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  1. Fairfield_1st

    UConn soccer mired in slump.

    Good thing we have the women's team playing. They're 8-2-1 (6-2-1). Rodriguez has done a great job.
  2. Fairfield_1st

    UConn adds H/H w/ Florida Atlantic University (2024/2026)

    You're essentially advocating exactly what is wrong with the NCAA now, the abandonment of traditional regional rivalries. You'd rather play teams we have zero connection with versus schools we've grown to know and hate. Had you started this whole discussion by saying "For recruiting...
  3. Fairfield_1st

    UConn soccer mired in slump.

    Is this a great time to start talking Reid replacements again? It really is time to cut the cord. Maybe Hubbard at New Hampshire. The results say he's an excellent coach at multiple schools and at 40 or just under, he's young enough to relate and possibly be here for a long time. Outside of...
  4. Fairfield_1st

    OT: Oh, The Humanity. Single Serve Ketchup Packets

    Do you have the same disdain for BBQ sauce and many other condiments or just ketchup? 1 serving of Heinz ketchup only has 4g of total sugars for 1 Tbsp. Sweet Baby Ray's Honey BBQ Sauce has 15g for 2 Tbsp (or 7.5 for 1). Spicy brown mustard has none. Also, the first ingredient listed is...
  5. Fairfield_1st

    UConn adds H/H w/ Florida Atlantic University (2024/2026)

    From a fan perspective, how could you prefer GA Southern or App St over Rutgers & Cuse? If you bring in the recruiting angle you can make a slight case at best for playing in GA or NC. I wouldn't buy tickets for GAS or AS, but I would for rivalry games with schools I hate. I'm not defending...
  6. Fairfield_1st

    Florida transfer Noah Locke

    We need a point guard who can break down a defender, get in the lane and kick out. If I can get that, to me their scoring is secondary. We need to get the shooters we have better looks.
  7. Fairfield_1st

    OT: Fatts Russell to Maryland

    Is Maryland back to paying people? Asking for a friend in the portal.
  8. Fairfield_1st

    Self gets lifetime deal

    If there was a god, the Rotten Fruit would give nose picker a lifetime contract. This contract stinks something fierce. 💩 I don't have a good theory on it, but given the infractions still being out there, it doesn't sound right.
  9. Fairfield_1st

    OT: Roy Williams retires

    Still pisses me off that NC got off easy while the NCAA ignored their duty to the student athletes. They should have acted, if nothing else determining eligibility after removing this course from the student's grades. What's more amazing, to me, is that it still pisses me off after this time...
  10. Fairfield_1st

    OT: Roy Williams retires

    He said Michigan wanting a Michigan guy for FOOTBALL, not basketball.
  11. Fairfield_1st

    UConn Club silent auction thru April 4th

    Vince has the greatest over the top strut going. He's so old school wrasslin'.
  12. Fairfield_1st

    Solar, revisited

    We did Trinity as well and we're definitely saving on our monthly bills. Only "drawback" is there is a 25 year lease that would move to the new owner of our house if we sell, though given our savings I don't know why they wouldn't be OK with it.
  13. Fairfield_1st

    OT: Topps 70th Anniversary Contest #3

    Discuss solutions to fixing the NBA. Isolation and non-stop 3 point shooting have made it unwatchable.
  14. Fairfield_1st

    Are we playing our best basketball?

    If we stay within our offense and let the game come to us, yes, we're playing our best ball. If we force the issue like we did at the very end of the Creighton game, then we're playing our worst. Cole & Bouk both seemed to be throwing up ill advised shots.
  15. Fairfield_1st

    Paige vs a Defensive Stopper

    I'd go a little further back to the job Lyman DePriest did on Dana Barros in the 2nd half of their 1988 NIT meeting. Barros had 22 in the first half, but only 2 in the 2nd with DePriest on him.
  16. Fairfield_1st

    Bouk #9 in the new Athletic mock draft

    I feel like it's a little of each. He hasn't been a consistently dominant college player and could benefit from a year of S&C and play, but when you're going to be drafted that high with that much dough on the line, you have to go. Can't risk the injury.
  17. Fairfield_1st

    ➡️ 2021 Hockey East Tournament Format/Current Standings ⬅️

    It's always been like that. Over the years I've sent them a number of messages when UConn results aren't even mentioned on days they're using filler stories.
  18. Fairfield_1st

    Really Tom?! Come on!

    No ads in my version, even funny ones. Pay up sucka!
  19. Fairfield_1st

    PT: Covid positivity rate drops below 5% nationally.

    Can I use the bathroom at the Goodwill store yet? They said they closed them due to the virus rules, but I can go in the one next door at the Stop & Shop. Weird.
  20. Fairfield_1st

    Texas Tech Student Manager Checks In

    Texas being Texas. I'm not all that jealous of their possible super-spreader event.
  21. Fairfield_1st

    New to the boneyard

    Please put your seat and tray table in an upright position.
  22. Fairfield_1st

    Thursday Resume

    While savoring last night's victory and improved resume, can we also celebrate Puke losing to the Georgia Tech on Tuesday. They've got 1 last regular season game at UNCheat (Net 45, Quad 1 game) on Sat. I'd love to see both Carolina schools not make the tourney. Add in Kentucky sitting at...
  23. Fairfield_1st

    Geno has set his ROTATION going into the NCAA's and Big East Tournaments

    Completely agree. Based solely off in game play, she should be getting regular time. Very disruptive.
  24. Fairfield_1st

    Binge Watching Suggestions?

    I found The IT Crowd to be hysterical. I just finished binging Letterkenny on Hulu. It's about a small Canadian town. It's a different kind of comedy and you have to learn the characters, but like the ones you mentioned, you need to get through the first couple of episodes.
  25. Fairfield_1st

    Birdcode in West Hartford

    Went to Nashville for work a number of years ago and that's where one of our local emps took us. Easy walking distance from the hotel we stayed in. We got tenders at varying temps. Good stuff.
  26. Fairfield_1st

    PT: Covid positivity rate drops below 5% nationally.

    My HS Junior at Cromwell High just went back today to full in person, excluding those that have opted to remain at home. We'll see how it goes.
  27. Fairfield_1st

    OT: Play GM, fix my Celtics this season

    That's it right there. Very little ball movement and passing/assists. The big 3 seem like black holes when it comes to sharing. They will get their shots off. God I hate the NBA now.
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  29. Fairfield_1st


    The Liverpool loss set the tone for my day. Pool loses, men lose, women win and then hockey loses. At least baseball won, though I didn't listen to that. No time.
  30. Fairfield_1st

    Sundance Now

    Saw a beta player for sale recently at a tag sale. Hadn't seen one of those in a loooong time.
  31. Fairfield_1st

    Tonight.... Cuse @ Dook ....

    As of 12/21, the rotten fruit are #47 in the NET rankings, ahead of us at #54 and Puke #56. I would have to prefer Puke for purely NET rankings purposes, but can make a case for the fruit winning and pushing Puke further back.

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