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    Death Storm Scenario?

    What if NCAA president Mark Emmert drops the UConn investigation therefore eliminating the "For Just Cause" reason for firing? How much does he hate and would like to mess with UConn?
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    UNC Announcement Delayed

    Why NCAA report on UNC academic case will not be released Friday NCAA Committee on Infractions report on North Carolina academic scandal case delayed
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    Catastrophe...On Amazon Prime. Very funny and lighthearted. Great to watch with Wifey.
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    Diaco's Offense

    is on display in Maui.
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    Game Watch Cape Cod

    I am on Cape Cod (Brewster) any Sports Bars in area that anyone knows of to watch UConn/BC?
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    For President!
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    Mad Dogs

    Just binged on this 1 season 8 episode show. Loved it. On Amazon Prime. No thread here. Anyone else watch this?
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    I was on the Dicks Sports online store site looking at UConn apparel and saw this list of schools. All P5 except UConn and Mercer. I gather Mercer will get the B12 bid with Cinci? Shop By School View All Schools Alabama Crimson Tide Arizona Wildcats Arizona State Sun Devils Arkansas...
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    Doomed..We play Kansas

    We can't beat a Blue Blood Like Kansas and should not be on the same floor with them.. Look how we did vs other Blue Bloods like Duke and Kentucky in the NCAA's. Doomed I say.
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    UNC got

    such an awful draw. After their 'Home" game in Raleigh they have to leave North Carolina (no Greensboro or Charlotte) and have to go to Philly. Tough to be a Student Athlete at UNC.
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    BC Starting New Conference

    It's true. I heard it at Max's Carwash. BC is starting a new Conference with it's NCAA Football peers. Invites will only be to teams that did not win any conference games in 2015. Peers Conference ACC.......Boston College............0-8 AAC........UCF............................0-8...
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    No Sound? anyone else?
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    All Time 2 Min Team

    This one will take some research. What 5 Huskies were the best off the bench in the under two min garbage time? Mostly it would walk-ons I would think. I will start without doing any research with Scott Carson who played under Dom Perno. Why? I coached him in HS..LOL
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    Breaking Bad Pizza

    This may have been talked about before but I just heard on the news that local people near the house that Mr. Breaking Bad lived in are throwing Pizzas on the garage roof like he did in the show. The homeowner is irate finding pizzas on roof and driveway all the time. She said it is not...
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    is starting to get to me. Too many games on CBS SN which I don't get. Football had to many now B-Ball. Need to get to P5 soon.
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    Free Throws?

    How did we go from making almost all free throws in the NCAA tournament to going like 8-18 consistently?
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    Coaching EGO

    OK Urban Myer wins 2 National Championships at Florida then goes to OHIO STATE (not Kent State) and wins another. One day I would like to see a "Super Coach" like Myer or Saban to go to a school like UConn and bring that team to National Prominence vs just taking a Super Team up a notch...
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    F%%k CBS

    UConn up 1 point with about 3 min to go. CBS announces they are going to the MD - Neb Women's game and you can watch the rest at After 5 min of commercials they went to the Tip-Off. CBS SKS
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    Meanwhile in NY

    Mike Nebrich passed for 423 yards and four touchdowns and for the second-straight year Fordham defeated Sacred Heart in the first round of the FCS playoffs, rolling 44-22 on Saturday. The Rams (11-2), who play at No. 1 seed New Hampshire next weekend, pulled away after the Pioneers (9-3) closed...
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    It looks like the game is on ESPN News?? ? I don't get it. It's not on ESPN3. Anyway to get ESPNN online?
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    State by Stae most popular Team map

    Check out Mass. Who is the most popular team in Mass? Boston? Chestnut Hill? New England's team my arse!
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    Syracus Pitt Future?

    They are doing well in the ACC now (with their BE recruits) just as Va Tech, Miami and BCU did when they joined. How do they look now? Future of Syr/Pitt? ACC Standings TEAMCONFOVERALL Syracuse6-019-0 Virginia6-115-5 Pittsburgh6-218-3 Duke6-217-4 Wake Forest4-314-6 Florida State4-313-6...
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    Nck Williams

    Is playing for the Redskins today. Punt returns and he caught his 1st NFL catch today from RG3
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    OT World Series or MNF?

    What is with the MNF music for the World Series? Is Brady pitching tonight?
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    Does anyone know why any posted youtube vidioes are "whited out". I click on them, they start, then a white screen passes over so I can't see. There is some link also that seems to be asking me to suscribe to something. This only happens on the BY.
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    ACC Represented

    3:55 left in 2nd 1 2 T Dayton 37 38 75 Boston College 26 34 60
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    HCPP Question

    A couple of questions that I should know/remember but want more info. 1. Why was the winingest coach in Big East history at Syracuse fired by said university? 2. Why was a fired coach from a Big East university hired by UConn many years out from coaching at the college level? 3. Final Q -...
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    New 16 team tournament But no Syracuse - too bad! They may have been Big East team vs G-Town? Edit: Article is dated Aug 16 so I hope this is not a repeat of another thread.
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    Big Husky Brawl

    How about a tournament with 4 "Husky" teams? Big Husky Brawl The Dog Fight Battle of the Pound Big Paw Fight Husky Howl Extravaganza Other? UConn Washington Northern Illinois Northeastern
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    Another Uni Thread

    I know there are already new uni threads but this is the "I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE THE NEW UNI THREAD"
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    New Conference name

    Saw a thread like this before but let's go again. 1. Someone posted the Sun Beast Conference with a logo. I would like to see that again. 2. Continental Conference 3. Big Pac-East Conference 4. Big East-Pac Conference 5. Coast to Coast Conference 6. All Coast Conference - The Real ACC 7. NOW-U...
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    Expansion Annoucement Wednesday - If not then 20 minutes or Tuesday.
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    If Swofford were BE Comish

    Way before Pitt and Cuse were summoned to the ACC Swofford would have been pro-active vs re-active and added Boise, BYU, Houston and SMU to shore up the BE and get a new contract from ESPN. Pitt, Cuse and WVU may never have left. I know it's the school presidents etc who decide these issues...
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    3 Division 24 Team Conference?

    North American Athletic Conference - NAAC Basketball: Big East: UConn, Seton Hall, Providence, St John, Villanova, Rutgers, Georgetown, Cincinatti Big Midwest: Notre Dame, Depaul, Marquette, Louisville, USF, UCF, ECU, Memphis, (Navy?) Big West: Houston, SMU, Boise, Nevada, SDSU, UNLV, BYU...
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    3 Divison 18 team Conference

    Ok how about an 18 team conference made up of 3 divisions: All Coast Conference - The REAL ACC. All Coasts: Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf Coast and Lake Michigan. Big Catholic Big East Big West Seton Hall Uconn Houston Providence Rutgers...
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