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  1. tomcat

    "Best" places to retire (assuming you can)

    That's exactly the right thing to do. We took "research" trips for three or four years, and still didn't get it exactly right the first time. We settled in a 55+ community and did not like it., for a lot of reasons that are somewhat uniquely ours. For many people, that lifestyle is perfect. We...
  2. tomcat

    Championships (new poster introduction)

    Geez, snark much? Was this post really necessary? Maybe I've been naive, but I thought a lot of the comments during the past year about people being unwelcoming, overly snarky or sarcastic were overblown, but this one changes my mind. It's certainly not how the BY generally welcomes people. Keep...
  3. tomcat

    "Best" places to retire (assuming you can)

    Consider Vero Beach. South of the Space Coast, relatively low-rise and uncrowded. Sort of "old Florida." Good restaurants, fine beaches, prices are not sky-high yet (except on the water) and people are nice. It's also the northernmost area where you can comfortably swim in the ocean year-round...
  4. tomcat

    "Best" places to retire (assuming you can)

    We're five years into semi-retirement in Florida -- Vero Beach, to be exact. I did the summer-at-Disney thing for years, so I know what you're talking about. And I'm not going to tell you it's not uncomfortable here in September and October. But standing the August sun at Disney is way worse...
  5. tomcat

    Arizona HC Adia Barnes on profane post-game pep talk: 'I’m not apologizing for it'

    Well, it's classless, but a powerful way to continue to motivate her team with "us vs. Them." She gave the finger to those who disrespected her team. On one level;, I guess I don't blame her.
  6. tomcat

    Arizona Postgame Thread

    Arizona was the better team without question. You can analyze all the UConn mistakes to death, but I will say just one thing about one player, and be done with it: There are just some games where having a strong center is going to be a key to winning. And when Olivia gets the yips, which happens...
  7. tomcat

    Media Competency & Bias ...

    Cute sentence. Dead wrong. It's mostly that the people you think are reporters aren't,
  8. tomcat

    Media Competency & Bias ...

    Okay, so my response is going to be a double-dose of cynicism. I own that, but it's the product of someone who spent 20 years in the media and another 20 preparing people to deal with the media. It's not as simple as the reporters being ignorant. Yes, in some cases it's that, but in others, it...
  9. tomcat

    "Buckets" Bueckers Highlights

    Fun to watch, but OMG, who mixed the audio? Bad enough to have loud music over someone giving analysis or play-by-play, but you've got loud, lyric-driven music to boot. Do yourself a favor,: Watch this with the sound way down.
  10. tomcat

    Maybe now the experts will stop wetting themselves over Baylor

    Even though my pants are still dry, I thought. and still think, that Baylor is a very impressive team. That said, as one poster said, if UConn shows up firing on all cylinders, they can win. But to me, it's all about matchups. And while Bueckers presents problems for any team, Baylor's size...
  11. tomcat

    The NCAA’s shell game is the real women’s basketball scandal

    Me, too. The Post is the best bargain in journalism.
  12. tomcat

    UConn 29% Favored To Win it all - Round of 32.

    Wow. In sure don't agree with this ranking at all. I'm for UConn all the way, but as a practical matter, I saw SC and they looked really, really good, and I still think Stanford (based on the quality of their opponents) deserved the #1 seed. So UConn can win it, but it is going to be a tough slog.
  13. tomcat

    Still More Proof that the NCAA's Malign, Incompetent

    And if they keep making that business decision, it will stay the way it is, forever. A SMART business decision would be completely different. They could: -- use equal photography and coverage of the tournaments, promoting them on all social media -- use "March madness" for both men and women...
  14. tomcat

    Discrepancies in the Bubble/Treatment of men vs women (merged)

    The big story of the tournament this year has to do with the incredibly different level of facilities provided to the men and women at this year's tournament. To cite just two examples, the men got a weight room with a full array of wrights and equipment. The women got one set of dumbbells and...
  15. tomcat

    By all appearances, our guys characteristically unfazed...

    They certainly have done it in the past. Many times.
  16. tomcat

    O.T. television theme songs

    I know for sure I'm dating myself here, but I've had an earworm for a week or so now, the theme to 'Mr Ed," of all things. "A horse is a horse., of course, of course...." Geez. I need to get a life. Or a horse. 😏
  17. tomcat

    FS1 coverage of Big East Womens Tournament

    The announcers at times were spot on, at times waaay too chatty. How many times will they trot out the story of Aaliyah's brother in the middle of actual action on the court? Half time? I took the dogs for a walk and learned more about the game doing that than I would have if I were glued to the...
  18. tomcat

    Defensive play - Nika

    Why is it when I see Muhl I start to see Rizzotti?
  19. tomcat

    The Creighton-Seton Hall game was really good

    Just saying'...... The Creighton-Seton Hall game was really entertaining. Didn't think Creighton could hang with Seton Hall, but they did. Their freshmen came up with great shooting and they won at the end. It was an upset, but more importantly, it was a really fun game to watch. Lots of...
  20. tomcat

    (OT) What's been your reaction to Covid-19 vaccine ?

    2 doses Pfizer. Arm a little sore for two days with the first one, one day with the second. No ill effects otherwise.
  21. tomcat


    The excitement is justified, but (not to be a spoilsport here), please, please remember who UConn played today and in the last game: two teams with less-than-tall, less-than-powerful center. ONO can have some wonderful games, but when UConn plays teams with large and/or athletic front lines...
  22. tomcat

    Paige: Dad with big smile re: UCONN social media policy

    curser....I love it. That's what it is when the damn thing gets stuck.
  23. tomcat

    NY Times on the bandwagon

    It'll be more impressive when they assign one of their own reporters to write a story like this, instead of running with a wire story, but yeah. It's a start.
  24. tomcat

    Game on FS1 [merged thread]

    The play-by-play announcer was talking for the sake of talking. At one point early in the game, she said UConn was doing something -- I forget exactly what -- and that doing it well had been characteristic of their season. But no. That particular skill has been a problem throughout the early...
  25. tomcat

    What was Paige doing for 2.5 quarters??

    At last I'm seeing someone else saying what I thought I was noticing. More than once Paige went out toward the corner and was absolutely free, and no one -- no one - thought to get her the ball. This was throughout the first half. I'm not saying Paige wasn't giving the effort, and neither are...
  26. tomcat

    Arkansas Postgame Thread

    Dreadful defense. I've never seen a UConn team that is just average, defensively, but this one is. It's unfortunate, but ONO plays soft against big teams. Edwards will be great as soon as she figures out how to not foul like that. The high point was Nika, in terms of exceeding expectations...
  27. tomcat

    Ark game on TV?

    If this is already posted somewhere I apologize up front. Does anyone know if the Arkansas game is being televised and if yes, where?
  28. tomcat

    Prognosticators Game 11 (Arkansas) Predictions

    Arkansas 73, UConn 68
  29. tomcat

    Commentators last night participating in Hot Sauce Challenge.

    I know some folks on the board don't like Landers, but I thought he was at his best last night. That was one damn funny line (about the hot sauce) he came up with.

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