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    Ryan Boatright‏ @Ryanboatright11 Jan 19 More Ryan Boatright Retweeted David Borges I believe in coach @dhurley15 That is one VERY valuable statement. Love this guy.
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    Rutgers 12-3 (#37 KenPom)

    Rutgers leading scorer Eugene Omoruyi from 2018-19 transfers out. Geo Baker (asst leader & 2nd leading scorer) injured the last two games and DNP. Beat #20 Penn State tonight. Pikiell & Hobbs doing work with that UConn DNA.
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    Favorite Holloween Candy or

    what did you love to see in your trick or treat bag? What did you hate to see as a kid in your bag? Fav in Bag-Sugar Daddy Hate to see-???? hmmmm
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    Sports Illustrated Article/Texas Tech.../UConn Mentioned

    'We'll be back': Texas Tech rose too far to stop here Good read: Throughout March, Beard showed his team clips from the 30 for 30 doc Survive and Advance, which chronicles NC State’s championship run in 1983. Beard also presented clips of the Connecticut team that won the 2011 title behind...
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    Who Wins the National Championship...

    According to there is a ticket on Texas Tech @200/1 to win 300k that he is trying sell online for 65k.
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    Monmouth Park/Meadowlands Sports Books

    I have not been to either. Are there college basketball "futures" up for the National Championship? If so would it be ok to post them here? If not understood. Thanks. Also if you have been to either what are your thoughts? Seems to have been a few glitches. FanDuel to pay out disputed $82K...
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    Reseeding Dead Lawn....

    with a soil PH of 4.8. Numerous spots (70 % of front lawn) in a 15,000 SQ lawn have been hit with severe brown patches. As mentioned soil PH a mere 4.8 which is extremely acidic. No lime treatments have been done for years. Someone was hired last fall to reseed and they put down top soil and...
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    Kemba Mentor Vid.

    Great to remember how special some of our former players are. Recruiting this type of player was a dream come true for fans like myself. Hopefully one day again we all can experience another Kemba type of player/person.
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    NCAA (SWEET 16/March 22 & 23) Mega Thread

    Who makes the Final 4 and heads to the Promised Land (San Antonio, Texas)? Any wagers taking place? Time (ET) Matchup (TV) Odds Pick Sweet 16 Thursday, March 22 7:05 p.m. No. 7 Nevada vs. No. 11 Loyola-Chicago (CBS) NEV -2 LCHI 7:35 p.m. No. 3 Michigan vs. No. 7 Texas A&M (TBS) UM -3 UM...
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    NCAA Tournament Thread (2018 March to San Antonio)

    Nice win for the Bonnies. Who do you guys have in the Final4? Sleepers?
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    Aaron Calixte (Grad transfer)

    Maine Black Bears. :) Just FYI'ING :) Not a recommendation :)
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    Tubby on Transfers "We Teach Them How to Quit"

    Tubby Smith rails against college basketball transfers in hypocritical rant
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    AAC Tournament: (SMU vs. UConn)

    AAC Tournament 2018: Bracket, TV schedule, how to watch live I think we are on the right side of the bracket. There is a chance if we survive SMU...Cincy could pull a Rhode Island after winning the conference title. I would prefer them to WSU right now. They may still be doing the victory lap.
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    The Only Way We Turn Around This Season....

    is if we are losing at the half tonight and Kevin Ollie gives this speech. Enough is enough already. The buck stops here folks.
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    Tonight I Live in the Past...

    shed a few happy tears of joy while watching. It is what I do now. Who is that @ the 3:12 min mark of the vid. Next to JC. It is KO. NO? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh the memories!
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    Jalen comes in @ #400 (Valueaddbasketball)

    Value Add Basketball - advanced NCAA basketball statistics and % chance of making NBA It would be interesting if they had a metric like this for coaching huh? huh? huh? BUT who is our MVP??? Let us all go dizzy working our way DOWN the list! I literally almost went blind/blinder than I...
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    UConn +5 vs. Orange

    @ MSG Anyone have anything different?
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    Men's College Basketball Prediction Thread 2017/2018

    As we get closer to September I thought it would be interesting to hear what people have to say about the upcoming college hoops season from a national perspective which of course would also include UConn. This would include your Final4 predictions and this years potential SLEEPERS. I have...
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    Hurley/Calhoun Comparisons...

    Kevin McNamara: New URI assistant sees some Jim Calhoun in Dan Hurley A nice article from TM's perspective. It will be interesting to see if RI takes last year and builds on it. Exciting times for RI fans. The question is will it be sustainable after this year. If RI makes the S16 or E8/FF...
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    Gonzaga vs. UNC...Who wins the title?

    and why? I like Gonzaga for around 150,000 different reasons but the Joel Berry ankle injury seals the deal in the National Championship game. Berry is a shell of himself. The loss of Williams hurt their depth. There will be no redemption for UNC. I expect a competitive game but a banged up...
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    The Team REALLY Needs the Crowd Tonight

    IF we can somehow get through this game I think we could sell out the Saturday game. This season has been a train wreck (emphasis added). The high quality/character of the young men on the team though from a personal perspective should be obvious to us long time fans. Hopefully we can get a...
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    Maurice Watson Jr. Bail set at (750k)...

    Prosecutor says Maurice Watson forced woman to perform sex act on him before he raped her; bail set at $750,000 Pretty graphic and sad account of the alleged assault/rape. The incident happened the night/morning (3 AM) before a home Xavier game after Watson tore his ACL. Watson Jr. was still...
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    Will Gonzaga Win the National Championship?

    It appears they will run the table and enter the NCAA Tournanent with a record of 32-0 or something close to it. Saint Mary's may get 1 more shot at them in the WCC Tourney. They will get a 1 seed and the Final4 is close by in Phoenix. Bilas loves them. I haven't seen any better team to this...
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    Pick Your Final4 & The National Championship Game...

    participants (don't have to pick the winner of the National Championship game). If anyone pulls it off you win a $100 dollar gift certificate to let's just say Ruth Chris Steak House (or your choice). Since no one will pull it off... I am NOT worried. I understand it is close to impossible...
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    IF Miller Were to Leave....

    what names would interest you to replace him on the staff?
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    Who Wins the Annual Husky Run Tomorrow?

    Rain is expected tomorrow. Some weather reports have 1-2 inches of rain in Storrs. Have a great night. Best Always, BDH
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    I miss HuskyNan. Enjoyed the media reports/links provided by this stunning poster. :) :) Hope all is well HN. :) Take Care, BDH
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    2015 EuroBasket Competition

    Both Sabonis (Lithuania) & Karnowski (Poland) from Gonzaga are playing. Wow... Hopefully we get UConn vs. Zags in Atlantis.
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    Investing in the Biotech Sector (Simple Question)

    Does anyone own stock in this sector? I have a tendency to research companies after being hit hard (50% haircut/loss on pps after news hits ect..). What have been your experiences in this sector if any? Did anyone ever own shares of Dendreon? Short Dendreon? Hold a long position? The Dendreon...
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    Argentina vs. Chile (Copa America-Final)

    in Santiago, Chile @ 4 PM today. Who do you guys think lifts the trophy???
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    UConn vs. Gonzaga (Who wins???)

    Potential showdown in Atlantis. UConn Starting Five: Brimah (Jr) C Miller (GS) F Hamilton (Soph) F Purvis (RS Jr) G Gibbs (GS) G Key Reserves: Adams (Fr) G Facey (Jr) F Calhoun (Sr) G Nolan (Sr) C Cassel Jr. (Jr) G Enoch (Fr) F/C Gonzaga Starting Five: Karnowski (Sr) C Sabonis (Soph) F...
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    I BELIEVE in Omar Calhoun....

    He could be an indispensable piece to a Final4 run. Keep grinding Omar. This UConn fan is 100% confident that you will rise and shine beyond measure in the 2015-16 hoops season. :)
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    Will Sterling Dupree Gibbs...

    be the best guard in college basketball next year and contend for National Player of the Year (NPY)? The answer to that question could very easily be a resounding YES. :) What do you guys think?
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    Is Sterling Gibbs the Next GREAT UConn PG?

    My gut tells me Gibbs is the next great 1 at UConn. Assuming he puts in the grind every day this kid could be very very very special. What do you guys think? Am I to bullish/optimistic? The Miller/Gibbs pickups put us potentially in great position to make a Final4 run. I love this kids toughness...
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    2015-16/Sleepers (Who do you like)...?

    I never consider UConn a sleeper. So now that rosters have been finalized (Max Bielfeldt/Michigan still looking for a home though) who may be the big surprises next year? A team that may unexpectedly make the Final4 or E8. I don't put much stock in the national pundits opinions. The BY has some...
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