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    Andy Katz says UConn is a sleeper pick for the Final Four
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    Bouk #14 on The Athletic's best guards list

    I would rank AJ Green over Bouknight. Northern Iowa was #23 in the country last year in AdjO per KenPom. I follow the mid majors. Green may turn out to be the best pure shooter in the country this year. Bouknight comes packaged in a nice shiny bright box with a potential Harry Winston inside...
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    Team Picture Day (Video)

    You can also see how dedicated Bouknight is to the weight room. Seems like he has worked his tail off and established himself as the Alpha Dog. Work ethic seems to be off the charts and this hype is FOR REAL. Are you guys/gals seeing the same thing I am seeing?
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    UConn 9 seed in Andy Katz's updated NCAA Tournament bracket predictions

    Yeah but the fact he has North Texas IN and Western Kentucky OUT puts a fork in all his credibility.
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    Top 25 College Backcourts - I see UConn

    It will be tough for Luke Frampton to score for Davidson when he is playing for Western Kentucky! LOL
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    Best High School BB Coach Ever in the State of Connecticut

    I remember talking to Mike Savage and John Fontana about CT high school coaches many years ago. They thought the coach that got the most out of his talent and was arguably one of the best high school coaches ever happened to be Herb Neuhauser. Neuhauser coached at the smallest high school in...
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    Rest in Peace Tom Seaver

    I can smell the ballpark in that photo. Just makes me emotional thinking back to those days of baseball. Big sigh...
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    OT: The A-10 will be better than the AAC next year

    Saint Louis roster top to bottom looks great. They beat Richmond by around 14 or 16 @ Richmond last year. Richmond was at full strength. Saint Louis was missing a key player that was injured early last year if not mistaken (a freshman who earned Freshman player of the week twice?). Saint Louis...
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    Longtime Boneyard Poster Passed Away - Robertelamin

    Yes I read that within the last ten minutes. It also gave me chills. SMDH
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    Longtime Boneyard Poster Passed Away - Robertelamin

    Very sad news. I am sorry for your loss @Mano. Within the last two weeks he was posting. :( :( :(
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    UConn President: Fall sports likely to be cancelled Heartbreaking...
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    OT:  5 Favorite Boxers? The ones you wanted to watch every fight

    Guillermo "El Chacal" Rigondeaux was arguably the top defensive fighter to ever enter the ring in the history of the sport. I believe he was Cuban.
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    OT:  5 Favorite Boxers? The ones you wanted to watch every fight

    Arturo Gatti... 1-5. There isn't a fighter in the world I would want to watch fight more than Gatti. Gatti was absolutely electrifying to the point you could get your target heart rate as a viewer after the first twenty seconds of the first round 90% of the time. You were on the...
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    When was the last time you went out?

    Amen...well said!
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    When was the last time you went out?

    Great job. Those off leash dogs could be a killer (From CV perspective). I follow everything you are doing. Bruegger's in Avon was horrible with curbside. Flemings was exceptional. Antonio's/Simsbury I thought was responsible.
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    anyone get a pet during this?

    It's a big decision. Especially if you have rescues.
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    anyone get a pet during this?

    Saved 2 lives potentially. Your adopted dog and the next dog to get space at the shelter. Well done.
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    2020 Recruiting: Bryce Aiken Transfering

    As selfish as it gets. We shall see...
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    losing my dad

    Damn...I really feel your pain. My heartfelt sincere compassion goes out to you.
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    In want to know how the heck they had Dayton winning it! Let's also check the historic defensive efficiency #'s in addition to SOS! Although I do think Dayton would have won it.
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    I wonder why Kansas isn't the winner? What kind of stats are they using?
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    OT: Obi Toppin

    If they win the A-10 Tournament it will be 1 Seed in the East (MSG) with the first two games in Cleveland. Dayton is locked into Cleveland. The only way Dayton gets Indy is if Kansas opts out of the MW and decides to play in the South Regional. I seriously doubt that happens UNLESS Kansas feels...
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    If I was a voter either Toppin or Azubuike. I think it should go down to the final game it is that close. That is just my opinion. After that Garza. Powell has tailed off and his 3 pt % is low but should be the most feared player in the tournament.
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    Borges: Gilbert (back) gametime decision tomorrow, Wilson status unclear.

    It is a very spellbinding situation with so many fluid competing dynamics considering the nature and potential consequences of various actions as it relates to Sid.
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    Bracketology Discussion

    Explain...Kansas can opt to play in the Midwest as a potential overall #1 seed. IF they do a team like Dayton will be around six hours closer to INDY giving a homecourt edge to Dayton. Houston is the other option for a regional final in the South. Houston geographically from a distance...
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    Sid suspended

    Seriously? Now that is good inside info. National media sleeping of course. It was cringe worthy watching Buchanon run the point for 99.99% of the time instead of Gilyard at the end of the UVU game when Rice hit the game winner. It was clear if that team had a healthy Harris they could be a...
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    NCAA Hoops - Week of 2/24-3/1
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    Update on my wife.

    Thoughts are with you!
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    Sid suspended

    Good points. I know last night he got mop up minutes. All this and NMSU lost 2 starters for the year. It is Second Chance U though. A damn good 1 at that.
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    Sid suspended

    I am thinking Sid would fit in perfectly with Chris Jans assuming CJ doesn't score another gig. That would be my recommendation. Complete change of scenery with a great coach.
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    NCAA Hoops - Week of 2/24-3/1

    Which region do you think Kansas will opt for in the NCAA Tournament? Midwest or South? Houston or Indy? Considering a few of the local 2 seeds that could show up in the Midwest it will be interesting which region Bill Self selects.
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    Bracketology Discussion

    They should be a HEAVY fav to win it all. The Midwest region though at the top could be tough. Very tough.
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    Bracketology Discussion

    Kansas has created very noticeable separation from the rest of the pack. There is no team I would rather see lose before the 2nd weekend than Kansas. The program in general is my least favorite. They could face Dayton as a #2 seed though within three hours of Dayton (Indy). That game will be...
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    Ben Gordon: “Where Is My Mind”

    How Ben G. articulates his mental state as a basketball player and the contrast to his outward demeanor on the court was fascinating. Especially with all his subsequent mental health issues. Thanks for sharing. Killer mindset on the court.
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