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  1. QDOG5

    OT: Sidd Finch in transfer portal

    Guy once made 300 consecutive 3's in practice. Can hedge out on guards and recover in the lane without fouling. He can screen and rock and screen and roll. He once took a quarter off the top of the backboard and left bitcoin. I can't find any film of him on Youtubes. He was at Harvard but...
  2. QDOG5

    OT: Yarders attending UConn-Maryland

    I just bought tickets for the game for me and my wife. We will be up for enjoying some pre-game drinks near the arena. I took my daughter to Purdue for a college tour. We were impressed by the school. West Lafayette, not so much. I asked my Purdue alum friends where to go and they suggested...
  3. QDOG5

    Home Generator

    I'm in the market for a home generator. I live in a 3,000 sq. ft. home. I'm looking for a generator that will power the entire house and an outdoor hot tub. I'm in suburban Chicago which has a climate similar to Connecticut. The generator will run on natural gas. Any advice on brand or how...
  4. QDOG5

    OT: Happy Birthday Keith Richards

    I wanted to say Happy 77th Birthday to my avatar Keith Richards. Keith has many hilarious one liners. This is one of my favorites. "Let me be clear about this. I don't have a drug problem. I have a police problem."
  5. QDOG5

    UConn versus the field

    I've watched quite a few games so far and I think the Huskies can compete with most of the teams I've watched. I think Gonzaga and Baylor are a step above everybody right now. Can anyone mention another team that they don't think we match up well against? Teams I think we can beat include: Duke...
  6. QDOG5

    Rock music game

    Too much Covid for me so here is a silly game. There are no winners/losers. We might find out who we would attend a concert with after we all get vaccinated:) Pick one of the two. Jim Morrison vs. Van Morrison Eddie Vedder vs. Eddie Van Halen Jeff Beck vs. Beck Bob Dylan vs. Bob Marley...
  7. QDOG5

    OT: Favorite Songs Under Three Minutes

    I realize the vast majority of early rock n roll songs were under three minutes. I was wondering what short songs some of your personal favorites . Here are some of mine. Willing - Little Feat I'm Bored - Iggy Pop Thank You For Sending Me An Angel - Talking Heads Hang Loose - Alabama Shakes...
  8. QDOG5

    Patio Heaters

    I am looking to buy a patio heater. I would like buy one in the $200-300 dollar range. Suggestions?
  9. QDOG5

    New songs

    What is everyone listening to lately? These are some newer songs that I like. Colors by Black Puma Bad Decisions by The Strokes Hero by Michael Kiwanuka So Caught Up by The Teskey Brothers Shine A Little Light by The Black Keys Peach Fuzz by Campp Might Be Right by White Reaper Black Madonna by...
  10. QDOG5

    UConn offense

    Would some one explain to me the basic offensive set that UConn runs. I know that it starts with two bigs at the top of the key and the point guard has the option of going left or right. After that I have no idea where the ball should go next. Truly, it's a mess. I can only take so much of...
  11. QDOG5

    Galapagos, Machu Picchu, Easter Island

    The wife and I are visiting these places this month. My wife is an excellent planner and preparer(thankfully) so we have a very detailed itinerary but if anyone has visited any of these places I would enjoy any recommendations and/or suggestions . We have guides arranged for the trip. I am...
  12. QDOG5

    OT: Golf foursomes

    I have a golf weekend coming up and we have 8 golfers and we are playing 3 rounds. I've been tasked with putting the foursomes together. I'm trying to make it so every player plays with every other player for at least one round. Also, I'd prefer that no one plays three rounds with the same...
  13. QDOG5

    Vehicle for golf trip

    We have 5 guys, luggage and 5 golf bags for a golf trip in Florida. Is a Chevy Suburban large enough? Other suggestions.
  14. QDOG5

    Bradley Braves

    I am most likely the only Bradley grad posting on the BY. The Braves can be an inspiration to any UConn fan hoping for an AAC tourney run. They were terrible for a good portion of the year and got hot in the tourney. The MVC is not the AAC but Bradley had to beat a good Loyola team in the...
  15. QDOG5

    Last play against Cincy

    I'm late to the party on this one but I have to comment on the last play in OT. There are 7.8 seconds when Vital rebounds the miss. UConn is down 2. At the time of CV's offensive foul UConn has exactly zero players inside the 3 pt. line. Does the last play have to be hero ball. The team must...
  16. QDOG5

    UConn Path to the Big Dance?

    I'm wondering if anyone still sees a path to the tourney after the Nova loss. Outside of winning the conference tourney can anyone describe another path. I can't and I'm still in a funk after the second half of the Nova game. I predicted 20 wins and an NIT bid in the preseason so I shouldn't...
  17. QDOG5

    Dweezil Zappa

    Anyone going to his New Haven show on Nov.8? I'm not a musician but he has a guitar class before the show. I saw him two years ago and was totally blown by his guitar playing and his band. Dweezil plays guitar only and doesn't sing the rest of the band sings and everyone plays multiple...
  18. QDOG5

    Player/Team Improvement

    Twenty four games into the season and I was wondering if I've seen any improvement this season. The only thing I could think of is that Josh Carlton has gotten better. Other than that I can't think of any player or any aspect of the team overall that has gotten better as the season has...
  19. QDOG5

    OT: 3 pt shooting

    I watched the Houston Rockets shoot 54 3's last night in a regulation game. A win in Chicago without Harden. They also out rebounded the Bulls by 14. I looked at 3pt attempts among D1 schools. Nova is 30th and W. Virginia 25th. Uconn is 219th. There are many excellent teams below UConn...
  20. QDOG5

    OT: Music: Concerts attended in 2017

    I was wondering what shows people saw in 2017. Which was your favorite. Here's my list. Feb - Wilco - Chicago Theater Mar - Los Lobos - Tivoli Theater June - Tom Petty - Wrigley Field June - The Dead - Wrigley Field July - The Dead - Wrigley Field Sept. - Pete Townshend and Chicago Symphony...
  21. QDOG5

    UConn Athleticism

    The thing that stood out to me last night is our lack of athleticism. Our entire team with the exception of Diarra plays under the rim. We didn't even attempt a downscreen for a dunk against the zone last night. That has been a staple of UConn teams over the years. DO, Cobb, Polley, Carlton...
  22. QDOG5

    OT: Rock Songs

    I need some music to cheer my weary soul. How about 5 songs that might be under the radar that you really like. I'll start. And yes I do realize that these songs might not be thought of as under the radar. Santana - Persuasion Elvis Costello - (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea Steely Dan -...
  23. QDOG5

    Champions Classic

    Any Chicago area BYers going to this tonight? Good early season matchups Duke vs. Mich St then Kansas vs. Kentucky. I will be there wearing my gray UConn hoodie and letting all the Duke and Kentucky fans know that UConn is in the house. I wore it a couple of years ago at this event and got...
  24. QDOG5

    Attacking a zone defense

    My first post so early apologies if this has been discussed ad nauseam. Since we are expecting a steady diet of zone D I thought we could talk a little x's and o's. IMO attacking the middle of the zone is key. The free throw line player must be a threat offensively. How many times last season...
  25. QDOG5

    Ben Gordon article

    Ex-Bull Ben Gordon attempts NBA comeback I'm the least savvy tech guy I know so if I posted this wrong my apologies. Nice story on Ben. I wish him luck.
  26. QDOG5

    Best Ice Cream in Ct

    Because I'm a newbie and don't know how to post in the off topic forum AND because it is kind of the off season for college hoops I thought I'd post this here. The website Pure Wow just rated Buttonwood Farms of Griswold as the states best ice cream. Thoughts?

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