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    Kemba on Knuckleheads Podcast

    Great interview with Q Richardson and Darius Miles’ podcast. Interesting what Calhoun told him during his recruitment at UConn which stood out from what other coaches were telling him (around 13 min mark).
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    WAY How is Heating Oil Billed?

    I cannot for the life of me, understand how most heating oil utility companies bill their customers. I've always have had gas heat so having oil-heat is entirely foreign to me. I apologize to all ahead of time for posting such a trivial/non-basketball question. What I don't understand is the...
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    When it all began.....

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    Lenny Cooke Documentary

    Great documentary on Lenny Cooke if you have Showtime. Didn't realize he was ranked above Melo, Amare and Lebron (even though James was a yr behind) going into his final year of hs. Great footage of Melo and Lebron going at it vs Cooke in the various HS basketball camps back in 2001. I could...

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