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    Whiskey Decanter

    Anyone know where I can find a whiskey decanter with UConn logo?
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    Hello Hurley Shirt

    Hey guys, I live in Indiana and would like to get a #HelloHurley shirt. I am having trouble finding it online (not sure it exists). Anyways, if someone could help me out or has one they would part with, please let me know.
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    What next?

    Obviously there is a ton of stuff going on.. was wondering now who UConn can get. I could care less about rankings and care way more on players who are smart and tough competitors, but time is also running out. Never really was sold on MAL, it would've been nice to have him but there are...
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    Why does Nolan play?

    As the season goes on, I am finding it really hard to see why Nolan continues to get minutes. I don't care that he is a senior, that shouldn't matter at this point. There is no way he is better than Facey, who I think needs to get way more minutes. I'd also like to see Enoch get more time, but...
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    Anyone have a photo of Shabazz doing the "sleep time" celebration after he drained a shot vs iu tonight ? I tried going back on my DVR and it won't load all the way back
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    Recruits and team so far

    Who all is on our radar? UConn is known for developing bigs; arguably the best in the country. Obviously Ollie's situation is hurting, but is that the only reason? The ban shouldn't have an effect anymore because it is this year only. Wolf needs to be more consistent, because he could be...

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