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  1. gtcam

    Would you rather have "respect" or wins??

    But that doesn't mean the committee doesn't look at, recall or consider rankings at all I just don't buy that at all All year these ADs and ex ADs have been following the teams and looking at rankings yet they step in the room, smoke their cigars and take some magical serum that erases that...
  2. gtcam

    Coach McDermott is back for Creighton

    We need him back because when UConn beats Creighton in the NBE Tournament there can't be the excuse that it was because their coach wasn't on the sidelines
  3. gtcam

    Recruiting Transfers

    I have nothing against the transfer market especially when you have a few schollys left and you are heading into April. I would rather get a pure shooter from the HS ranks if the only ones available (xfers) are from lower tiered D1/D2 programs. A shooter is a shooter and you may be able to...
  4. gtcam

    What's Up with Ankles?

    My daughter broke her ankle in 2 places two weeks ago shoveling snow
  5. gtcam

    UConn #24 in Andy Katz’s Power 36

    Both AAC teams on the list ranked higher than any NBE team Seems strange - I can see Houston but WSU? No respect for the NBE It's Andy Katz
  6. gtcam

    UConn #24 in Andy Katz’s Power 36

    Nice, really nice Not every school can act like NYU JSMH
  7. gtcam

    This National Ranking Has UConn #10

    If you don't win all this is out the window Lose in the 1st game of the NBE tournament and UConn ends up in that dreaded place of playing the #1 seed in game 2 of the dance This team needs to make the NBE finals to get the recognition it wants/deserves - sad but true JUST WIN
  8. gtcam

    UConn 2021 scheduling - when are we filling out the rest of the card?

    2021 is one tough schedule but the kids should look at it as a learning experience to see where they want be. Spins my head looking at Clemson Houston and UCF all in a row Go get 'em
  9. gtcam

    UConn @ Conway S. Carolina (3/5 v. Miami (OH) @ Noon, 3/6 v. Davidson College @ 10:30a, 3/7 v. Coastal Carolina @ 3p & 3/8 v. Coastal Carolina @ Noon)

    Caleb is clutch no doubt about it Cut down on the KOs and can of corns at the plate and this team is deadly Great afternoon
  10. gtcam


    I understand what you are saying but rules are rules and if you turn a blind eye on a $500 loan things just escalate. Until they come up with equitable rules for schools and athletes to follow you have to utilize what is on paper now. There are other outlets for the kids - Europe/GLeague etc The...
  11. gtcam

    How go you pick your NCAA March Madness Brackets?

    By the colors of the uniforms and the names of the mascots
  12. gtcam

    Who is Pat from Connecticut?

    Probably someone who doesn't have a day job and can afford to sit on hold for hours on end I've heard him once or twice and he certainly is a UConn advocate. I tried once in the 90s on the Mike/Mad Dog show after a Calhoun interview - I sat on hold for almost 90 minutes and said the hell with it.
  13. gtcam

    Is UConn Now The Favorite To Win The Big East Tournament In its First Year Back In The Conference?

    NBE not BE. The original was NEVER a football conference, though. It was made to be a basketball conference but it had some fine football programs in it's heyday and was considered a very strong football conference
  14. gtcam

    Look who Jerry Palm has us playing in the first round

    I like the teams in the UConn bracket if it stays that way - Texas is a huge athletic team and would give UConn issues and Illinois is more of the same but many teams that UConn can handle I'm glad AG gets a chance to dance after all he's been through - really nice young man
  15. gtcam

    3 Scholarships For Next Year

    I want Whalley back
  16. gtcam

    Houston vs Memphis

    Be careful what you ask for - they may be a terrible match-up physically
  17. gtcam

    Refs Foul Calls

    That Bile kid was being a real punk when he was on Bouk but Bouk has a bit of Brooklyn in him. But the elbow to the head was beyond cheap.
  18. gtcam

    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr Update

    His build and his handle reminds me of the Johnnies frosh Posh Alexander
  19. gtcam

    Where is our weakness?

    Way too foul prone - especially the bigs Handling pressure/press some player rotation issues I tend to agree that UConn has had some 3 pt shooting woes but there are enough guys who can shoot the 3 as exhibited vs GTown
  20. gtcam

    Bouk makes BE First Team, Sanogo makes Freshman team

    Congrats to Bouk and Sanogo - well deserved I can not believe Cole didn't make at least Honorable Mention If there is an all defensive team Whalley needs to be on it Pretty weird way with the 6/5/3 divisions - that should be an AAC thing not NBE
  21. gtcam

    Does Hurley tend to have them start to kill the clock too early?

    The clock killing shouldn't be at the 5 minute mark and I really haven't seen DH do that with more than 2 or 3 minutes remaining. The thing that makes me nervous at the end of games is not the clock killing as long as UConn is in the bonus - it's the handling of the press and pressure they see...
  22. gtcam

    Would you rather....

    I just don't want to lose in the first game of either - especially the NBE tournament It all depends on match-ups
  23. gtcam

    Hurley for BE COY?

    Based on the recent W/L results DH has put himself into consideration I would think that Anderson, Hurley, Wright and I feel Pat Ewing should get a look - the GTown program was at rock bottom and I feel he has done a steady job making them competitive. Many might think that Ewing was behind the...
  24. gtcam

    Hmm. Who am I gonna hang?

    You wouldn't know a real UConn fan if he stood in front of you In deference to your complete ignorance I wouldn't recommend hanging anyone - even you Carry on
  25. gtcam

    More Needs to be Said about Whalley

    LOL Yeah they were totally on him The young man plays his butt off on D and has had a bumpy road offensively but can score the ball UConn has had many players who took vacations on both sides of the ball during the same game - Whalley is not one of them
  26. gtcam

    Why isn't Richard Springs player?

    DH should put the kid in for a few minutes when he had the chance - that ship has sailed unless every big before Springs fouls out. All games now are must wins DH gets hardheaded about certain things - he'll learn - I hope
  27. gtcam

    Michigan and Martelli

    Howard is a very intelligent man who Erik Spoelstra speaks so highly. Having Martelli on the bench and in the program is a stroke of genius. Howard will be Coach of the Year in NCAA this season. He is definitely the brightest star of the Fab 5 in many areas.
  28. gtcam

    Our building’s Xs are falling off!

    The place could all implode (with nobody in it of course) for all I care Play all games at Gampel
  29. gtcam

    Wishing Coach Calhoun a Speedy Recovery

    He'll be fine - was supposed to do it in the spring of 2020 but due to Covid decided against it Get better soon Coach Jim
  30. gtcam

    MSOC Head Coach Ray Reid will take an indefinite leave of absence from the program due to a personal family matter.

    My best to you and your family Coach Ray Take care of those most important things
  31. gtcam

    2021 Recruiting: Samson Johnson Update

    Couldn't disagree more I have seen both in HS/AAU Let Hawkins be a sophomore before you make those brash statements - handle? I think he already has that - Bouk is sloppy at times He appears quiet but seems to have that attitude/self confidence that will allow him to take over - something Bouk...
  32. gtcam

    RJ Cole Big East Player of the Week

    Who else? The kid had a phenomenal week and hopes that he continues this level of performance at least as long as he wears a Husky uniform. CONGRATS RJ
  33. gtcam

    2021 Recruiting: Hawkins Update

    Cannot wait for this young man to step on the court in Storrs He is going to open eyes - EVERYWHERE
  34. gtcam

    Now 28 in Kenpom

    MSU is 7-9 (might be 7-10 after Maryland game) in their league and is now slotted in the field - not even on the bubble - unreal Did I hear during the Nova-Butler game that Nova only has 2 quadrant 1 wins? To me if UConn is below the 7 seed they may fare better on sneaking up on some teams -...
  35. gtcam

    A+ for Hurley, Cole, Bouknight and defense

    Hurley did much better - it was fortunate that when he had the really poor offensive team in the floor that they did play great defense and Marquette went cold at the same time - a well deserved A for DH RJ with his second great performance and hit the key baskets when needed - he also played...
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