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  1. uconnbill

    RIP Prince Philip, 99 yrs old

    I would say a combo of both would be best in my best "voice of the queen"
  2. uconnbill

    RIP Prince Philip, 99 yrs old

    God bless the queen Elizabeth as she mourns the loss of her of husband of 73 years. I always liked him as he just did his own thing and was never in the spotlight nor wanted to be in it. May he rest in peace.
  3. uconnbill

    O.T. Pepes Apizza Co-Owner RIP

    very good man who did a lot for the community. He is a big lost for New Haven and the state. Prayers for his family
  4. uconnbill

    UConn projected 2.6 wins, rated 124th in Brad Powers’ 2021 CFB Power Rankings and Preview

    I see 10-2 and a Sugar bowl invite.. Well that is a hell of a lot better than this turd above
  5. uconnbill

    DiMauro: “The ‘new’ Big East: Is that all there is?“

    He is jealous his BCU sucks in basketball and is a yearly cellar dweller
  6. uconnbill

    UConn adds H/H w/ Florida Atlantic University (2024/2026)

    always good to head to Florida for recruiting purposes.
  7. uconnbill

    That was an ___kicking

    This is why UConn needs a shooter in the off season Man Baylor got after all game long and the Zags had zero answers.
  8. uconnbill

    OT: Hubert Davis New UNC Head Coach

    He will do fine as the head coach. They are considered a Blue Blood and the ties they have is excellent around college and the pros
  9. uconnbill

    Tyler Coyle

    He played weak side linebacker and was in on third downs as you stated. I think he sticks whether he is drafted or not. Special teams will be his calling card early on, but he has talent as we all know
  10. uconnbill

    Upstate SC church celebrates Easter message of commitment by reviewing Clemson football decommitments

    As someone who has a ton of family down south it goes like this God Family-Football are tied together unless you are in Kentucky and they it is UK basketball everything else is down here.
  11. uconnbill

    Tyler Coyle

    I think overall but they don't explain it. Though looking at lineman and others he is in good company for sure with those numbers. I wish he had a better senior year but he played linebacker for Purdue.
  12. uconnbill

    Tyler Coyle

    Had a very good pro day and hopefully he gets picked in the last day in rounds 5-7 S Tyler Coyle Height: 6'1″ (66th percentile) Weight: 209 (70th) Arm: 32 3/8 (78th) Vertical: 39 (85th) Broad: 133 (96th) Bench: 24 reps (97th) 40-yard: 4.36 (97th) Short shuttle: 4.00 (93rd) 3-cone: 7.14 (18th)
  13. uconnbill

    Taisun P tears his ACL (*actually Achilles*)

    So sad to hear. I know they had packages set up for him this coming season. I hope he gets well soon
  14. uconnbill

    Josh Carlton announcing tomorrow

    I wish him well wherever he ends up. I do think Pitt or Wake offer the best chance to play against top competition
  15. uconnbill

    That was a hell of a basketball game

    Never rooted for Georgetown as they were always the team I disliked the most. Why because they were so damn good while UConn was middling at best until Calhoun got there.
  16. uconnbill

    That was a hell of a basketball game

    Best game I have seen in awhile for sure. I thought for sure UCLA was going to pull it out in the end. Timme flexing is terrible and I just can't stand it. I will root for Baylor on Monday
  17. uconnbill

    All Final 4 Teams from the West signaling the decline in NE?

    They are still in the Northeast and you changing the parameters of your argument just shows you have no argument at all, just bloviating as usual
  18. uconnbill

    Guarding Caitlin

    I think they have to worry more "Iowa" than UConn in how they stop Paige and the rest of the team.
  19. uconnbill

    XL center renovations considered as part of sports betting deal

    XL center sucks, there it is. it is a money pit and that loses money every year. Sorry I would rather put the money into the Gampel Pavilion and other on campus venues
  20. uconnbill

    Whaley/Polley/Carlton Watch

    I love me some Whaley, but UConn needs another shooter or two. After watching the NCAA tourney you need a couple of players who can shoot the 3. Athletes are good but you need shooters too
  21. uconnbill

    Akok: Does anyone have any true insight into why he was so buried on the bench recently?

    Shouldn't he have been closer to the team, whether he was playing or not?
  22. uconnbill

    UConn Spring Football 2021 begins...

    Who has pull to make this happen with something for the fans who didn't have any football this past season. I will write the AD and ask if anything can be done from us fans and season ticket holders
  23. uconnbill

    Hurley Should Have An Honest Talk With Bouk

    he will go pro and UConn still needs a shooter for next season.
  24. uconnbill

    The Judge Speaks

    No , where was he at? Too much bad mojo and our leader was MIA.
  25. uconnbill

    My Bracket is in Tatters and I Love It

    please I buried mine a hour ago. UConn is my champion and that is all that matters
  26. uconnbill

    Good for Snookie

    Not a love fest just my liking Steve Pikell as I remember all to well his years at UConn.
  27. uconnbill

    Huge Aztec fan. Who’s with me?

    I was rooting for Steve Pickell and screw the ACC who screwed UConn
  28. uconnbill

    Game #1 - Maryland

    pound it inside and open up the perimeter for the shooters on the team. Should be a fun game and I hope it is in the evening not at noon
  29. uconnbill

    Selection Sunday

    I watched Bama today and man they were hitting the 3s and rebounded well against LSU. I think they are beatable but have to get by Maryland first
  30. uconnbill

    Hoya Paranoia

    Please UConn is in, now St. Johns and Xavier are NIT bound
  31. uconnbill

    Our Resume Is Set, What's Our Seed?

    I am feeling a 6 seed and have been for awhile. I think they want to being able to promote UConn with schools like UK and Duke out of it. Go Huskies
  32. uconnbill

    UConn in the NFL

    I know Rogers was not happy with this cut, but this is what happens when you draft a quarterback in round one of last years draft. I hope Tim finds another landing spot as he looked decent when he did play
  33. uconnbill

    Maybe the loss helps

    I may be pushing it by saying this, but they seemed very confident coming into the game and maybe this helps in some way heading into next weekend. Don't hang me for this take on the team and the game Go Huskies
  34. uconnbill

    I’ve never seen cramps like that

    This is what he needs

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