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  1. gtcam

    A really puzzling game

    furnished by Dan Hurley No he can't shoot for the players or dribble for the players BUT why no Sanogo in the final 5-8 minutes? You needed a rim protector and someone to make some shots and that's what Adama provided before you yanked him SJs used basically a 5 guard offense at the end and they...
  2. gtcam

    Noriana Radwan and Jeff Jacobs column

    Did anyone else read Jacob's column in the Register today (Saturday)? I am not a Jacobs fan in any shape or form but he does have a point when he compared Noriana's penalty vs Bouknights. Not at all saying that JB's penalty was too light but her penalty was/is ridiculous. Just...
  3. gtcam

    NO SATs or ACTs????

    Just heard that those seeking undergrad admissions to UConn won't have to be required to take the SATs or ACTs over next 3 years. Those damn SATs stopped me from getting into 2 or 3 schools (I'm a math idiot) in the early 70s. Confused as to why can't students take these tests under some type of...
  4. gtcam

    CBS and CBS Sports Network - NCAA Tourney Rewind

    Unreal - they are showing all types of NCAA tournaments games from the 1983 NCState/Houston game up through 2019 and NOT ONE UConn game. Games are virtually non stop between today and April 6. They skip over every UConn year. Duke and UK are on 60%. Just plain ridiculous. Not even the 1999...
  5. gtcam

    Lamb as a freshman

    Using my time watching the UConn reruns; many thanks to TCF15. Yesterday and today have been focusing on the 2010-2011 season. I understand that Bouk is an extremely talented offensive player and UConn is blessed to have him. Jeremy Lamb, however, was in my opinion, was so far further along in...
  6. gtcam


    From Dan Hurley's lips to all our ears at the presser This young man has played at an all conference first team level and is definitely in the running for AAC POY Wait till you all see his career stats and where he stands in UConn history when all is said and done It will open some eyes Is he...
  7. gtcam

    Emmert is very concerned

    I read remarks that he made yesterday He is "deeply concerned" that the public has a low level of respect for the NCAA What the hell does he expect when UNC, Zona, Kansas and others are seemingly skating by while selective low end and no P5 schools are getting hit with sanctions. Evidence is...
  8. gtcam

    Attention AG Bashers

    DHs reply to social media people bashing AG “You’re not a fan of this program,” Hurley said. “You don’t even know what you’re watching. You haven’t spent enough time studying this game, studying what we do, knowing what makes a championship program. You just don’t get it. The things that were...
  9. gtcam

    MVP vs MOP

    Wanted to place this on the basketball thread but some of the righteous whiners there would complain it has no business posted there but love all the crazy food and TV show, etc arguments. Anyway - I fully agree that Mike Trout is an outstanding player - a baseball freak - and is arguable the...
  10. gtcam

    Mohave King 2021

    6'5" SG from Australia - OV scheduled for Arizona and Baylor - has been linked to UConn and Gtown too Anyone know anything about him and UConn's interest? He's enrolled at the NBA Academy Thanks
  11. gtcam

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    Still love the Cars and his far out voice Saw him live solo - great show RIP Ric
  12. gtcam

    Tight Ends

    I cannot understand, no matter the coach at UConn, how the tight end position goes completely ignored as a passing option and has turned into a pulling guard only. Even Wagner knows how to best utilize that position I sit there an just shake my head - there are so many occasions where that...
  13. gtcam

    NBA Draft

    Interesting night Zero AAC players drafted The Celtics - IMHO I think that Grant Williams will be a really good player because he does the intangibles that a team sometimes needs - a real garbage pail player who can offensive rebound like crazy and has a nice shooting touch - almost like a Dave...
  14. gtcam

    Ignore option

    I see where I can unignore but where do I add someone to ignore? Thanks
  15. gtcam

    Kemba and JL

    Just lit up my Celtics Kemba was unstoppable with 40+ and Jeremy was really impressive with 18 Kemba is on a level right now that only a few have experienced
  16. gtcam

    JC - it's official

    Accepted the head coaching job at St Josephs in W Hrtfrd. GOOD LUCK COACH We miss you
  17. gtcam

    RIP Gene King

    Gene was a Hartford (Buckley) HS basketball star after WW2 and played at UConn in the early 50s. I think he was captain of the 53-54 UConn team. I met him many years ago with my father at an alumni pre basketball game gathering vs Maine at the old fieldhouse. Nice man My condolences and...
  18. gtcam

    New Tshirt for Kobe

    Sometimes we are kinda hard on Kobe so I found a tshirt that if we all chip in a few pennies we can buy for him: Sorry Kobe, saw this and immediately thought of the Munchkin and you! No malice meant - just having some fun!!
  19. gtcam

    Hal Greer

    I can't believe anyone has not posted anything about his passing He had one of the most beautiful jump shots and one of the few ever to use the jump shot as a free throw I remember my father taking me to the old Boston Garden in 1967 to watch the Sixers and Celtics and was amazed at this guy's...
  20. gtcam

    Bol Bol makes his decision

    It's Oregon Oregon now has the #1 2018 recruitment class - 4 of ESPN's top 100 Nike Money talks I guess
  21. gtcam

    Rockville/Vernon Rocks - The Glory Days

    I went to high school with Steve Krajewski at Rockville HS in the 70s and this is not him Right Mau? Oh, wrong Steve Krajewski - this isn't Crash Sorry
  22. gtcam

    OT: Rudy is now free

    Rudy Gay turned down the latest offer and will test the free agent market Best of luck to him - would look good in the Green and White in Boston Hope he latches onto to a team that appreciates what he has left
  23. gtcam

    OT-Natalie Butler Transferring!

    Redshirt junior center Natalie Butler has decided to transfer from UConn to George Mason University, as announced on Wednesday, April 26
  24. gtcam

    Dwight Clark has ALS

    just a hideous terrible disease My prayers go out to him and his family
  25. gtcam

    There is a Basketball God

    Cuse is out. Not going to argue whether they deserve over USC or some others BUT Cuse is out! Made my day and year
  26. gtcam

    MAL read

    I know it was mentioned in the new improved and great chat room last night but below please find link to article about MAL. His team won the prep National championship and he played a huge part. The Cobb signing addressed also. I hope the link works - Would have copied the article and pasted...
  27. gtcam

    KF - Where are you???

    I was so happy for him 30 days ago - he was a monster out there The last 3 games he has been, well, not good at best Today was his worst game He looked completely lost PLEASE KF -come back
  28. gtcam

    2018 UConn Commit #1 Kevon Jones (East Hartford, CT)

    I understand UConn just received a commitment from this kid from East Hartford. Played QB and LB there. I hear he is slated to play LB for UConn Anybody have any further info? Thanks
  29. gtcam

    Chatroom last night

    for all those chat room visitors who can be counted on to make those wonderful defeatist comments the moment UConn falls behind - especially those with the expectant repetitive "its on KO", "this is a really lousy team", "the team SUCKS", etc. - to me this comeback is extremely satisfying...
  30. gtcam

    No Dickie V on Puke/NC????

    I can't believe he is doing the Purdue/Indiana game instead Not the same - no bloviating on how Grayson Allen is a misunderstood young man and courageous Coach K on the sidelines mere weeks after back surgery and not being afforded the body ride through the Puke crowd
  31. gtcam

    Kemba and Jeremy tonite vs Celts

    7:30 PM Should be fun watching Kemba and IT going head to head Hopefully Lamb gets some decent PT
  32. gtcam


    Cinci looks really sharp. They are a senior laden team and they can shoot the 3 Of course Copain, Clark and Evans are the known stars but they are long Have a freshman named Cumberland who can score SMU looks a bit shaky when pressured and a bit out of control Sterling Brown is a good looking...
  33. gtcam


    Let's forget about the injuries, the CR mess, the coach and player bashing and spend the time with family and friends today. Tomorrow comes too quickly!!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the Bone Yarders!!!!!!
  34. gtcam

    Cinci's Perimeter D

    is real bad tonight- giving up 13 threes to Marshal and behind by a dozen at half OUCH
  35. gtcam

    Sam Cassell Jr MVP

    Named MVP of the Great Alaska Shootout avg 18pts per game. Iona won the damn thing!!! Good for SCJ and Bunky
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