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  1. bballnut90

    What happens if NCAA tournament teams catch covid?

    Has it been said anywhere what happens if a player (or players) catch covid between now and Final Four weekend? I'm just wondering what happens if someone catches covid and then as a result several other teams have to quarantine for potential exposure. Will the entire tournament get pushed...
  2. bballnut90

    National Coach of the Year

    Who ya got? My top picks would be Brenda Frese, Gary Blair, Kim Barnes-Arico, Jose Fernandez, and Wes Moore. Blair would be my choice today, no one expected A&M to be doing so well. Also HM to Geno and Tara for breaking Pat's record and having great seasons too.
  3. bballnut90

    Best Freshman Class Ever?

    Straight up, this class is ridiculously talented. Look at the standouts (stats rounded): Paige Bueckers: 17 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals, 53.6% FG, 47% 3pt for #3 team Cameron Brink: 10 points, 7 rebounds, 2 blocks, 64% FG for #6 team Caitlin Clark: 26 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists...
  4. bballnut90

    NCAA Records likely to be broken due to 5th year of eligibility

    What records have a great likelihood being broken due to players having a 5th year of eligibility? The first main one is number of games played. I'm not sure who are prime candidates to break Kalana Greene's record, but players like Didi Richards or Dana Evans would likely be major candidates...
  5. bballnut90

    Mid Season-ish All American/Award Picks

    Who ya got? Player of the Year: Rhyne Howard, Kentucky. Howard has been every bit as good a year later and just looks like the smoothest and best player every time she steps on the court. Kentucky has the pieces to make a Final Four push, but Howard is the engine behind the team and has been...
  6. bballnut90

    Game Thread - #8 NC State at #1 South Carolina

    Thought this game deserves it's own thread considering it's the first top 10 matchup of the year and Cunane vs. Boston might be the best post matchup we see all year. I think SC wins but wouldn't be shocked if NC State pulls off an upset considering how early it is in the season.
  7. bballnut90

    Underrated 2015 WNBA Draft Class

    For a while it looked like a pretty abysmal class with Loyd being the main standout....they're really starting to come into their own this year. Look at some of the standouts: 1. Jewell Loyd: 14 ppg, 42% FG, 41% 3pt 2. Amanda Zahui B: 10.7 ppg, 8.2 rpg 4. Elizabeth Williams: 10.6 ppg, 4.9 rpg...
  8. bballnut90

    WNBA Mid Season Awards

    Crazy we're already almost halfway through the regular season. Here would be my picks for awards through almost half of the season: MVP: Breanna Stewart MIP: Betnijah Laney DPOY: Brittney Griner COY: Gary Kloppenburg ROY: Chennedy Carter All WNBA First Team: Breanna Stewart Aja Wilson...
  9. bballnut90

    How many games will New York win?

    The Liberty, to pull it gently, look pretty terrible. Just watching today I realized that no one on the Liberty would start for a lot of teams in the league aside from Ionescu who is out for most of the season. Most of their players wouldn't be rotation players on other teams. Their roster is...
  10. bballnut90

    WNBA Predictions/Thoughts:

    Gotta hand it to the league for working their tail off to come up with a solution that most players seem somewhat comfortable with. We have a very unusual season ahead, with only 22 games, a lot of key players sitting out and a lot of older players returning who dealt with injuries a year ago...
  11. bballnut90

    Crazy off season

    Is it just me, or does it seem like every day there is some massive development in women's basketball? Off the top of my head, the following events have happened in approximately the past two weeks: -Karen Aston is let go -Vic Schaefer announced as new coach at Texas -Destiny Slocum announces...
  12. bballnut90

    Top 2021 WNBA Draft Prospects

    There's a lot up in the air right now, but assuming the 2020 WNBA Draft/season happens, here are some of the top prospects IMO: 1. Rennia Davis, Tennessee-might be one of the top picks in the draft. Fits the prototype for a solid WNBA wing. Deep range, good off the bounce and a solid...
  13. bballnut90

    COVID-19 Among BYers

    Saw this idea on another board and thought there may be benefit and sharing experiences on here. How is everyone on here doing? As far as myself, I do not think I have it but am still isolating as much as possible. I have two friends who I'm pretty sure have it but neither has been tested...
  14. bballnut90

    NCAAs officially canceled [merged thread]

    Major bummer for all of the players, coaches and fans but the smartest move at this point. Congrats to all the graduating seniors on outstanding careers. Stay safe everyone
  15. bballnut90

    Coaching hot seats

    Who is at risk of getting the boot once the season finishes? I dont know the contract breakdown by coaches, but ones I'd expect to be on the hot seat include: Travis Mays-SMU Sherri Coale-Oklahoma Jonathan Tsipis-Wisconsin Karen Aston-Texas Stephanie White-Vanderbilt
  16. bballnut90

    Thoughts on Top 4 Seeds After Today

    Man, what a day so far. 7 top 25 teams lose to programs who likely are missing the tournament, including 4 teams ranked 8-12. Oregon State is also in a close one too against Cal who is 2-13 in Pac 12 player. So, what does it mean for seedings? Here's my take at this junction. #1 Locks...
  17. bballnut90

    Surge of NCAA Career 3pt Leaders

    KML broke the record in 2015 and finished her UCONN career with 398. In the last 3 years she went from having the record as of 2017 to dropping all the way down to 9th. 8 people have broker her mark in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Kind of a crazy stat. For a comparison, on the men's side JJ Redick...
  18. bballnut90

    Early Entry/Potential Grad Transfers thread

    Please delete if this type of speculation isnt allowed, but who in the current crop of juniors is eligible for the draft or will likely qualify to be a graduate transfer after this season? Off the top of my head I know there is: Destiny Slocum (2016 HS class) Erin Boley (2016 HS class) Megan...
  19. bballnut90

    Other boards

    Question....are there any other general women's basketball boards as active as this one? I know many schools have their own message boards but aside from this and sometimes Rebkell, do other general ones exist?
  20. bballnut90

    Mid Season Awards

    Here are my thoughts on awards/AA honors midway through the season: POY: Sabrina Ionescu, Oregon COY: Dawn Staley, South Carolina (could be any number of coaches right now) FOY: Aliyah Boston, South Carolina DPOY: Lauren Cox, Baylor (if eligible). Otherwise, Didi Richards, Baylor. 1st Team...
  21. bballnut90

    If all players were eligible for the WNBA draft tomorrow...

    What would your first round look like? Not taking into consideration specific teams and their needs, my list is: 1. Sabrina Ionescu, still think she's the premier prospect in WCBB 2. Aliyah Boston, about as studly a freshman as you'll find. Huge upside and is excellent already. 3. Lauren Cox...
  22. bballnut90

    Next week's poll

    Question...when was the last time UCONN wasn't in the top 5? I think at this point it's quite likely UCONN drops at least to number 5 assuming Oregon schools take care of business this weekend, although wouldn't be surprised at all if either team loses to Arizona). For the 5th spot, I'm...
  23. bballnut90

    All Decade Team for WCBB

    With the year 2020 around the corner, I thought I'd put together an All-Decade team. Criteria to be included is that player must have played at least 3 collegiate seasons ending between 2010-2019. So, for example, Maya Moore would not be eligible (grad in 2011) but Nneka Ogwumike (grad in...
  24. bballnut90

    Sophomore Jump

    One of the results from the stellar 2019 class graduating is that a LOT of sophomores are making a name for themselves this year. I know it is early and most teams have faced primarily easier schedules, but some standouts include (in order of HG rankings): Christyn Williams-17.8 ppg after...
  25. bballnut90

    Sedona Prince

    Any word if her waiver has been approved or not? Or any updates regarding her rehab progress?
  26. bballnut90

    Early Season Surprises/Notes

    Season is still EXTREMELY young, but what has stood out to you so far? Here are some of mine: 1. Haven't watched them play, but Texas seems to be atrocious this year. Like might not even be an NCAA team or have a winning record bad. And this squad has a lineup that includes: F: Joyner...
  27. bballnut90

    1989-90 Stanford Cardinal

    Alright so this is way before my time (and before probably 90% of people here started following WCBB), but I was looking at Stanford's old stats and the numbers this team assembled were pretty astounding, especially considering that the three point line was still very new and I believe shot...
  28. bballnut90

    Ranking the title teams from the 10s

    Here would be my rankings: 1. 2014 UCONN, 40-0. Arguably the best starting 5 this past decade has seen with Dolson, Stewart, KML, Harley and Jefferson. The only somewhat challenging game was a cold shooting win at Baylor mid season. The team cruised in the NCAAs and blew out undefeated Notre...
  29. bballnut90

    Pending waivers thread

    Which players for strong WCBB teams are waiting on waivers for certain transfers? Here is what I have so far: Elizabeth Balogun-approved to play for Louisville Elizabeth Dixon-approved to play for Louisville Waiting on decision: Evina Westbrook-UCONN Sidney Cooks-Mississippi State (is she...
  30. bballnut90

    Top 2021 WNBA Prospects

    Still early, but some top prospects include: Satou Sabally-the clear cut best prospect from this class. Should slide in perfectly as a stretch four in the W with her great range and inside out ability. Chennedy Carter-potential is there but has a lot of red flags Destiny Slocum-one of the...
  31. bballnut90

    Pokey Chatman Fired

    Probably should not have waited until the end of the year to unleash Big T. Lots of potential talent for whoever inherits this roster. They're finally recovering from the Catchings years where she always kept them good enough to never get a high draft pick but then the team tanked once she left.
  32. bballnut90

    Playoff Predictions Thread

    WNBA Postseason is here! Here are the seedings and first round matchups. How do you think the playoffs will pan out: 1. Washington 2. Connecticut 3. LA 4. Vegas 5. Chicago 6. Seattle 7. Minnesota 8. Phoenix Gm1: Minnesota @ Seattle.....I think Seattle wins this. Gm 2: Phoenix @...
  33. bballnut90

    What sophomores are you most excited to see in their new role?

    Piggybacking off the which freshmen are you most excited to see thread....what sophomores are you most anticipating watching this year? Almost all of the highly rated freshmen from last year are going to take on significantly different roles in the upcoming season. Here are some notables I'll...
  34. bballnut90

    Great prospects who didnt pan out in the W

    Who are some players that you thought had all of the tools to be an excellent WNBA player but never lived up to their potential? 2 that immediately come to mind are Tasha Humphrey and Amber Harris. Humphrey was an absolute beast at Georgia and played like a female Barkley. She had a couple of...
  35. bballnut90

    UCONN players in WNBA update

    Right now there are I believe 13 players in the are the stats going from highest PPG to lowest: Tina Charles-17.4 ppg, 7.4 rpg, 1.8 apg, 36.0% FG, 19.5% 3pt, team is in 9th place Kia Nurse-16.2 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 2.1 apg, 42.3% FG, 36.8% 3pt, team is in 9th place Tiffany Hayes-13.5...
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