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  1. Roger G

    Here comes the Sun!

    A sweep and a rest. Yes!
  2. Roger G

    The Sun show they are Serious about winning a Championship

    By acquiring Theresa Plaisance, the Sun let it be known that the time to compete for a championship is now. She may be the piece they need to get them over the top. Already the league leading team in wins, the Sun's addition of Plaisance, who could be the right backup for Jonquel Jones and a...
  3. Roger G

    Renee for three. Renee for three. Renee for three....

    One of my all-time favorite Huskies set the WNBA record for threes in a half yesterday. Seven. Some of them tough shots. One a lucky one. But she is playing some of the best basketball she has ever played. And she does it with a smile.
  4. Roger G

    T. U. C. K. Tuck!!!

    Morgan Tuck played a great game tonight against the Mystics and played a bit part in getting the Sun on the right track when they were struggling early. I can't make it to the games in CT, as I am in FL, but if I could I would be yelling out T. U. C. K. Tuck!!! It makes a great chant. Try it...
  5. Roger G

    Chong VS. Romero

    I know Saniya wasn't doing much for the Dallas Wings this season, but her replacement, Leticia Romero has done less. She hardly ever shoots or gets any assists. Saniya kept the ball moving and the offense flowing. I think the Wings messed that one up. I hope Saniya gets another chance and...
  6. Roger G

    CT Sun playing like CT Huskies

    The CT Sun won their fifth straight game to open the season undefeated. The Sun lead the league in scoring, field goal percentage, 3 point percentage, rebounding, and assists. Defensively, they have allowed the least points. They play great team ball, shoot really well, and dominate in a...
  7. Roger G

    CT Sun historic start

    Winning the first two games of the season by more than 100 points was unprecedented in WNBA history until the CT Sun did it to start this season. Last night, they added another win, although they just scored eighty-six. After three games, they stand atop the league at 3-0 (tied with the...
  8. Roger G

    Natalie Butler played her last college game

    She went out with a 26 point, 20 rebound performance in the WNIT. There should be a name for a double double in which both points and rebounds are at least 20. Looking forward to watching her in the W. She's a great young woman.
  9. Roger G

    I hope not, but it might be Natalie Butler's last college game

    Today, George Mason faces George Washington in the A10 tournament. GW has defeated GM the last twelve times, including two times this season. The game is at two and there will be a live broadcast free on the George Mason website.
  10. Roger G

    Natalie Butler and George Mason in A10 tournament tonight

    After being named A10 player of the week for the eighth time this season, tying the A10 record, Natalie begins play in the A10 tournament tonight at 7PM. It's free on the George Mason Women's basketball website. This year, Natalie led George Mason to a single season record 22 wins, while...
  11. Roger G

    Natalie Butler and George Mason is live against Dayton free on their website

    It's on right now. Natalie already has a double double in the first half.
  12. Roger G

    Butler. 19 Straight. Fifth longest streak ever.

    19 consecutive double doubles for Natalie Butler. They are some good cupcakes she's feeding on, but to eat that many, you better be big and you better have the stomach. Not saying she should have stayed or that she didn't make the right move for her or UConn, but I'm happy for her success and...
  13. Roger G

    The Butler did it! 18 consecutive double doubles.

    Natalie continues to lead the nation in rebounding, adding 19 big ones to her total in the game against Richmond today. She also added 17 points.
  14. Roger G

    Natalie Butler has 17 straight double doubles

    In the third quarter of George Mason's game against Rhode Island, Natalie got her tenth point to go with her 11 rebounds to give her an outstanding 17 straight double doubles. She is tied for the NCAA lead in double doubles and leads the country in rebounds.
  15. Roger G

    Morgan Tuck ripping apart China

    Former UConn standout and current CT Sun forward Morgan Tuck is averaging a team-high 30.1 points and 8.9 rebounds playing brilliantly.
  16. Roger G

    Natalie Butler continues to tear it up

    Natalie recently had a 35 point, 20 rebound performance. She also hit the 1,000 point mark. And she leads the nation in rebounding with 14.2 per game. She has led George Mason to a 10-3 record so far. Merry Christmas, Natalie.
  17. Roger G

    The WNBA is great basketball

    Those of you who have not become interested in the W, watch now. There have been so many exciting, well-played games lately. The teams have been together awhile and so even the worst team is playing pretty good ball right now. They just beat number four in the standings.
  18. Roger G

    Seattle V. Dallas 7/28/17

    Breanna Stewart fastest to 1000 points and 500 rebounds. Impressive. Seattle was killing Dallas. Momentum is changing a bit now. BTW, Saniya finally getting some minutes in this game. Had a great steal. They play better when she gets minutes, but for whatever reason she doesn't get much anymore
  19. Roger G

    CT Sun's Jonquel Jones named Eastern Conference Player of the week

    A very deserving Jonquel Jones got her first Conference Player of the week award. She's awesome.
  20. Roger G

    CT Sun have some surprisingly good team stats

    2nd in field goals made. 1st in field goals attempted. 2nd in 3 point percentage. 1st in offensive rebounds. 3rd in defensive rebounds. 2nd in overall rebounds. (NY Liberty with Tina and Kiah are 1st. No surprise there.) 2nd in least turnovers. *** Their big problem is getting to the line...
  21. Roger G

    A Way to Improve the Game

    One of the main criticism of basketball is that the game prior to the last quarter doesn't usually matter much. One team gets ahead then the other team catches up. They go back and forth, but it is mostly inconsequential who is leading along the way. Stats show that it is actually usually better...
  22. Roger G

    Saniya had 3 nice steals

    Saniya is still looking great. Three nice steals, one after which she went coast to coast, another after which she brought it down court and passed to teammate who was fouled, and a third after which she brought it down court crossing over repeatedly and getting fouled on the shot. The...
  23. Roger G

    Jonquel Jones 20/20

    The Sun game is still on and right now JJ has 21 points and 20 rebounds. Smashing!
  24. Roger G

    Jonquel Jones is doing great for the CT Sun.

    Jones has 19 points, 12 bounds, and 4 assists against Indiana. She is young and is growing by leaps and bounds. She is developing into a great one. Morgan Tuck still doing quite well too: 13 points and 6 bounds. A little bit more and they are going to start winning these games and they will...
  25. Roger G

    Saniya's first WNBA assist

    Saniya got a decent amount of time in her first game, playing a significant role when she was in and carrying the ball quite a bit. She didn't do great, three turnovers, but her first assist was a beauty. If anyone has the technical expertise, I think many people would like to see it. (Second...
  26. Roger G

    Maya has season high 40 in loss to Sun

    Only 2 points in the first half, but 38 in the second for Maya Moore. Lindsay Whalen misses a bunny at the end of regulation that allows the game to go to OT. Courtney Williams has a coming out party with 15 for the sun, looking really quick and her shots having that dead on look. Chiney looking...
  27. Roger G

    Candace Parker's Grandmother is missing.

    Swish Appeal is reporting that Candace Parker's Grandmother is missing. I pray this does not turn out badly.
  28. Roger G

    Sun VS Liberty

    Very entertaining game. Charles 32 points, a career high. Kiah looked good. Swin, 5000th point. Morgan played well, especially early, although I think she deferred too much as the game went on instead of looking for her shot. And Kelly Faris probably played her best game as a pro. Maybe the...
  29. Roger G

    Sun VS. Mystics

    Three overtimes. Very entertaining. But I wish they had played Chiney more in OT. She was looking good. She was hitting shots, 5 for 7 on the night.
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