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  1. Zionn


    Man possessed!
  2. Zionn

    No Springs? Javonte Brown Ferguson?

    They give a reason why? Or just end of bench? Sorry. I joined game late.
  3. Zionn

    Men’s Basketball Board?

    Is there an issue with site? Or is there another reason I don’t see Men’s basketball forum listed?
  4. Zionn


    Crushed season 1 and jumped into season 2. Anyone else? Synopsis: A dry-witted woman, known only as Fleabag, has no filter as she navigates life and love in London while trying to cope with tragedy. The angry, grief-riddled woman tries to heal while rejecting anyone who tries to help her, but...
  5. Zionn

    Coach's Show

    What can one expect? Worth attending? Is it all just a pitch to donate to Foundation?
  6. Zionn

    Hulu: PEN15

    New show....premise is a bunch of kids in 7th grade, but two main female leads are played by 30 y.o. actors. Could be easily viewed as a short-lived skit, but great writing and show having a heart make it much better. Easy watch (20 min episodes) and solid IMO.
  7. Zionn


    Mr. Robot fan, but I have to say three in and loving this show.
  8. Zionn

    Anyone know where to buy this UConn hat?

    Lifeoutsidethe94 on Twitter
  9. Zionn

    Hereditary (no spoilers)

    Saw it last night...... honestly - meh. This was one of the times a horror film in a packed theater kinda ruined it. The movie is a slow burn and if I was home alone watching it may have played better. The snickering and laughter from others in theater (who just wanted bump scares) really made...
  10. Zionn

    OT: Woodbury/Southbury Area

    lifelong CT guy.....grew up in Valley, lived in FF county for 10 years, New Haven the last 6. Wife and I just bought a new house in sticks. Know area, but not on local level. Any recommendations? Deli, Pizza, Takeout, where to buy good beer, etc. Open to any and all feedback.
  11. Zionn

    Credit where credit is due......

    first - we’re doomed and sure to lose the next six games. That said - kids, and more importantly KO is really showing poise and growth. I fell into chorus of ripping KO, but I’ve noted great improvement and hope it continues.
  12. Zionn

    Hell House LLC

    I will warn you in advance it is a found footage flick, but a good horror flick for this time of year.
  13. Zionn

    Top of The Lake

    I'm about halfway through the 2nd season. Anyone watching? Thoughts? I forgot most of the 1st season, but just recall liking it. Thus far new season is solid, good pace, and interesting/fragile characters.
  14. Zionn

    Jalen Carey Talks Final Three

    Latest from Zags..... Spoke last night and meeting today...hmmmmmmmmm Jalen Carey talks final three schools, decision timeline | Zagsblog
  15. Zionn

    ISO 2 for Tulane

    looking to bring my 6y.o.
  16. Zionn

    Kinda OKC fires Brooks

    Paging Zags...
  17. Zionn

    Memphis Problems?

    @Michael_Cohen13: Memphis investigating claims a woman tutored BB players without ath dept consent Geoff Calkins ‏@geoff_calkins 4m4 minutes ago Convicted felon was tutoring Adonis, Joe Jackson, Chris Crawford and other players at Memphis: Commercial Appeal ‏@memphisnews 4m4 minutes ago The...
  18. Zionn

    A UNC Student that should be commended for Intelect

    Thread titled as such only because you never really get to ask this question.
  19. Zionn

    At what point? Redshirt for Calhoun?

    Don't really follow this process much, but would think at this point of season there has to be a discussion around it. No?
  20. Zionn

    Coach Crean

    I use the word 'coach' politely, but in all seriousness what is going on in Bloomfield? We are one more off court issue away from having Crean becoming the next head coach of ECU . Williams, Robinson suspended
  21. Zionn

    L. Kromah catching on with the Nets @NetsDaily Two more players added to #Nets summer league roster: SF Lasan Kromah of NCAA champ UConn and PG John Roberson of Swedish champ SBBK. Best of luck!!!!!
  22. Zionn

    Josh Sharma to visit UCONN (Soon)

    Andrew Slater@ASlater247 7' Josh Sharma said he'll visit BC with his parents in early June (likely June 1) & UConn shortly thereafter. Possibly Michigan as well
  23. Zionn

    Tyus Battle to visit UCONN (Soon)

    Source tells @becb_sbn that 2016 Tyus Battle will have dates coming soon for visits to UConn, Duke, and Villanova
  24. Zionn

    Sources: Kevin Ollie starts contract talks with UConn but hasn't ruled out NBA

    our buddy Wojo.....
  25. Zionn

    ios site issues

    Noticed in the last day that when I visit the forums via my iPhone I keep getting redirected store for game purchase. Anyone else experiencing this?
  26. Zionn

    Coach on w/. BIG Mike in 15 mins (4:00)

    Hope he asks him about us going back to BE to save the conference. Mike - been there....done that.
  27. Zionn

    Calhoun and Ollie both on with BIG Mike

    Stay tuned....
  28. Zionn

    Today's Game - SMH

    em·bar·rass·ing emˈbarəsiNG/ adjective 1. causing embarrassment. "an embarrassing muddle" synonyms:humiliating, shaming, shameful, mortifying, ignominious;
  29. Zionn

    Wow.......we blow

    Thought I would get the party started ; )
  30. Zionn

    Question about Prep showcase this weekend in New Haven

    Open to public? Tickets avilable? I live around corner and was going to pop in w/. two little sons.
  31. Zionn

    DD and Boat Show also set to return

    per UCONN Not that there was too much doubt.
  32. Zionn

    No XRM Visit = No Good

    Anyone that tries to spin this any other way is seriously kidding themselves.
  33. Zionn

    So close, yet still so far = PC Hoops

    Looks like the hometown star will not see the day as a Friar - surprised?
  34. Zionn

    Offer the kid already.......

    Top 100 recruit Jordan Bell The kid is begging for a ride. TOS
  35. Zionn

    Someone explain why we are chasing Coach off?

    I get the giddiness from the Tweet and that Smart might have interest in UCONN one day, but why we chasing off JC right now? Does he at least not deserve the right to make it his call? Funny how quickly a thread about Neils and AO gets deleted when it comes to talk of future, but we can go one...

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