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  1. Woof 101

    Today's Uconn in game announcers

    Thank you.... Yak, yak, yak about everything but the game. No attack on the OP but it gets ridiculous. At least three whistles today never got explained because they were not talking the game but their conversation. Possible second foul on Olivia was a stoppage and officials going to the monitor...
  2. Woof 101

    Villanova Postgame Thread

    @oldude Excellent analogy! I was going to post something very similar. I have often praised Paige for her movement on offense without the ball knowing where to go, Larry Birds great trait. I have been watching her more on defense and she is simply masterful at baiting the opponent. She often...
  3. Woof 101

    Caption this

    Remember the phrase eating Wilson? I hope your hungry....
  4. Woof 101

    UConn vs. Villanova Badass Award goes to...

    Announcer man voice..... WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I A M S !!! Kib is not going to get a lot of disagreement on this one! ;)
  5. Woof 101

    UConn vs St. John's Badass Award goes to...

    No attack, and I love, Olivia but it comes down to one's definition of badass. O scored points and got rebounds today against lesser competition but also left a few on the table. She had a couple of simple put the ball up opportunities she refused to take again today. At 6'5" a badass does not...
  6. Woof 101

    St John's Postgame Thread

    I see Nika getting The Badass. Hope she is not out long she is the spark plug on D. I thought the elbow she took to the face should have been reviewed. It looked pretty intentional to me. A couple of frustrated St Johns players decided to play nasty. Not a good look for their coach.
  7. Woof 101

    Makurat Returning For Big East Tournament

    Did some coaching myself and get your point but with a team like UConn it is easy for expectations of fans that the team will make the final of a conference they swept. Fans don't get paid to think like coaches. ;) I'll take momentum, moxie or swagger over Mojo any day. ;) No offense I love...
  8. Woof 101

    Paige Wins her First Awards of the Season... Big East Freshman AND Player of the Year

    Someone should remind the mom dad or fan of where the two schools are in any and every poll. Somehow I do not believe it would make a difference. I'll go with the ignore suggested above and follow the lead of my old friend Mark. ;) “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the...
  9. Woof 101

    Makurat Returning For Big East Tournament

    Great news! So happy to see Anna get a chance to help the team at this critical junction of the season. Obviously cleared by medical staff and approved by what Geno has seen in practice. I hope her time to sit and observe has served her well. Would love to see her not turning down an open shot...
  10. Woof 101

    Mohegan Sun to allow family, guests of teams to attend Big East women’s basketball tournament

    Nice to see at least this could be worked out. I will not rush time as it goes too fast as it is. I am though already looking forward to next season when these young women can get the rafter rocking cheers they deserve.
  11. Woof 101

    AE Big East Freshman of the Week

    BOOOO BOOOO ;) Big AE fan, love her form in the photo provided.
  12. Woof 101

    Can anybody make a case for someone other than AE for the Big East award?

    I'm in the same boat Charlie, no offense at the OT but I would not trade AE for any other teams 4th or 5th man. She brings so much more than just size to the table.
  13. Woof 101

    For Uconn to go deep into NCAA tournament...

    Jingo, no personal attack here, just BB conversation. I know you know the game but at times we all see things a little different. It has been very evident you are a very staunch supporter of Olivia, actually has one wondering if you are her dad. :) I also am a big fan of her and became even...
  14. Woof 101

    Evina Battling not only other teams but her body

    Agree, It is blatantly obvious she is not 100%. Also wish the same for her future, if it's to play or with her role of team mother / big sister finds coaching as a career. Obviously with a long history in the game she has had many good coaches to learn from. Most likely in high school AAU...
  15. Woof 101

    Play of the Game - UConn vs Butler

    Easy call as we all saw it but having SNY delegate it as the play of the game... Priceless. ;)
  16. Woof 101

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Not that I know of. ;) I agree Jordy but Geno is protecting against foul trouble. (my guess) She was very prone but getting better. I see her needed for more minutes come tourney time. Again I agree with the premise but doesn't CD cover all the listed above. She has gotten accolades for years...
  17. Woof 101

    UConn vs Butler Badass Award goes to...

    My only question tonight is why Geno did not put Aaliyah in the game sooner than he did. Olivia was getting double teamed and beat up by Ross continually. Enter Aaliyah, the badass of the game! I get how some want to share it with Paige and I have often spread the award but tonight goes to AE...
  18. Woof 101

    Autumn Chassion

    I see Autumn as our "Rudy". The little train that could type. I think with her determination she will be a walk on here as long as the position is available. That and I hope she reaches scolly status and is rewarded. Geno is simply Geno and has a method to his madness that is 11 NC's and not...
  19. Woof 101

    UConn vs Creighton Badass Award goes to...

    Majic, no attack but to be real. Do you think if Anna was not injured Nika would be getting the minutes she has now earned? You mention Geno wants her at PG. Note the roster where Geno has Anna listed as a guard. 2020-21 Women's Basketball Roster - University of Connecticut Athletics
  20. Woof 101

    Play of the Game - UConn vs Creighton

    I like what Nan has implemented with this as it exposes how we all see the game a little differently. I have a tie tonight, first early in the game Paige caught a long errant over the head pass from Nika in transition. Not something the average player could do, would have gone out of bounds...
  21. Woof 101

    Creighton Postgame Thread

    Decent game, I know many complain about the competition but some should give them credit. Most teams as Creighton did tonight bring a very good game vs UConn. A 32 point win that would have been 50 or more a few years back. The game all around is progressing. I enjoyed seeing Nika hell bent in...
  22. Woof 101

    UConn vs Creighton Badass Award goes to...

    Agree with @Kibitzer and also thought the same as @Aluminny69 above. Hate that Nika is getting her minutes due to Anna's misfortune. Having said that she is making the most of every minute and her game to game improvement / confidence is palpable. A very key ingredient to the final four / NC stew.
  23. Woof 101

    Top 3 Things You Want To See Tomorrow Against Creighton

    1) Offensive & defensive game of the year out of Creighton to provide serious competition. 2) Offensive & defensive moves to shut down / counter anything Creighton does. :mad: 3) #2 providing a decent amount of PT for the bench. ;)
  24. Woof 101

    Guys - just breathe

    Season just taking my breath away... along with aging. ;)
  25. Woof 101

    ESPN's latest WNBA Mock Draft has Evina going #12

    No spitting match here at all just my take on your take. ;) For Westbrook, injury history may come into play as there are fewer teams and more quality players coming out each year. I wish her the best here or if moving on. As for Liv I will reserve my judgement and question yours with this...
  26. Woof 101

    Can’t Sleep on Butler

    A thread about nothing makes me tired. I'll know not to take the troll bait next time. Thanks @MSGRET for supplying something of substance. :D Not one to disagree with you often @eebmg. But what we and the team needs is competitive games. ;)
  27. Woof 101

    The irony of all ironies.

    Caveat Emptur.......
  28. Woof 101

    Kibitzer UConn-Xavier Badass thread

    The definition of a badass should be provided as it is obvious many take it to mean something different. For myself Paige was badass with the pass to CW that few could make or attempt. That and going out after turning her ankle to get back in asap and with in seconds drain a three. Can we have...
  29. Woof 101

    Play of the Game - UConn vs Xavier

    The pass and the reception has it for this one. It is not easy though with a team that makes so many really good plays. A couple of honorable mentions allowed? CW splitting two defenders going to the hoop, she is so good with her down low moves I wish she would do it more. CW again running the...
  30. Woof 101

    Christyn On Breaking Out Of Her Slump

    Thanks Rocky, glad to see her upbeat and out off the slump. She is going to be a key ingredient to our NC stew. ;)
  31. Woof 101

    Hard to grasp....

    No attack and it's not hyperbole. I do not like to compare the men's game to the women's due to the few different elements of playing above the rim and strength obviously. Going back to when you could get into the women's game for free if you had a ticket to the men's. I have never seen a player...
  32. Woof 101

    Tennesse vs South Carolina

    Yep! The ball is orange, how could one expect a different outcome? ;)
  33. Woof 101

    Jim Christian out @ Boston College

    Yes he is a perfect fit for all the Jesuit schools and he could also be an asset in the class room. He could teach a course on how to properly tip your waitress after dinner. Something simple to not distract from his basketball duties. But, but we're talking a Jesuit school here!
  34. Woof 101

    St Johns Postgame Thread

    Agree, the game opened with three plays of over passing becoming turnovers and two of them were layups the other a short shot given up. I get the ball has to move in a half court reset but over passing on a break has hurt them. Can't say I have seen a player in some time I enjoy watching with...
  35. Woof 101

    Play of the Game - UConn vs St John’s

    I'm stuck agreeing with a few above.... CW splitting three defenders. AE with the block and going to the hoop like a guard. PB with a pass and getting to open space in a nano second to get the ball back and mid range pop. Head shaker... Not necessarily in that order but I give them each a game...
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