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  1. Wordbomar

    Will Whaley consider returning?

    It is amazing how much he brings to this team emotionally and intangibly. In the pre-season, he mentioned that he would consider a 5th year to have a more "normal" senior season. I know we have Samson coming in next year, but since Javonte transferred and Bouk is likely leaving, we have two open...
  2. Wordbomar

    OT: Lack of new UConn Big East gear

    Pretty disappointed with the lack of choices in the UConn Huskies Store given that we were promised new gear on July 1st. Only 1 nike T shirt? No new sweatshirts? The school even said that they didn't drop as much gear last year because they were dropping a lot on July 1st for the return to the...
  3. Wordbomar

    Likely no Gavitt Games per Borges

    Honestly hard to believe these were set before June 2019...
  4. Wordbomar

    Game reductions

  5. Wordbomar

    OT: Boeheim Bashing Akinjo

    Jim Boeheim bashing players. A tradition like no other.
  6. Wordbomar

    MSG Roll Call!

    +2 Taking train out of New London! In the car on the way there now! Go Huskies!
  7. Wordbomar

    Iona Promo Code

    Promo Code: GIVINGTUESDAY2019 Up to 2 Free tickets each time you enter the code. However, you can get as many tickets as you want if you keep re-enterting the Promo Code after each time.
  8. Wordbomar

    UConn Receiving Votes

  9. Wordbomar

    Hurley Message to Fan Base

  10. Wordbomar

    Highlight of the Night

    The obvious improvement and development of our returning guys. Completely forgot what that was like the last few years. Every returner looks to have improved.
  11. Wordbomar

    OT: Seton Hall OOC

    What an awesome slate! Their fans must be very excited. Great Team, Great Schedule, Powell returning to school. 18 Big East Games plus 8 High Major games.
  12. Wordbomar

    OT: Kansas and Mizzou Announce Series

    Gives me hope that we could hopefully get a series with the Cuse for Home and Homes someday again.
  13. Wordbomar

    Anyone getting concerned yet...

    that we have not added any games at all since the independence announcement... Not trying to be the guy who overreacts to no news, but considering we have so many games to fill in the coming years and so many games are being announced daily, it’s hard to believe we’ve heard nothing. I am...
  14. Wordbomar

    2020 Recruiting: Cam Thomas Update

    In regards to Cam Thomas: Lastly, Thomas has been an NC State lean for a while, but the longer things have gone, the less likely it seems he will end up in Raleigh. Look for UConn with Thomas, as the Huskies have picked up ground with him of late. #UConn
  15. Wordbomar

    OT: Auburn Sanctions

    Kind of hard to believe but if true, wow.
  16. Wordbomar

    New Players, New Numbers

  17. Wordbomar

    No AAC-SEC for UConn

  18. Wordbomar

    USF lands series with Bama

  19. Wordbomar

    First Game of AAC - SEC Alliance Confirmed

    Georgia at Memphis Crean vs Penny Anthony Edwards vs James Wiseman
  20. Wordbomar

    New Student Ticket Process

    UConn Announces Changes to Student Ticketing Process - University of Connecticut Athletics "UConn Athletics is excited to announce that beginning in the fall of 2019, students will no longer need to purchase a ticket in order to attend any UConn regular season home game. For ticketed events...
  21. Wordbomar

    OT: High School Sports Fundraising

    I just recently took over coaching a high school baseball program in my hometown, and we badly need some upgrades for our program. Currently, our jersey's are T-Shirts, our batting cage has so many hole's in it that it is unsafe and unusable, and our L Screen's and Batting Turtle have completely...
  22. Wordbomar

    UConn in Jimmy V Classic at MSG

  23. Wordbomar

    Tre Mitchell

    Well, the rumors were true.
  24. Wordbomar

    Andre Jackson

  25. Wordbomar

    OOC Schedule

    Saw a @Storrs South tweet that made me start thinking about scheduling. What are your top 5 series you would like to see UConn start up (Or begin again), that make the most sense for the program right now? My list is as follows: 1. Providence 2. Gonzaga (With good P6 OOC matchups becoming...
  26. Wordbomar

    Weird Jalen Gaffney comment

    "That was definitely a big pitch to me was playing time... Jalen Adams is leaving, possibly Alterique and Christian Vital leaving, so it's a great opportunity to me to play next year."
  27. Wordbomar

    Status Update

    Just putting this up to share where we are as far as 2020's the new Staff has offered to this point and that we are still involved with. (All Rankings by 247) Guards- Cameron Thomas - #30 Hassan Diarra - #120 (No reported offer yet but he's been to like 6 games this year and we've visited...

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