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  1. Roger G

    17 of 36 WNBA Draftees Make a Team Inclu Crystal and Megan

    I think it might be good to add two new teams so as not to dilute the talent too much. Maybe two more in a few years. The talent level is good right now and that is important for growing the league.
  2. Roger G

    Basketball not to be this year?

    It's pitiful that so far this has only three likes. So true. Patriotic.
  3. Roger G

    Basketball not to be this year?

    I think it's more like the virus is hitting layups and we're throwing up off-balance 3 point attempts. You know, basketball site.
  4. Roger G

    OT: One Argument to Open Colleges

    You don't know all the facts about this disease either. Be honest. And there are an infinite number of viruses and other diseases that we all might be passing one from another. Once again, unless you enclose yourself in a safe room, you are going to come in contact with diseases. So, what? We...
  5. Roger G

    OT: One Argument to Open Colleges

    Or it may be way over counted. Anyway, the 2.2 million is not going to come close to happening. Thank God.
  6. Roger G

    OT: One Argument to Open Colleges

    I'm sorry you find my comment scary.
  7. Roger G

    OT: One Argument to Open Colleges

    You don't see why I would care about the students if I'm not one? Really. I care about everybody. I'm afraid you just showed your hand and it's not pretty.
  8. Roger G

    OT: One Argument to Open Colleges

    Facts can be so disturbing, can't they? And dangerous to certain suppositions it is true.
  9. Roger G

    OT: One Argument to Open Colleges

    So, I wouldn't say "week," I would say "weak." But the data is there to show it. Even the models the "so-called" experts are using have brought their numbers down to show this disease is about as potent as a fairly strong flu. They thought this was going to be far, far worse, as in 2.2 million...
  10. Roger G

    OT: One Argument to Open Colleges

    When you look at the big picture, it is complicated, but we have no choice but to move on. Like the British used to say, Keep a stiff upper lip and soldier on. And herd immunity will never be proven from a novel virus, by definition, but that's the way immunity works. It may not with this one...
  11. Roger G

    OT: One Argument to Open Colleges

    Well, I am tempted to weigh the pros and cons of less professors, but, in seriousness, that is an issue. I think everybody needs to assess their own risk tolerance and if they are afeared, they should stay quarantined. But even quarantining won't necessarily keep the virus from you. Unless you...
  12. Roger G

    OT: One Argument to Open Colleges

    They're all dubious. Anyway, there is nothing in the article that says that the strokes were caused by Covid, just that the young people had Covid. So does a huge swath of the population, they are finding out. But this kind of stuff could happen anytime. We don't know right now that Covid was...
  13. Roger G

    OT: One Argument to Open Colleges

    It's almost exclusively old people that are dying. Just keep the kids on the campus and don't send them home. They'll be fine. Furthermore, they will build a herd immunity and keep the rest of us safer. About half the deaths have been in nursing homes. 84% of deaths are people who are over 65...
  14. Roger G

    WNBA draft will be virtual event this season due to pandemic

    It may be the biggest event of the sports season. That's a flabbergaster! I love the WNBA, but I never thought this could happen in my lifetime.
  15. Roger G

    Walker All American

    Anna is going to be a huge star.
  16. Roger G

    Walker All American

    A lot of good points made here on all sides. Megan did an outstanding job and accomplished a great achievement. I wish her well. We don't know what she would have done in the big dance, but I suspect we would have seen her get her stride and then (who knows?) maybe she would have done some...
  17. Roger G

    NCAAs officially canceled [merged thread]

    They should just cancel every year. I'm sure every year flu and other diseases are passed around and kill people. We should just all do nothing but sit in our house safely every day all the time. Everything for safety. Anyway, congratulations to the UConn Huskies as they made tremendous...
  18. Roger G

    UConn is Back

    UConn women's basketball is thrilling ball right now. It's showtime ball!
  19. Roger G

    Cincinnati Postgame Thread

    I just gotta say that I don't see other teams winning with such panache. We've got a lot of special players. You got Crystal and Anna dishing and high-scoring wings (both high school number ones) Chrystin and Megan and a pretty athletic and capable 6'5" in the middle Liv Ododa. Not to mention...
  20. Roger G

    Prognosticators Game 28 (Houston) Predictions

    Huskies 94-49. Madam, I'm Adam.
  21. Roger G

    Good game for Culmo

    It's not all that different from Napheesa's bump and fade and I don't remember complaints about that. The fadeaway shot by Liv is easy buckets.
  22. Roger G

    Tulane Postgame Thread

    Next game is Saturday. I didn't want you to miss it.
  23. Roger G

    UConn a 1 seed

    Has anyone considered that any of the big three could be upset at some point before the tournament? That's a serious possibility. The absolute worst thing would be for the Huskies to give up hope. They can end this season terrifically. The second half of this last game was really positive. The...
  24. Roger G

    UConn a 1 seed

    Louisville couldn't even run the table last weekend.
  25. Roger G

    SC Postgame Thread

    Focus (in their shooting) and movement are what they need to win. If you go to the games, yell that at them when you don't see it. "Focus, UConn!" "Movement, UConn." Be fans and help them get better. And cheer them loudly when they do well. There is still hope. What a great season this will have...
  26. Roger G

    SC Postgame Thread

    I hope that doesn't mean they have to go blind for awhile.
  27. Roger G

    SC Postgame Thread

    No! Wait! Perspective? How dare you? ;) Good points.
  28. Roger G

    SC Postgame Thread

    And we didn't have a weekend like Louisville did.
  29. Roger G

    Game night - UConn vs. South Carolina preview and pregame notes

    I think they can make it a game. What they do with it when they have it within reach remains to be seen. It's certainly possible.
  30. Roger G

    UConn vs. Memphis Badass Award goes to

    Those passes were unusually good. They made me go "wow." Anna gets my vote.
  31. Roger G

    Memphis Postgame Thread

    Totally agree that Anna was magnificent. I said she should be the starter from the get go. But I also want to say a good word for Molly. She had a good game and I hope Geno uses her in spots in big games to slow down players who are hitting shots for the other team as I think she is a really...
  32. Roger G

    Jasmine Lister Status

    The addition of Jamelle's toughness to the mix they already have may be a great thing.
  33. Roger G

    UConn vs. Cincinnati Badass Awards

    Megan Walker epitomized what the term Bad Ass means to me. I've been poked in the eye. That can be brutal pain. So, what does she do, she comes back and plays at her usual All-American level. Super Bad Ass.
  34. Roger G

    We're Coming Together

    If I see something happen again and again, say eleven times (I'm pulling that number out of thin air) we could say 12 (again just a number out of nowhere) or even 17 (same here) I would think it was less than coincidence if I saw it again.
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