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  1. Ozimoto

    OT: Modern Takes on Traditional Songs

    Some of the songs that have come up on the "Songs of Love and Loss" thread have been traditional folk songs that have been updated by contemporary artists such as Fairport Convention, Joan Baez, and others. There are some very good modern updates of traditional Irish, Scottish, and English...
  2. Ozimoto

    Athletes Unlimited and Could the Model work for Women's Basketball

    I caught a few women's softball games on ESPN last weekend under the auspices of the "Athletes Unlimited" organization. Did a little digging on their website and the business model and how the league operates is intriguing. They are starting with softball and are planning to expand to...
  3. Ozimoto

    OT: Songs about love and loss

    So while digging through the Everly Brothers catalog, I came across this haunting song that inspired this thread topic.
  4. Ozimoto

    OT: Songs that reference US Historical Events or American Folklore

    I will start this off with a rare song that is based on an old Dutch story that Washington Irving included in an early American Folk Tale compilation.
  5. Ozimoto

    Time to move on

    So Ms. Boston decided to go to South Carolina Ok, time to move on and enjoy this season. There is a lot of great basketball to be played and players to enjoy this season. Next year will take care of itself.
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