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  1. willie99

    A+ game for Hurley, Cole, defense and the bigs

    I'm seeing a trend here, these boys are making the Dean's List baby A+ for Sanogo A+ for Whaley A+ for free throw shooting
  2. willie99

    Michigan St and Dook go down

    Y'know the committee will let them in if they can Them losing is good for the whole country Hope they join Squid on the sidelines
  3. willie99

    A+ for Hurley, Cole, Bouknight and defense

    It's not just about winning, it's about how they're winning. This team is jelling, Cole is opening up the offense, they're very good on the boards, they're awesome on defense and they're even making their free throws. They're doing the little things right, jelling. Great job Dan Hurley, thank...
  4. willie99

    Free throw disparity

    How does a team that dominates the boards, owns the paint, shoots far fewer threes Get destroyed on the free throw line? This is the polar opposite of what basketball is supposed to be Are we still paying for Calhoun's ownership of the sidelines?
  5. willie99

    A+ games for Hurley and Cole

  6. willie99

    My Bouknight analogy

    Caron Butler Not in terms of physicality, but in terms of court presence and leadership. He can seemingly score whenever he's needed to, that's going to be special to watch in March
  7. willie99

    On a sidebar, there was at least one absolutely joke of a missed call

    And it came at a critical time. Late, down 3-5, and Mamuk does a dance around the three point line before driving to the hoop for a big dunk. Usually college refs call a walk if you do so much as an up-fake before you drive. This very large man took long three Euro steps in plain sight and...
  8. willie99

    Chat room no fun

    No extended conversations, everything convulated, and then it all disappears. Not sure why it's being stuffed down our throats.
  9. willie99

    Captain Obvious

    They need Bouk, have to work too hard without him I was hoping discipline would be enough I can't believe how bad they played on defense But they may still pull it out PS: That great free throw shooting thing is so yesterday
  10. willie99

    Save Connecticut Restaurants

    A nationwide movement really, but here's a link to the Connecticut Restaurants' Association seeking participation. The thread about Barstools helping Red Rock Tavern gave me this idea Support local businesses, there's only so much I can eat...
  11. willie99

    We played well enough to win, we lost

    They're not happy, we're not happy, there is no such thing as a good loss for UCONN On to our next game, whenever that may be
  12. willie99

    Donating to the Boneyard

    I clicked the link, it would only allow me to donate $ 30 one time, and the name I was donating to was weird I want an option to donate like $ 10 a month I want to make sure the link is still valid And I don't want you to make me post in-game observations in some chatroom where everything...
  13. willie99

    we're not the only team offensively challenged

    think it's an epidemic in college basketball who-RU and the Twerps being the most recent example tons of games in the 50's
  14. willie99

    Penny obviously teaches flopping

    And collectively the worst collection of conference officials in the country are very happy to reward the drama obnoxious
  15. willie99

    Best thing about the Tulsa game

    coach changing his rotations he's figuring this out
  16. willie99

    Hurley's keeping lesser competition in these guys

    He wants everyone to get time, and there a some rotations that tend to give up runs. It's frustrating to watch sometimes. But he has to develop a roster as he sees fit. I think he's going to be just fine, there will be growing pains, it goes with the territory in college basketball. I think...
  17. willie99

    We were the better, we have more talent

    We should have one. Too many self inflicted turnovers, we seem to keep making the same mistakes. It's fixable Deep, lots of heart, very good D but have to avoid the lapses, incredible free throw shooting I like this team, I'm excited, I'm pissed we lost We're back
  18. willie99

    When one door closes, another opens

    That's life, I've observed this phenomenon a thousand times. I trust the football program will have a better landing than many people fear, although I appreciate the concerns about the unknown. If our two basketball programs remain a national brand and our men's program returns to dance on a...
  19. willie99

    Cliff Notes version of ticket policy please

    I haven't read the entire e-mail, too tired and too bummed to do that If I get 4 lower level tickets at both arenas for both teams, is my donation required to be $ 12,800? 16 seats x $ 800 per? If yes, that's just not happening Being a men's fan first, the women's seats are toast, no...
  20. willie99

    Can Cory Davis pull off a miracle?

    Can he be a Kemba or Bazz? Great guard play, knocks down free throws, impressive defense Can he and they represent? I think it's possible they beat UK and continue their run. After all, Squid couldn't beat Kemba or Bazz :)
  21. willie99

    2010 BET, St John's ran us out of the building

    The end of a very disappointing season, three senior stars + Kemba and high expectations to begin the year, and no injury excuses. Doug Gott-Nothing went on National TV and showed his contempt and vile hatred for US by saying "the wheels are falling off the program" and "Roscoe Smith should...
  22. willie99

    What's wrong with Gilbert now?

    I like the kid , he just can't stay on the court
  23. willie99

    what we need today / this season

    Jalen plays hard for all of his 30+ minutes of the game, every game, every minute Gilbert continues to rehab, he's going to break through soon and take his game up a notch Polley to make the shots he's made all his life Carlton to have his hands and eyes up expecting the ball to come to...
  24. willie99

    Do I see Diarra warming up?

    I think so
  25. willie99

    The Orange get Crushed Trifecta

    Lose to us Thursday Lose to Oregon Friday Lose to ND Saturday 3 games not in doubt at the end 3 losses ATS I hope they otherwise enjoyed their weekend in our home away from home The only thing they got to celebrate was Hurley's ejection Whoop whoop whoop
  26. willie99

    Our football conference is pretty darn good

    and surging They deserve money, they're going to get it too with the next contract. Too bad we're not contributing to that cause yet. But if we can return to elite status in hoops under Hurley, that will be huge and make the AAC even more attractive The conference is going to get paid next...
  27. willie99

    Self Imposed death penalty?

    Start from scratch in 5 years? Turn the rent into a homeless shelter? 62-7, points 818-193, yards 38-9, first downs I can't watch, so damn hard, not sure what to think anymore. I'm not sure HCRE2.0 is such a good decision anymore, but I know deep down inside he needs more time. At the...
  28. willie99

    Amazon question

    So I made a couple of purchases using the link, but I have questions. I come to the BY and click the link, but when I arrive at the Amazon site I'm already logged into my Amazon Prime account. Does the BY still get paid? Or does my prime account circumvent that process? Just wondering before...
  29. willie99

    Can anyone take a meteorologist seriously anymore?

    How can they keep talking to us like they know what the weather is going to be? Especially them there "extended forecasts" The only time they're accurate is when they're standing outside and telling us "it's raining on me" I think they're batting like 500 on forecasts just 24 hours out, maybe...
  30. willie99

    Now SEC champ Auburn getting drilled by 32

    Seems like the tournament gets crazier and crazier by the year. I'm really not sure what to think anymore The South and the West brackets are a mess Only Dook & Nova have looked good, but with young teams that can change in a second
  31. willie99

    The Leprechaun really is a post season choke

    The Bearcats can't breath, he and they played not to lose and they gave a game away even if they win, he already choked
  32. willie99

    Went to BWW for lunch

    Catch a few minutes of hoops, seems like the whole place wants URI
  33. willie99

    I think Jim Calhoun would have been announced already

    I don't think there's a legit reason for withholding the announcement unless they can't release the name(s) Just like Pitt and GA are announcing their candidates, Matta evidently turned down GA, UConn would name names if they could Since they haven't, that suggests to me that it's either...
  34. willie99

    Free to a good home

    college basketball fan hoops junkie season ticket holder incredibly loyal travels well house trained been there before only needs for you to MMMA Make March Matter Again
  35. willie99

    I found my team, the Bonnies

    They were fun to watch tonight. Undersized, tough, grit, effort, athletic... , and the finished the season strong. Pulling for them to beat FL Thursday . After that I might be looking for a new team. On a side bar, was funny to hear Prince Ali's name, think we were in the running until Caron...
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