Writer Season Preview Panel

    This was absolutely outstanding! Thank you @gwhuskyfan !
  11. Wordbomar

    Best High School BB Coach Ever in the State of Connecticut

    Tony Falzarano. Coached at Putnam for 33 years, then coached at Tourtellotte for another 6 years. Two tiny public schools in CT. 609 wins. Won a state title in 1986 and reached two other state finals in 1995 and 2006. What he was able to do, with such little talent in Northeast CT, was amazing.
  12. Wordbomar

    Kimani Young named Associate Head Coach

    Getting KFree allowed Hurley to promote and pay raise to Kimani. This would essentially lock him up unless he got a power conference job in my opinion. Nobody was concerned about Tom Moore leaving.
  13. Wordbomar

    Kimani Young named Associate Head Coach

    No brainer! Congrats Kimani!
  14. Wordbomar

    Kevin Freeman to be Named New Assistant Coach

    I’m taking all apologies now in the form of like’s, thank you
  15. Wordbomar

    Kenya Hunter to Indiana

    Go get Kevin Freeman back.
  16. Wordbomar

    Question about Online Learning Issue

    I know they're trying their hardest, and it's not ideal cirumstances. But in a normal online class format, email turnaround is much quicker and the classes are more organized. I was just explaining why students are saying online doesn't work as well.
  17. Wordbomar

    Question about Online Learning Issue

    Number 1: Over half of the professors don't offer zoom sessions. They just give busy work assignments and due dates. Number 2: A lot of professors are extremely technologically challenged and don't answer emails or messages in a timely manner. (Or post things incorrectly, forget to put things...
  18. Wordbomar

    OT: Lack of new UConn Big East gear

    Pretty disappointed with the lack of choices in the UConn Huskies Store given that we were promised new gear on July 1st. Only 1 nike T shirt? No new sweatshirts? The school even said that they didn't drop as much gear last year because they were dropping a lot on July 1st for the return to the...
  19. Wordbomar

    Back to School

    I agree with 95% of what you said @M.S.G. However, even at the high school levels in low income communities, it has been difficult for some to get access to the needed materials. Distance learning is not good (we all know this), but it seems like we just asking for trouble sending the kids...
  20. Wordbomar

    Back to School

    Honestly, I am starting to get to the point that I feel like the only way we will be able to have college sports this fall/winter is if those players are together without other students on campus. The return to school is asking for Covid spread
  21. Wordbomar

    UConn poaches Cincy Strength Coach

    I 100% agree with you. I was just saying it's odd that this hiring came out of the blue without a statement about Sal being let go
  22. Wordbomar

    XL Center Planning to Reopen in Fall for Sports

    Will be interesting to see how this plays out, assuming they play. 50% capacity? 25% capacity? Season Ticket Holders only? If season ticket holder # is higher than allowed capacity, how do they divide that up? Lots of questions down the road...
  23. Wordbomar

    2021 UConn Football Commit - Tyler Phommachanh (Stratford CT)

    Brother is back-up QB at Clemson. Welcome to UConn Nation!
  24. Wordbomar

    Best UConn Assistant Coaches

    Was always known as a recruiter, but Andre Lafleur often doesn’t get the love he deserves for reeling in some of those great mid 2000’s players.
  25. Wordbomar

    Best Uconn men's BB coach not named Calhoun or Hurley

    Raphael Chillious ... :rolleyes:
  26. Wordbomar

    Trey Patterson to announce June 18th

    I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that this staff actually gets stuff done...
  27. Wordbomar

    2021 UConn Football Commit - Langston Hardy (Jacksonville Florida)

    UConn up to 67 on Rivals rankings!!
  28. Wordbomar

    2021 UConn Football Commit - Christopher Johnson (Jacksonville Florida) -> Decommited 8/13/20 -> Re-Committed 12/16/20)

    Rivals has us up to 70 in their recruiting rankings. Could end up being our best class since the Big East days!
  29. Wordbomar

    Any updates on Sid Wilson?

    I wish Sid nothing but the best! I look forward to following his career, no matter what level he ends up (mid major, low major, high major, etc)
  30. Wordbomar

    Podcast with John Fanta of the Big East

    To each their own, but I absolutely love John Fanta and his dedication to the Big East. He is very knowledgeable and great at promoting the Big East on social platforms!
  31. Wordbomar

    UConn/Temple & UConn/FIU Football Series Announced

    Benedict mentioned before that we may have to have 5 home games once or twice in the first couple of years before we can balance out our schedule consistently. Would not be shocked if 2021 is 5 home games.
  32. Wordbomar

    Borges: The anatomy of UConn’s long, winding road back to the Big East Conference

    I said this to @gampelcrazies yesterday, but it is amazing that all the presidents and coaches in the Big East knew this was happening in the winter of 2018-19 and nothing ever leaked. Shows an extremely well run operation in my opinion.

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