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  1. I Bleed Blue

    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr Update

    Brooo if we can get CFJ in for next season?!?! Backcourt gonna be STACKED with him, Sool, and Hawkins coming in plus Cole and Gaffney returning. Get Whaley back, add a F via transfer and it’s a wrap. PG: Cole, Gaff, Sool SG: Hawkins, CFJ SF: Dre, TMart PF: Akok, Sanogo, Springs C: Whaley...
  2. I Bleed Blue

    Time To Make A Statement

  3. I Bleed Blue

    Birdcode in West Hartford

    I’ve had all 3 sandwiches at this point... 1) Birdcode - medium 2) Haven - medium 3) Fowl Play - hot All 3 are solid but for me birdcode had the best flavor. Could go either way on Haven and Fowl Play at 2 or 3.
  4. I Bleed Blue

    Bouk vs Jalen Adams

    As others have said, Adams has be killing it in the G league this year. I could see him making an NBA roster in the future. Great ball player that unfortunately didn’t have proper coaching or the talent around him to succeed while at UConn. Adams and Bouk each excel in different areas so hard...
  5. I Bleed Blue

    We should play Providence in Boston Garden once year.

    Any early season non-conference game in Boston would be great. Northeastern, BU, BC, Harvard, whoever. I don't quite understand how some people don't see the benefit from a brand expansion (and retention) perspective. We are already one of NYC's top college basketball draws, so why not focus on...
  6. I Bleed Blue

    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Taking His Time with Recruiting Process (Syracuse on SI)

    Doomed. Cmon DC, more than any northeast/CT recruit in years, I hope you stay home.
  7. I Bleed Blue

    10 committed players from the class of 2021 who could rise in the rankings

    I think both Hawkins and Johnson will get solid bumps in the Spring 2021 rankings. I expect Diggins to stay around the same range. I also think Floyd will get a solid bump into the top 100 for 2022.
  8. I Bleed Blue

    OT: High Speed Rail Through Storrs?

    I am all for this and would probably use it multiple times a month. NYC-Hartford-Providence-Boston in less than 2 hours would be fantastic. Unfortunately, the more stops like Storrs or Danbury, the less likely it would actually happen. Still a 30 minute bus ride to Hartford then a 50 minute...
  9. I Bleed Blue

    Is Sanogo the go to guy now?

    Absolutely must win.
  10. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    This SLV talk went from small forum discussions to CNBC and other main stream media saying Redditors next big short target is SLV!! Everyone buy buy buy! Meanwhile big hedge funds are top holders in SLV and PSLV. Fishy af. not you Mr. Fishy, you’re cool
  11. I Bleed Blue

    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr. short highlight

    I think Corey will receive a nice bump up in the rankings in the Spring. Kid looks like an easy consensus Top 100 player.
  12. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    Glad to hear. I’m also looking at it from the benefit of mortgage rates as a first time home buyer, etc. It’s definitely something I’ll consider down the road as I build up my portfolio.
  13. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    I’ve looked into the JPM/Chase Private Client program a bit as I use their credit cards. Looks cool, but I’ve got a ways to go to meet the Private Client entry requirements.
  14. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    JPM will literally crush anyone in their path 😂 But f it, I’m in.
  15. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    Almost 100 page thread stock trading thread on a UConn MBB forum. Incredible. Now everyone HOLD GME! Tomorrow and Monday will be YUGE. We will all ride our GME tendies to the moon ladies and gents! this is not financial advise
  16. I Bleed Blue

    Jackson might be back for Sunday

    Jackson needs to get back ASAP. He’ll get some serious run off the bench at the 2 and 3 while Bouk is out. Need his athleticism and energy on the court. I’d think he’ll take minutes from Adams mostly and also give Martin some extra rest.
  17. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    Gonna be YUUUUGGGE. edit: I was much more excited about this stock at $8B valuation. Less so at $40B.
  18. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    I work in Power. Business sentiment is that we’re making a slow and steady recovery. Climbing the mountain so to speak. Healthcare, Power, and Renewables all looking optimistic for 2021 and beyond. I think once Aviation returns to normal in 2022, we’ll be back in the mid-20’s. Culp also has...
  19. I Bleed Blue

    Tyrese!!!!!! 20 points already!!!!!

    He’s a dawg! The competitiveness and physicality this team needs.
  20. I Bleed Blue

    It’s as bad as we thought

    I logged in just to see the comments on this thread. Was not disappointed. Thanks BY
  21. I Bleed Blue

    Jordan Hawkins bounce 👀

    Watching this game, we definitely need a dunker. And a layup-er.
  22. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    Almost $125 this morning 😂:eek:
  23. I Bleed Blue

    The Last Sporting Event You Attended?

    Celtics-Lakers at TD in January 2020. I snagged the company suite/box at mid court. Best seats I’ve ever had to a sporting event. C’s got the W and I got to see LeBron play live. Great night!
  24. I Bleed Blue

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    I’m a fan of penne vodka pizza every now and then. Heavy but quite good.
  25. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. GameStop.
  26. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    PLTR, NIO, BB. Today was a good day. Sadly I’m not “ballsy”enough for GME.
  27. I Bleed Blue

    Can you dunk?

    6’1”, 205 and no shot. I can only get (maybe) half way up the net on a good day.
  28. I Bleed Blue

    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr To UConn

    I for one am here for the pizza, sandwich, and stock recommendations first. The basketball related content is just fluff. But this is cool too, Welcome to the Husky fam Corey!
  29. I Bleed Blue

    Best Sandwich in Connecticut

    You can’t share that pic and not mention where it’s from!! :D
  30. I Bleed Blue

    Best Sandwich in Connecticut

    I’ll have to check it out next time in down there. My favorites in the Tampa Bay Area are West Tampa Sandwich, Stone Soup in Ybor, and Bodega in St. Pete.
  31. I Bleed Blue

    OT: Laptop for Photography and Photo Editing

    Mac. Any of the new M1 chip laptops or upcoming M1X will be phenomenal and carry you several years. I have a Gaming PC for... gaming but prefer to edit photos on my late 2013 MacBook Pro. It still rips 7 years later and I can take it when I travel and have time to edit. From a color accuracy...
  32. I Bleed Blue

    Best Sandwich in Connecticut

    We’ve already settled this. It’s Wethersfield Pizzas chicken cutlet. /thread
  33. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    Led by the King himself, u/deepduckingvalue
  34. I Bleed Blue

    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr - 1/14 Commitment

    you know anywhere I can find some good pizza in CT? :rolleyes:
  35. I Bleed Blue

    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr - 1/14 Commitment

    I like how there is literally 3-4 different sub-conversations happening in this thread. In relation to one of those sub-conversations I am very excited to hear CF’s decision tomorrow. I think we have a great shot here.
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