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  1. victor64

    Random questions after three games

    I've waited for the dust to settle but here is what I am wondering about after three games. 1. Was there any doubt that the team would make a big jump from games two to three. All man, no press, take advantage of the size advantage and fix the help side defense equals a dominating...
  2. victor64

    Stats prove Defense has been really good

    Some quick stats indicating how well UConn has played defense. 1. Excluding Baylor, UConn has held their opponents under 60 in the other previous nine games. 2. For the year, opponents have been held under 60 in 14 of the 19 games. 3. Of those 14, twice the opponent has been in the 30s, three...
  3. victor64

    My worthless thoughts after Baylor and Houston.

    Decided to wait until after the Houston game and put these all in one thread. Tried to avoid what has already been said. —The occasional poor shooting, the higher than normal turnover number and the frequency of missed wide open layups have been season-long themes. Seemingly these problems...
  4. victor64

    Interesting stats from the combined six games.

    Studied the cumulative stats for 6 games. Found these interesting as we wait for the Seton Hall game on the 5th. —3 players have averaged over 36 minutes a game. Show yourself to the door if you don’t know which three. —Anna Makurat leads in assists with 22 but is fifth in minutes with 122...
  5. victor64

    DavidNaples-like exhibition games stat analysis

    I realize that Geno uses these games to experiment but some stats are worth discussing. 1. Makurat got 14 rebounds. Adebayo got 12 in a lot fewer minutes. If Makurat can continue rebounding at near this pace it is a huge plus. I think it is going to take Adebayo time to get comfortable. I...
  6. victor64

    Come on Evelyn..

    I watched a lot of video of Evelyn during her time playing at Murray State. This is a talented, well-rounded player. The player I saw today was tentative and not sure of where she was supposed to be. With the news of Camura's surgery, Evelyn, now more than ever, has to relax and let ability...
  7. victor64

    Ten useless opinions as the season approaches.

    The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together for this season and recruiting. Here is what i am thinking about: I am more worried about Westbrook’s knee than her getting the waiver. If Westbrook is unavailable, Makurat is my guess for the fifth, especially if she proves that she can...
  8. victor64

    Another award for Chris Dailey

    Espn is reporting that Chris Dailey, along with Bobby Cremins and Verne Lundquist are winners of this year's Joe Lapchick award. Congrats Coach. Sorry if already posted.
  9. victor64

    I am going to the Cincinnati game Saturday!

    I live in Ohio, originally from Cincinnati. Anyway, the reason for the thread, I am going to the game Saturday. Cost of the ticket bought on online: $5. Lower bowl, right around half court.
  10. victor64

    Temple Post game thoughts

    1. If Lou and CW shoot decently, UCONN scores over a hundred. 2. 24 and 9 for CD3 is terrific. O turnovers is ridiculous. The full court layup to end the half makes the season highlight tape. 3. Unusual to see the team get beat down the floor in transition as often as it happened today. 4...
  11. victor64

    What I have learned from this season so far.

    We are not at the halfway point yet but we still have time before Baylor. 1. It would not be possible to choose,, if you had to, who the better player is between Lou and Phee. 2. CW is better than the hype of a #1 ranked recruit. 3. My opinion of Arike changed significantly after the latest ND...
  12. victor64

    Kyla's three

    I have a fun distraction for you. Go to the replay of OSU game and and go to 1:19.40 mark. It is the spot where Kyla shoots her three. Pause it at the release. I taught shooting for 30 years as a coach. IMHO that is really good form. With those mechanics her percentage should be much...
  13. victor64

    Got the feed and watched it all. Here are some quick observations.

    1. Vanguard was completely outmatched physically. Plus, they were completely overwhelmed with the energy UCONN brought at the start of the game. 2. UCONN played a bunch of 1-2-2, often with Lou or Phessa out top. As long as they both are, it will be difficult for point guards to throw it over...
  14. victor64

    Team topics I wonder about...

    Practice has started and tidbits about the team are being revealed. Of course, it leads to many more questions. I wonder... *if the player-led workouts were videotaped for later staff viewing. *If the players at the 3 on 3 tournament brought their schoolwork. *now that the starters have...
  15. victor64

    Applying Geno's recruiting philosophy...

    Started a new thread because it really isn't about Horston. BY followers know that Geno has been more than willing to share his recruiting philosophy. 1. He does not like taking one person in a class. Don't know who else comes but Griffin won't be the only one. 2. Three players is about the...
  16. victor64

    Head clearing thoughts about the team

    I have a bunch of probably worthless takes after reading all the articles posted on the board. 1. Lou is a two-time All American playing less than 100% healthy a majority of the time. The thought of her being healthy and fully embracing the leadership role is not good news for the opponents...
  17. victor64

    More questions than normal about the upcoming season…can’t wait.

    We have about four months until the season starts. I think this season will be really interesting because of the larger than usual unknowns. Consider: Geno called CD3 the best point guard in America. She has also missed time both years because of injuries. If the bug hits again, who gets...
  18. victor64

    I wonder....

    With all that has transpired in the last four days, I wonder... 1. If Geno would have still taken Z, if he knew he would only get her for a year. 2. If Z decided to get paid rather than another year of Geno's wraith. 3. If any grad transfer can adapt fast enough to the UCONN way to be useful...
  19. victor64

    Random thoughts after three games

    Trying not to repeat what others have said... 1. Gabby is a terrific post defender. She might be better on the perimeter. 2. Did anybody expect Phee to shoot 69% again this year. It is still realistic for her to shoot 55 -60. Sounds good to me. It would be ok with me if she did the low...
  20. victor64

    Some weird, some stats, some observations about Memphis

    1. If the three shots that Nat had go in and out fall, she has her best game of the year. She passed well. 2. Chong's missed foul shot was her first since January 1st against UCF. 3. Speaking of FTs, how many other teams can boast having four starters shooting at least 80% from the line. 4. Who...
  21. victor64

    #21 Drake

    I watched 21st ranked Drake clinch the regular season Missouri Valley Conference title Friday night at home against Northern Iowa. They won their 17th straight game and are now 23-4 overall. They are led by fifth year head coach, 35 year-old Jennie Baranczyk. She has built a program that is...
  22. victor64

    Questions and observations about Tulane

    Sorry. Just have too many things to just post in the game thread. 1. When CD3 made her steal at the end of the game why didn't she just try to dribble the clock out instead of trying to score? 2. UConn shot 28 foul shots (made 19). Tulane shot 6. Shooting 22 more FTs than your opponent on...
  23. victor64

    Lou and Pheesa stat

    Napheesa is 32/37 from the floor in the last three games. Unfortunately, Lou is 8/29 from three in the last four games.
  24. victor64

    An opinion on why Geno is annoyed.

    Watched the Tulsa game and read several threads. Have some thoughts about several topics that have been addressed. 1. Been wondering why he had a three hour practice the day before a game. That may be normal but I wonder if Geno does that before all games or he just knew that he could because...
  25. victor64

    Stats, more stats and other stuff

    I apologize for stealing a bit of DavidNaples thunder but like David I am a bit of a stats geek. 1. Williams and Collier lead for the year in rebounding. Any guesses who is third? Give yourself a gold star if you guessed Nat. 2. Speaking of Williams, I wonder how many teams (men or women)...
  26. victor64

    Question for the board...

    The Romero kid transferred to Washington from Nebraska and got immediate eligibility. The White kid transferred from Illinois to FSU, same thing. Why didn't they have to sit out a year and Stevens and Camora do?
  27. victor64

    First half awards

    A view of what I saw during the pre conference schedule: Best opponent Baylor. They are deep, huge and well-coached. Happy they were seen on game two. I know arguments can be made for several others. Baylor won't lose for a while. Weirdest moment The last two minutes of FSU. Geno MIGHT...
  28. victor64

    Maryland stuff

    Sorry for yet another thread. I like consolidating my thoughts all at once. Going to try not to repeat what others have said. 1. I understand the love for Gabby. I just don't quite agree with it. Call it a strong like for me. She gets into foul trouble too much for my liking. 2. Which...
  29. victor64

    4th Q observations-they played well

    I have watched the fourth quarter of the Nebraska game three times. I know I have issues. It demonstrates why so many on the board love this team. To say that the group on the floor took advantage of their opportunity is an understatement. 1. Her stats may not show it but Kyla Irwin played...
  30. victor64

    Game 5 observations

    Didn't see these in the game thread. 1. I thought KLS forced it some when she put it on the floor. A lot of off-balance shots. Foster scouted her and had his team collapse in the middle. It is next step in the KLS expanded offense progression. She has to get used to kicking the ball out...
  31. victor64

    Anaya Peoples?

    Just read the article about her from SNY. Class of 19 kid. Wants an offer. There are lots of recruiting people on this board. What are the thoughts on her? Thanks.
  32. victor64

    Question for the board

    I don't know how to make a poll. Interested in opinions. The Core 4 return next year. Throw in Danger and Stevens. Who doesn't start?
  33. victor64

    ? for board

    I saw a post a while back shows the present and future roster based on commits. Any idea where I can find that?
  34. victor64

    First post...questions about Geno and the Olympics

    This is my first post. I am a middle school boys basketball coach in Ohio. I am struck by the purity of UConn women's basketball, the relationship between Geno and CD, Geno's sense of humor and the brilliance of his coaching. Now my questions for what I perceive as a very knowledgable board...

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