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    OT: The Masters

    In one of those pools with a max spend, I took the following six: DJ Spieth Rose Oosthuizen Sheffler Cantlay Feeling good about that group
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    Starting lineup for first game in November

    Gaffney Martin Jackson Whalley Sanogo
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    Mick to the final 4

    Can’t stand Cronin, him
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    OT: Play GM, fix my Celtics this season

    1. I don’t love Brad Stevens’ allotment of minutes and substitution patterns. He doesn’t tend to ride the hot hand and stays pretty consistent with the minutes. I don’t think he has Tatum, Brown and Kemba on the floor together enough. 2. Kemba shows flashes but he is a shadow of himself...
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    Joe Lunardi now has us as one of the last four in

    BE is obviously a huge inprovement over AAC but it is not P5 (and most of these pundits seem to think this has been a down year for the conference - - I think 8th in conference RPI currently) and the whole system favors the P5 schools unsurprisingly. Look at Maryland’s resume. They are...
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    Does UConn Make the Tournament

    Listen I am absolutely thrilled that we are back where we belong. Everything is slanted to heavily to the P5 I just don’t want to leave it to chance. If you feel comfortable with a current 8 conference rpi rank you have more faith in the Committee process thank I do.
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    Does UConn Make the Tournament

    I agree with you and that will likely be factored in by the Committee for the bubble B10, ACC, B12, etc. teams but not for the NBE. I just don’t trust the process. Let’s not make it a decision and win out! We can.
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    Does UConn Make the Tournament

    Just to close the loop for today, current SOS Nova 3 Hall 4 Xavier 7 Creighton 18 SJU 42 UConn 78 We can absolutely play our way in but I think as we sit today we are on the outside looking in.
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    Does UConn Make the Tournament

    And couldn’t you guys see the Committee giving a 7th or 8th ACC or B10 birth ahead of a 5th NBE birth or maybe even ahead of a 4th NBE birth and cite SOS? We should absolutely get the benefit of the doubt with Bouk back and likely showing a very strong L10 but I am worried that they will take a...
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    Does UConn Make the Tournament

    I am worried but hopeful we take care of business. Here are the current numbers: SHU, KenPom 33, RPI 46 UConn, KenPom 37, RPI 80 Xavier, KenPom 59, RPI 43 SJU, KenPom 65, RPI 70 NBE is currently 8th rated conference for RPI (AAC is 7th) and it is such a weird season with COVID effects so many...
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    Does UConn Make the Tournament

    Think we need to beat Nova and not drop more than one of the remaining and do some damage in the BET. But, really it comes down to how many bids you think the NBE will get? I am guessing no more than 5 and likely 4. Nova and Creighton are locks. That leaves us, SHU, SJU and Xavier fighting...
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    Next Up - #11 Creighton

    Agreed. Just don’t see enough scoring to beat Creighton unless we force >20 TOs and go crazy on the boards on both ends.
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    Chief’s Briefs - USC Edition

    His job is to figure that out. I didn't love much of our O game and lack of adjustments there, still a lot to figure out there and guys need to learn to play together with the newcomers but a previous poster nailed it, we would have lost this December game every year since '14 so I will take...
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    I don’t only ask questions here about UConn, I go national also.

    Villanova. Wright has taken them to lofty heights and as long as he remains there and motivated then they should stay as a Top 10 program but until the 2010s it had never been so for Villanova so let's not make it seem like their current run (which is impressive) has more of a longevity...
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    OT: 75" plus TV

    I have been consistently told by those in the industry (both on manufacturer and retail sides) that Sony is what you want to buy for larger screen sizes (say 65" and up). I have a 55" LG OLED and a 75" Sony X950G. Obviously, the screen size difference makes it hard to compare but watching...
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    Need a recommendation of a UConn game to watch

    1/90 - Syracuse (at Gampel) 1/90 - Georgetown (at Gampel) I remember these two games during January of that first dream season, I think both 'Cuse and Georgetown were ranked in Top 5 (the Hoyas may have been #1 at the time) and the Huskies won both games in the same week.
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    Eleven NBA scouts in the stands.

    Don't worry he is not ready for the G League yet let alone the NBA. I think we have him for two more seasons.
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    The Bubble

    I really don't think the AAC gets more than 3 teams in, I don't care what happens. If we win the tourney and get the automatic bid then we will be taking the place of one of our conference mates. When has the Committee ever treated this conference fairly? I think we would need to get the auto...
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    Time for the freshman to show up in the box score.

    Bouk needs to work on his hands (meaning getting them stronger, catching the ball, etc.) He has had many bobbles over the past few games. Everyone keeps saying how talented he is on the offensive end (and of course I see the flashes and the fluidity) but he has a prime opportunity to show he...
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    Does RIP make the Hall of Fame this round?

    Love RIP, one of the greatest Huskies def top 10 maybe even better than that but he is not a HOFer. And as much as I love Duncan and his amazing career (and damn lottery balls kept him off Celts), no way I take him over Bird. in his absolute prime, Bird was a top 5 player I ever saw play.
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    Our Senior Guards

    Hurley was awful tonight. His substitution patterns were off. The problem is that AG is our best ball handler by far so when he is out of the game and we are being pressured we have a big problem. Gaffney not ready. Vital too careless with the ball. Adams should have been in more tonight...
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    UCONN sections at MSG

    in 111 with my seventh grader, will be rooting hard for Tech in the opener as all Husky fans should.
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick ‘Em - final week (Fri, Dec 6 & Sat, Dec 7)

    Utah Oklahoma Central Michigan Appalachian State FAU Memphis LSU Boise St Clemson Ohio State
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick ‘Em - week 14 (Fri, Nov 29 & Sat, Nov 30)

    VT Memphis Washington State Oklahoma Kansas State UCLA Ohio State Louisville Alabama Wisconsin
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick ‘Em - Week 13 (Nov 23)

    Ohio St UCF Baylor Michigan SMU VT Nebraska Stanford Kansas St Missouri
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick 'Em - Week 12 (Nov 16)

    Florida Texas Tech Temple Notre Dame Georgia VT Iowa St Minnesota Louisville Oregon St
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick 'Em - week 11(Sat. Nov 9)

    Penn St TCU BC Stanford Alabama Texas VT Arizona St Wisconsin ND
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick ‘Em - week 10 (Nov 2)

    Nebraska BC Florida Kansas State Florida State Oklahoma State Washington SMU Virginia Oregon
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick 'Em - week 9 (Saturday Oct. 26)

    Miami (FL) Nebraska LSU Virginia Penn St Texas UNC Notre Dame Arizona State Air Force Bonus game- UConn
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick 'Em - week 8 (Saturday, Oct. 19)

    Kansas State Virginia Indiana SMU Washington Baylor Memphis Penn State Utah Air Force
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    View from my sofa

    i will say 24 pt favorite.
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    What now?

    Well, we know that is untrue but even if you were down on all of the other men’s programs you would still have to say they are FBS competitive. FB is absolutely not and no coach worth a damn is coming here regardless of age.
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    What now?

    Some of these posts crack me up. Indy would kill this program, really? It is dead already absolutely stone cold dead. We are being outclassed by Tulane. We will lose this game by 40+! This team won’t sniff another win this season. I had some hope with HCRE 2.0 but that has long waned. If...
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick ‘Em - week 7 (Saturday, October 12)

    Oklahoma Temple Arizona State Cincinnati BYU WVU Penn State Navy LSU Washington
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    Indiana Tix

    Yes, sorry. IU of course

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