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  1. Wolferowski

    Need 3 or 4 for SMU game 2/23

    thank you!
  2. Wolferowski

    News Corp. said to develop US Sports Network to Challenge ESPN...

    this is the best news I've seen in a while!!!! By Andy Fixmer and Alex Sherman March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. is taking steps to start a national U.S. sports network on cable television aimed at challenging Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN, according to people with knowledge...
  3. Wolferowski

    Just wanted to share this......(mojo thread)

    Maybe this can help the mojo around here. I work in midtown manhattan and just prior to the BET last year (about a year ago today) guys in the office decided to retire fellow employee's sweater vest. So they hung vest in the middle of the floor near and stapled his extension number to the...
  4. Wolferowski

    posting a pic

    I'm having a hard time posting a pic in a thread. I've tried copying and pasting in multiple formats and it's still not working. Can someone help?
  5. Wolferowski

    When will the NCAA make it's decision with Boat?

    I haven't heard anything since his meeting with the NCAA. I was just wondering if there is something out there that I missed? What are the chances he'll be cleared to play for sunday's game vs ND? FREE BOAT
  6. Wolferowski

    nyc bar

    I know this has been asked many of times but I can't find the thread. UConn bar uptown or midtown? Thank you
  7. Wolferowski

    Is FSU blocking UConn? Among the schools whose names have come up in ACC talks as possible entries is Big East member Connecticut. But officials from two ACC schools cautioned Sunday...
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