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  1. Bezzz

    UConn @ Conway S. Carolina (3/5 v. Miami (OH) @ Noon, 3/6 v. Davidson College @ 10:30a, 3/7 v. Coastal Carolina @ 3p & 3/8 v. Coastal Carolina @ Noon)

    The original post title has all these games listed in May. Can we get this changed to March, looks kinda goofy. Mods?
  2. Bezzz

    Best soup based lunch

    Anybody have a good Pho restaurant in the Hartford area? I've never had but want to try.
  3. Bezzz

    Hot sauce. Great cause. Terrible mojo.

    Number one rule...if you think it affects the mojo, it does.
  4. Bezzz

    OT: Stuff you didn’t know you needed

    Also GREAT on bathtub soap scum
  5. Bezzz

    Chief’s Briefs - DePaul 2 Edition

    Tyrese looked gassed at the end, but he powered through.
  6. Bezzz

    Hot Tubs & Inground Pools

    This was my pool and hot tub in CT way back when. Sold the house in 2003. At that time I calculated based on maintenance and upkeep it cost me $50 every time I swam in it. (Not including the initial cost.) Kids loved it though.
  7. Bezzz

    The Zen of UConn

    Also, remarkably I'm connected to DFW by only one degree of separation. There's a great flick about him called "The End of the Tour".
  8. Bezzz

    The Zen of UConn

    My favorite author. I've read everything he's written. His suicide made me cry. If you had a hard time with Infinite Jest give "The Pale King " a try. Good luck.
  9. Bezzz

    Be a legend David Benedict- Go get Gus Malzhan

    I'm calling it. Rhett Lashlee to Auburn. :eek:
  10. Bezzz

    OT: Can’t throw a toga party so pet pics

    Morty and Mel are a little concerned.
  11. Bezzz

    The Queen's Gambit - Netflix

    I'm an architect, and an interior designer. I loved the wall paper.
  12. Bezzz

    The Queen's Gambit - Netflix

    It gets better once she'a grown up. She is gorgeous.
  13. Bezzz

    OT: Favorite arcade game machine in the 1980s and where was it located?

    Starcastle. Arcade in Chinatown NYC
  14. Bezzz


  15. Bezzz


    Anyone watched Ratched on Netflix? Highly recommended! Not only are the bizarre storylines so mesmerizing, but the cinematography is beautifully outstanding. Every scene looks like a Hitchcock in hi def color.
  16. Bezzz

    OT: National One Hit Wonder Day

    Suzanne Vega. Luka. Song about child abuse makes me weep. She was so beautiful, still is although like all of us she's aged. Cool factoid, she's Vincent Vega's cousin.
  17. Bezzz

    Federal Cafe in Hartford closing????

    I designed Five Corners. The owners are wonderful people. When we first went in, the Stonewell had been empty for seven years and it was a dump. We came close to tearing it down and starting fresh, but it came out pretty nice.
  18. Bezzz

    Federal Cafe in Hartford closing????

    Yes, four partners. Jim, Bill, Mike and Tony.
  19. Bezzz

    Federal Cafe in Hartford closing????

    Yes it was. I designed the Brickyard and the Standing Stone. Actually gave it it's name, referencing the megolithic stones erected throughout the UK. Loved that place. The Grant brothers were awesome, paid me in cash, big wads of it.
  20. Bezzz

    Movie Hindsight 2020

    Ok, I'll put this out there. Not for everybody but it's only 17 minutes long. "What Did Jack Do" by David Lynch on Netflix. Once you start watching you won't be able to stop (talking monkey). Lynch is a crazy genius. Eraserhead, Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet...
  21. Bezzz

    OT: Best mini golf in CT

    The one in Farmington has the added benefit of a great ice cream shop and the driving range next door.
  22. Bezzz

    Celebs both well known and obscure that you have more than just met

    I dated a beautiful little Asian girl when I lived in NYC way back when. Her uncle was president of South Korea. She was adorable. He was assassinated.
  23. Bezzz

    OT: Who is/was your most famous/successful blood relative?

    My Dad and I each had our 15 minutes of fame...about 25 years apart.
  24. Bezzz

    OT: National Tell a Joke Day

    I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but I turned myself around.
  25. Bezzz

    What are you binge watching?

    Just some trivia, David Chang is Trinity College (Hartford) grad as is Danny Meyers (Shake Shack).
  26. Bezzz

    NBA Restart

    If you get the YES network you can see Shabazz and the Wizards vs, the Nets today at 2:00. He's been starting for the Wiz, played well in the preseason, not a great 1st game on Friday though (4 for 13, 4 TO).
  27. Bezzz

    Leave It To Beaver and similar shows

    For you Connecticut old-timers...remember the Ranger Andy show? I was on the show once. Sat in the front row of the kids gallery. It was kind of a weird scene.
  28. Bezzz

    REALLY OT Physics formula needed

    Not an answer to the question, but an interesting physics anecdote. Years ago I was designing an indoor softball field in a Hartford suburb which had a strict height restriction. I appeared before the Planning and Zoning Commission to demonstrate our need for a height increase variance. I...
  29. Bezzz

    Dan Orlovsky gets analyst role on the new ESPN NFL Live Show

    I love Mina Kimes. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Yale and knows her football. The perfect woman.
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