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    UConn, still awaiting word on Tyler Polley, mapping out potential transfers, recruits for next year

    Does anyone have a list of potential 2022 reclass recruits that are a possibility?
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    Colleges requiring students to be vaccinated

    So that video I posted is a conspiracy theory and that doctor isn’t a reputable person? Good to know I know plenty of people in the medical field who share the same beliefs
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    Colleges requiring students to be vaccinated

    Cool. What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie? I’ll get you a box
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    Colleges requiring students to be vaccinated

    Have fun living in fear bc of the media and wearing a mask
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    Baylor Covid Champs or Champs?

    At least it wasn’t like this
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    2004 UConn vs. Gonzaga

    Agreed, but I was criticized saying the 09 team would beat this Zags team and it was bc this Zags team is the best in the KenPom era. It’s good to look at, but let’s not forget some of the teams (mainly BigTen) it had highly ranked all year. Plus they’re in a mid major conference. Zags are...
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    2004 UConn vs. Gonzaga

    I’m just happy I let KenPom tell me things
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    2004 UConn vs. Gonzaga

    Agreed. I think they are definitely good and Suggs is legit. Kispert is solid, nobody else really wows me, not even Timmy and his lame mustache. Adrien/Thabeet vs him would be comical
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    2004 UConn vs. Gonzaga

    I look at talent. I could give two s***ts less about KenPom. AJ Price, Jerome Dyson, Stanley Robinson, Jeff Adrien, Hasheem Thabeet with Gavin Edwards and Kemba on the bench would beat them. And it’s funny you mention that, UConn was #2 in those rankings that year and somehow this years Zags...
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    2004 UConn vs. Gonzaga

    And 2009, which would beat the brakes off this Zags team. This isn’t even the best Zags team they’ve had, I don’t understand how people think that this team is considered the best all time.
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    Jim Nantz is a P*tz

    He built The University of Connecticut aka UConn. Thanks
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    Florida transfer Noah Locke

    I’m just talking about the way they play and are similar in size
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    Florida transfer Noah Locke

    This guy reminds me of Craig Austrie
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    Kadary Richmond Transferring

    Never said they wouldn’t, only shooter out of that group is Akok in my eyes, his stroke is solid and this year was a recovery year. Jackson needs serious work, Martin is a set shooter, needs a lot of improvement and definitely was allergic to finishing bunnies. He brings a lot to the team...
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    Kadary Richmond Transferring

    And a ton of bricks
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    Indiana Hires Mike Woodson

    Hilarious hire
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    Recruiting Transfers - March

    Is this becoming NCAA Free Agency? I don’t recall the transfer market being this ridiculous
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    Creighton has our number

    UConn held Maryland to 63 points and they careered it from the field. Scoring 54 points and shooting like Helen Keller on 22 more attempts is just plain bad. Being at the game and looking at stats it’s the definition of beating yourself.
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    OT: Yarders attending UConn-Maryland

    Got tix, I’ll be there but not sure I’ll have time to grab a beer
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    First Four Thursday

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    #10 Maryland Scouting Report

    I figure they will try and play a similar style to Nova/Creighton and use their guards on the post. Their bigs aren’t big so we should dominate the paint
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    OT: Yarders attending UConn-Maryland

    Anyone try AirBnb?
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    OT: Yarders attending UConn-Maryland

    All 3 of those bars are great. Brothers by me in Indy is definitely a younger crowd, and I’m assuming it will be up there. Harry’s is fun and has great popcorn
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    Archie Miller out at Indiana

    I don’t feel bad for them is what I’m getting at, especially being around IU fans. He brought them from the doormat and that team had talent, but had new faces. They underachieved for sure, but it doesn’t change the fact he got shafted. From what I’ve heard, he burned a lot of bridges within the...
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    Archie Miller out at Indiana

    IU has gotten Mr. Basketball the past 3-4 years and most of their recruits have been from Indiana.. I thought he needed to recruit better talent outside the state to be honest. Purdue can do all they want, Painter has been there almost two decades and hasn't reached a final four and I don't see...
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    Archie Miller out at Indiana

    Crean got shafted. Won conference COY and next year was fired
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    NCAA Tip Times

    When the majority of the games are within 10-20 min from me, it only makes sense for them to be over an hr away up in Purdumpville. Oh well, I’ll be there!
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    Game #1 - Maryland

    Wow, that is terrible news. Hope he gets cleared
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    Creighton has our number

    I hate Creighton
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    Lunardi March 13...Palm

    That guy is a clown, but I wouldn’t be opposed to this at all
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    Tyrese's Epic Slump

    The camera angle of that shot was incredible, he missed that badly

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