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  1. Bezzz


    Anyone watched Ratched on Netflix? Highly recommended! Not only are the bizarre storylines so mesmerizing, but the cinematography is beautifully outstanding. Every scene looks like a Hitchcock in hi def color.
  2. Bezzz

    UConn day at Yankee Stadium.

    That's my cousin's son Andrew. Represent Andrew! Uconn day at Yankee Stadium
  3. Bezzz

    College Baseball

    I love following these guys, since I played college baseball (D3) and loved every minute. Check in if you played college baseball and how was your experience.
  4. Bezzz


    Playing great for the Magic right now on NBA-TV. 2/3 with five of the first off the bench. Love seeing this.
  5. Bezzz


    I'm surprised no one has come to rant about the massive Malwarebytes problem yesterday. They sent out a worldwide update that ate up your RAM before you knew it, then the swap usage would eat up memory on your hard disk, you'd have no memory and Windows would freeze. All this happened very...
  6. Bezzz

    Way Skin cancer

    We eastern European descendants gotta deal with this stuff. So, I just kicked a bout of basal cell carcinoma which was a recurrence from one I had surgically removed about four years ago and cost about $5,000 (high deductible). This time, after lots of research, I used a little known OTC...
  7. Bezzz

    Tuberville stepping down.

    Tuberville signed a contract extension in the spring through the 2019 season, but has decided to move on after a disappointing season Hmmmm...
  8. Bezzz

    Global Huskies

    Stumbled on to this cool twitter feed, all your favorite overseas Huskies in one spot. Ryan Boatright winning another championship yesterday somewhere in Malaysia. Global Huskies
  9. Bezzz

    Cinci gametime traffic

    Just a heads up but the Hartford Marathon goes off Saturday morning with lots of local road closures in Hartford and East Hartford. Link to road closure map
  10. Bezzz

    Avast warning message

    A warning message from my Avast anti-virus keeps popping up ....see lower right of this image. Is this bad?
  11. Bezzz

    One freebie for Virginia

    Upper corner but hey, you're in the building, sit where you want. Section 227 row 24. Can email pdf.
  12. Bezzz

    One free ticket to Maine game

    Section 227 row 12. I can email you the pdf.
  13. Bezzz

    Tracking widgets

    I've noticed the 'Yard has been a little slow to load and has trouble finishing loading. I've done my duty and white-listed the site, but Ghostery shows 50 tracking widgets attached to the site. What's up with that? Sorry to complain, I love this place.
  14. Bezzz

    Ryan Boatright summer league.

    Looks like he signed with the Pelicans. Anybody know anything about them and his chances of making the team? Pelicans Announce Summer League Roster
  15. Bezzz

    Pre-game distraction. The Boatshow.

    It's Ryan Boatright vs. Jerome Dyson live now in Italy. At halftime Jerome's got 11 pts and Boat is off his game with just 2. It's a weird real-time Gametracker as the play-by-play is accompanied with little video clips as they happen. Gamecast
  16. Bezzz

    Boatright waived.

    Damn, I've watched a lot of his D League games, and the first couple weeks of the season he averaged 20+ points per game and looked like the best player on the team. But the Pistons sent Jennings and then Dinwiddie down for some work and Ryan's playing time went kinda south and so did his...
  17. Bezzz

    Navy's new helmets

    Hand painted ships...for the Army-Navy rivalry game. Incredible!
  18. Bezzz

    UConn +12 at Temple.

    We waited almost all week for the Houston line because of their quarterback question and then Vegas jumps right on our game with our QB questionable. Huh? We're bigger dogs to Temple than Houston? How are we feeling...need a prediction thread.
  19. Bezzz


    Welp, Ryan took a DNP yesterday vs. the 76ers. The Nets play the C's tonight and I'll be watching but it looks like the writing is on the wall. I can't believe the Nets will go with Jack and Larkin...both looked bad yesterday. Jack makes an entry pass and then his job is done, backs off...and...
  20. Bezzz

    Chuck sighting

    A friend of mine saw Charles Okwandu working the fish department in a local grocery store. I know he had a little burn in the D-League but jeesh you'd think a guy that's 7 feet tall who can play a little roundball could make more that 12 bucks an hour in Europe, no?
  21. Bezzz

    AJ Price

    The Phoenix Suns waived Seth Curry and signed AJ Price to a ten day contract. Scroll down
  22. Bezzz

    Deandre's first game.

    Scheduled for Friday night... is done. I know, it's back to the future! (Time Zone thingy) Anywho, 19 pts, 6 boards, 3 steals, 2 blocks. Not bad. Linky
  23. Bezzz

    Jeff Jacobs living up to his snarkyness.

    On March 15th he vowed to walk the championship banner from the state capitol to Gampel Pavilion if UConn won the national championship. He's now in training...stairs only, no escalators...
  24. Bezzz

    Go Jumbos

    As a former D3 athlete and my daughter a NESCAC alum I'm going to be rooting for Carla Berube's Jumbos, Division3 final four... live video at 6:00PM.
  25. Bezzz

    Share your dogs!

    My beautiful 15 year old companion and best friend, Millie, passed away recently. She was such a loving creature. I am struggling mightily. I'd love to see all the companions that belong to my fellow 'yarders. I'll bet there are some great ones.
  26. Bezzz

    Big East Tourney vs. St. Paddy's Day Parade

    I don't know how many 'yarders are going to tomorrow afternoon's games, but traffic is bound to be a nightmare. The St. Paddy's Day parade kicks off at 11:00 and the route eventually goes right down Asylum Street past the XL. The snow is making a mess and the web site warns of street closures...
  27. Bezzz

    Epic fail on

    Check out the game stats graphic that goes with the game story. Really? How incompetent do you have to be to post the wrong team? Game story
  28. Bezzz

    Jeremy Lamb again...

    ...back to the D-League. The Thunder box score for last night's game listed Lamb as inactive...because he was in Iowa! Jeez, flew in, suited up and dropped in 30 pts (12-18), 9 rebounds, 8 assists. When he gets his nba chance he's gonna be just fine. BTW you can now watch the entire game on...
  29. Bezzz

    A little good news, Danny Lansanah...

    ...was signed by the Jets. Only one game left but better later than never. He is diggin it. Started the season in the UFL until it folded. Danny's Twitter
  30. Bezzz

    Jeremy Lamb's D-League debut

    Scored 33 points. OKC must have told him to go down there and shoot...and shoot he did. 13 for 33. Also noticed Jeff Adrien is back with the Rio Grande Vipers. Game info, box score
  31. Bezzz

    Springer --four straight home runs.

    George Springer hit four straight home runs over the course of last nights double header...batting .310 and leading the league in RBI's. Link
  32. Bezzz

    George Springer with the Grand Salami.

    Springer off to a great start with the Lancaster Jethawks --high class A minors for the Texas Rangers. Two for four with a grand slam in the 6th. Box score
  33. Bezzz

    Springer getting at-bats w/ the big club

    George Springer doubled in the go ahead run in the ninth yesterday vs. the Yankees...also stole third. He's been getting a couple turns at the plate most games, batting .375. game recap
  34. Bezzz

    It's official...Adrien a Rocket

    Congrats Jeff! Linky
  35. Bezzz

    RIP Alan Sues

    Rest in peace Alan of the, well let's just say he was one of the. I know, I'm dating myself. Merits a NYTimes obit. Sock it to me. Linky
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