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    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    After my visit yesterday, Colony pizza moved up the charts and is currently 1 and 1a along with a mash potato pie from Bar pizza. I recently moved up to the West Hartford area and am wondering what pizza shops resemble Colony’s thin crust the most?
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    Kemba on Knuckleheads Podcast

    Great interview with Q Richardson and Darius Miles’ podcast. Interesting what Calhoun told him during his recruitment at UConn which stood out from what other coaches were telling him (around 13 min mark).
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    Costa Rica Suggestions

    If you like to party, you wanna go to Tamarindo which is the NW part of the country and youd wanna fly into Liberia Airport. If youre more the nature-type, Manuel Antonio is youre best bet which is more to the SW part and youd fly into San Jose airport. Arenal volcano is def a go-to and is...
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    Official Overwhelm the Owls Game Thread

    This camera angle is killing me...
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    Super Bowl Thoughts

    If only Matty Ice throws the ball away instead of getting sacked late in the 4th...
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    Louisville's Notice of Allegations Coming this Week

    Great, thanks CAHusky for the useful info...
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    Louisville's Notice of Allegations Coming this Week

    Speaking of Maui, is it a better to purchase the tickets at walk-up/secondary market or pay for the expensive Uconn-only package ahead of time? I paid for the tickets ahead of time for the PR tournament in 2014 but many tickets were available on the day of. I know Maui is a bigger/more...
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    Rewards card points

    My plane ticket to Maui (fr Newark) this November cost me $11.20 (for the 9/11 security fee) due to the 96,000 miles I had on my United Visa Card. Going to cancel the card and switch to the JetBlue cardafter the trip...
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    NYC Husky Fans

    You guys better show, drove all the way fr CT to make an appearance. Im the one with skinny jeans and a Rolling Rock...
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    Signed Shabazz Memorabilia

    Got the Shabazz beats FL one, always loved the wide angle shots that captured the crowd reactions as well as the on-court action. Wish they had a Kemba vs Pitt as well...thanks for the heads up Kembacity!
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    2016 Maui

    Is it safe to book a plane ticket and lodging now even though I havent bought the tickets nor have an idea on going about getting them (just for the Uconn gms)? AirBnB has some great options as of right now and would like to book ASAP but it would be a disaster to spend all that money not to be...
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    On a bad day for UConn basketball, Caron Butler to the rescue

    Is the induction prior to the game or at halftime? I was going to stop by Willington Pizza beforehand but may have to alter that plan depending on when the ceremony is going to take place.
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    Two Down, One To Go. Predictions?

    So who had Abe Vigoda first?
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    UCONN Nike Authentic Jersey!!! (and a free Vintage UConn Starter Jacket)

    I must be blind in addition to being cheap, what's the code for free shipping? EDIT: I just found it but I guess you can only use one coupon code per order...
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    WAY How is Heating Oil Billed?

    Thanks to all, it's helpful I'm getting a baseline of what others are paying. From what it sounds like, she's def paying too much. I just made a quick call and they stated that is wasn't so much of a contract, rather, it was the agreed budget on what she'd pay per season and it was divided...
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    WAY How is Heating Oil Billed?

    Thanks uconnell, I will certainly do that.
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    WAY How is Heating Oil Billed?

    I cannot for the life of me, understand how most heating oil utility companies bill their customers. I've always have had gas heat so having oil-heat is entirely foreign to me. I apologize to all ahead of time for posting such a trivial/non-basketball question. What I don't understand is the...
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    Big Ten to Count UConn as fulfilling P5 opponent req.

    DVR'd the Bayern Munich match and of course, I just saw that screen shot.....
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    OT Have you ever had spotted dick

    Is this the same guy who posted he needed to split the cost for Battle of Atlantis? In that case, I'm in...
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    The Daily Campus' Editor in Chief

    Always looked forward to Amy Miller's column, anyone at Uconn around the late 90s will know why...
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    OT : USA soccer FIFA rankings ?

    Anyone hear some fan yell the the 'Uconn!......Huskies!!!' chant last night? Heard it clear as day around the 54-56th min
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    How did you first hear about the Boneyard?

    Great thread...I first heard about The Boneyard in 2000 when searching for a Uconn board as well. One of first topics I remember was the fans being disappointed in not getting Uche (sp) Okafor and we had to settle for a lesser Okafor in Emeka instead...
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    Pete Gillen

    "The bank is open on Sundays here in Hartford!" yuck.
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    Hornets 81 knicks 38

    It's all worth it for Okafor...
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    ot. hard day

    So sorry for the bad news, I hope everything turns out positive for your dog. One of the few things I miss most with break up with my gf of 15 yrs is our dog, Chulo. He's almost worth going back w/ the emasculating wretch...
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    Hey Prhusky, going to be there for the tourney next week. Planning on making a day trip to...

    Hey Prhusky, going to be there for the tourney next week. Planning on making a day trip to Culebra sat. Any tips on how to make that happen? I did manage to rent a car and was expecting to drive east to take the ferry...
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    Shabazz Napier Senior Mixtape: "The Man"

    And to think I thought it was a huge disappointment when we had to 'settle' for this guy after not landing any of the top guards of the class (Selby, Knight, Joseph).
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    Best individual plays in UConn history

    Donyell's 360 dunk-and-1 (his reaction after wasn't too shabby either)
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    World Cup

    Ive never had blue balls, id imagine it feels like this.
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    Beside Tate George's, what was the greatest shot in UConn history

    From that photo I was off by a point...nevertheless, a crucial shot!
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    Beside Tate George's, what was the greatest shot in UConn history

    Anderson's three to put the game within four with around 3 min left in the Uconn/Duke 04 semi-final. If I recall correctly, Duke was was very close making it a nine-pt gm but their shot barely missed and good 'ol #31 shot it from the baseline to bring it to 4. It was pretty much a five-point...
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    NBA Finals Game 2

    SAS really are the anti-thesis of my team, the Knicks. No hype surrounding this team yet theyve made the the playoff 17 yrs in a row and winning the entire thing multiple times. Very refreshing basketball being played and its a testament to how Gd of a coach Pop is. MSG should stop calling...

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