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  1. hoophuskee

    - WNBA Pretty Weak

    I had forgotten about this. But it is imo a disgrace that the WNBA is forcing the 3rd and 4th best teams in the WNBA just a 1 game sudden death. I thought it was 2 of 3. I'ts not like I'm big time upset. I'm not. I just look at for example how hot NY Liberty are. And for as well as they've...
  2. hoophuskee

    Starting 5 this year?

    Guards Adams and Gilbert. SF Larrier PF Diarra? Or maybe Willams at sf then move Larrier to pf? C Cobb? ------------- I'm assuming Wilson not coming until 2018 therefore a quick lineup as a secondary option - throw in Vital with Adams and Gilbert and move Larrier to pf? If UCONN is forced...
  3. hoophuskee

    Sports Predictor UCONN Women

    I apologize to the poster that started a thread a while ago identifying fivethrityeight's odds for teams in Tourney. I couldn't find the thread so I had to create this. Sorry to the person that previously created thread that I am starting this instead. Anyhow, I recall the prediction from...
  4. hoophuskee

    Top Ten All-Americans

    If I'm looking at a/a's now - I see 9 that should be-- don't know the tenth. Not in order: Plum Collier Gabby Lou Wilson AJones (Baylor) BJones (Md) Mitchell Turner I think UCONN deserves 3- we have the number 1 schedule and beat all comers. It's not like one player was a giant - or the main...
  5. hoophuskee

    UCONN WCBB is Great for the Game

    Last year and this year we have heard many times “the other team needs to score.” Looking back on last night the teams that won through upsets scored over 80 points. Scoring the basketball is vital and fun to watch. The game is evolving into more than just win a pounding 55-52 game. Teams with...
  6. hoophuskee

    Charles Barkley

    IS this guy one of the most dumbest clowns on the history of this planet? I can't stop laughing. He said this year was Calipari's best coaching year's he's had. He said his team didn't have enough talent and should be happy with the one round victory considering the talent they have. This is...
  7. hoophuskee

    Meg Culmo and The Game

    I want to start off with I love Meg Culmo - love her demeanor / style of how she calls the game. So much I love about her. And look forward to hearing her for many more years to come. Now with that said . . . I think she is WRONG. IMO she is looking at the game with a way-too-much post bias...
  8. hoophuskee

    Kiah Stokes Sensational

    Anyone watching the game vs LA? I missed 1t s quarter but start of 2nd qtr score tied 14-14 - announcers were speaking of LA getting nothing inside. Sometime thereafter an unreal sensational block ten ofc another sensational block a short time later. One play the LA pt guard comes down the gut...
  9. hoophuskee

    CT Sun Chelsea Gray

    I've just seen a few games with Sun this year-- the little I saw she seems better than JThomas. Was it just the time I was watching, or is she coming along well enough to beat out JT?
  10. hoophuskee

    Key Number in WNBA Next year - Six

    Next year there is good chance that the following names will eb palying in the WNBA: 1-- Diana Taurasi 2-- Sue Bird 3- Maya Moore 4-- Tina Charles 5-- Stewie 6-- MoJeff And arguably these 6 are the top six players in UCONN History all playing in in WNBA in one season together. What an absolute...
  11. hoophuskee

    Dear ESPN

    Can we not have utter complete morons do our game please? The jokes from these two clowns. 1-- Ellis saying team should slow it down because they don't have the bench? Really??!!! Hey buddy I know you were a great ND player and good in props at one time but get a clue about women's...
  12. hoophuskee

    Morgan Tuck - All-American

    IMO Morgan is an absolute terrific player and deserved to be on that Wooden List over at least one of the players. I still am expecting she gets all-American honors this year. It seems her game vs Notre Dame has been totally forgotten though. The thing is - next year I don't see how she gets...
  13. hoophuskee

    Saniya Chong and others

    Last nine games Saniya is 15-20 from the floor shooting 3's. She is shooting 44.1% from 3 and yet is 4th on the team in overall 3pt efficiency. I'm not counting Stokes or Pulido. Just -- wow. Moriah Jefferson is now shooting over 50% from 3 jut like KML. Just wow. And am I reading right? Some...
  14. hoophuskee

    Kiah Stokes - Defense

    Just would like other people's perspective- from what I've seen from Stokes - she is the greatest defensive player in UCONN History (defensive rebounding is part of defense) and possibly the greatest defensive rebounder in UCONN History. OFC have to see how rest of season plays out. Refs and...
  15. hoophuskee

    Five Questions

    I missed the 1st half - so obviously I didn't see I didn't see the mauling - but 1--- Was Stewie frustrated in the 1st half? Because in the 2nd half I didn't see it. The only play Meghan said she was frustrated I couldn't disagree more. I saw it - she got fouled away from the ball and ten they...
  16. hoophuskee

    Is Dennis Scott right?

    He said it's key for Phoenix to slow the game down. Huh? I don;t think that's they key at all nor should it be a strategy of Phoenix.
  17. hoophuskee

    Sue Bird

    Not sure if anyone saw last night's game in whcih Seattle eliminatd Tulsa. Sue was terrfic. She's got quite a bitof kick left. And nice to see our old nemesis Skylar--- beaten. With that said, she should be on the National team. They did say soemthing about Sims had a game time decisoon...
  18. hoophuskee

    How do I send a PM?

    Thank you. nm
  19. hoophuskee

    Top 50 Recruits

    Who are the top rated recruits we are going after next season? I went on ESPN and looked over the lists that shows the kids ranked in the top 50 which are considering/have UCONN listed. These lists can be BS. Heck the top player has us listed. Anyhow are any such as top rated Rabb not...
  20. hoophuskee

    Kentucky Frontcourt

    I know they have superb offensive rebounding but are any of the others --good low post - back-to-the-basket players?
  21. hoophuskee

    Great Win for the Big East

    Ohhh - I forgot -- they didn't want us. It was a absolute pleasure watching that. The traitors treated us like garbage last year - hopefully the Big East - specifically our former friends will suffer same fate Nova suffered tonight. It's a great feeling tonight.
  22. hoophuskee

    Is Mo Jeff hurt?

    After her amazing move late in 2nd half - you could see she was a bit hurt. Kara brought up same thing on postgame. Anyone hear if she had prior injury and what it is? She looked fine - but just wondering.
  23. hoophuskee

    I'm sorry I tempted fate

    I apologize to the Injury Gods and to you sawxfan and icebear. KML out.
  24. hoophuskee


    Not much here other than - I'm in awe of this team. I know it's only Memphis. But you "see things" that are so darn special. Every player can pass. Every player can shoot. Stewart even the little things - stunning amazing. Unheraled but small things you see- She has gotten so much "tougher" in...
  25. hoophuskee

    A'ja Wilson

    I've read from some posters that our chances are slim to get Wilson. Really? By no means do I think it a lock, or even 70% or 60% etc, I have no evidence to draw that from. But as I see it, we are set up perfectly for this tremendous talented player. 1-- UCONN still a beast with the core they...
  26. hoophuskee

    Top 25 in UCONN History

    I didn't see games before 1995. 1-5 DT, Maya, Bird, Charles, Sales Taking DT over Maya for what DT did in 02-03 and 03-04. Sales at 5? That's my personal preference. A dominant scorer that can do everything. 6-10 Lobo, Bascom, Sveta, Wolters, Monty Never saw Bascom play. So I'm guessing...
  27. hoophuskee


    The game she played vs. ND - just one of the greatest games in Husky History. Not only 10-16 from the floor. But 4-5 from three. But her defense in terms of blocking shots and intimidation. I saw several times ND use the tactic of throwing their body into a husky in hopes of getting a call...
  28. hoophuskee

    Doris Burke ad ESPN Wrong

    And now unfortunately ESPN is replaying it incorrectly. Early in 2nd half Doris was right to say a play UCONN fouled a Wildcat, it should have been a shooting foul. A play or two later one of their guards created contact on Stewie and threw up the ball in hopes of getting a foul call on Stewie...
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