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  1. jibsey

    Server/Network Issues?

    For some strange reason my games on YTTv have not been clear on the feed. It’s frustrating because it’s just the game channels.
  2. jibsey

    The Reason For It All- Sanogo

    Oriachi did get the job done for us in that lineup ultimately But he was no Sanogo.
  3. jibsey

    Duke is horrendous

    Does anyone have the info on what the major player rankings on Duke’s roster is?
  4. jibsey

    Very Cool Finish for Seniors

    And a tough major to boot.
  5. jibsey

    Andy Katz says UConn is a sleeper pick for the Final Four

    Most experts out there if they haven’t watched closely in the last few games are unaware that Sanogo has become the force he has.
  6. jibsey

    6 guys in double figures

    If Gaffney is gonna hit shots like he did today. I think Polley might be coming around.
  7. jibsey

    OT: Arizona Violations

    Never seen Teflon like that guy.
  8. jibsey

    The Reason For It All- Sanogo

    Overstated to say ALL but having that dominant force is the difference maker.
  9. jibsey

    "He's the best athlete I've ever seen in person."

    can’t teach athleticism, jumping ability, and passing vision. The shooting is a matter of training and repetition although the best ones have a natural feel for it, and on that I don’t know.
  10. jibsey

    Concern going into Tournament play

    He hasn’t been a factor but Polley starting to nail 3’s could be a huge catalyst like Neils did for us. He can get hot but he’s not had consistency. We have been playing pretty well without much from him so far.
  11. jibsey

    Tyler Polley’s mercurial UConn career is winding down

    If Tyler has a Neils Giffeye tournament BE and NCAA then by all means go but maybe he can make himself a more consistent shooter which makes his stock go up. I can’t imagine it’s very high right now.
  12. jibsey

    Sanogo- Whoa!

    I don't like this kind of talk.
  13. jibsey

    Sanogo- Whoa!

    whoever taught him pivot foot, ball fake, take your time putting shot up gets a gold star.
  14. jibsey

    Sanogo- Whoa!

    Isn’t it great to have a big man? A big strong, rebounding, great footwork, superb touch big man?
  15. jibsey

    Bouk up to 6 on Wasserman’s Big Board

    Love the kid but Bouk’s handle is not great at all and he lacks strength, durability a question. Incredibly gifted but I guess the NBA is willing to downplay that stuff.
  16. jibsey

    Time To Make A Statement

    Jackson is a layup or putback guy at this point in his career and he has no stroke. He’s also a foul machine so If he plays to his strength rebounding and passing he’s not a liability. We lost to Hall close without Bouk so this game would be a confidence builder and statement maker. A close loss...
  17. jibsey

    Monday, March 1st Update NET: 36 KenPom: 29 BPI: 26

    No one says legacy but 37? Cmon.
  18. jibsey

    Monday, March 1st Update NET: 36 KenPom: 29 BPI: 26

    This is a disgrace, yes I’m a Homer but with Bouk we’re top 25.
  19. jibsey

    2022 Recruiting: Diggins Update

    I must temper expectations because I still have images of Andre Jackson hitting multiple 3's from his highlight tapes.
  20. jibsey

    Monday, March 1st Update NET: 36 KenPom: 29 BPI: 26

    A lot of these guys are late to the UCONN bandwagon. I remember the last championship with Bazz there was no love the whole time. To be fair our teams have been inconsistent and have looked bad at times.
  21. jibsey

    Michigan St and Dook go down

    My question about Duke. With the high recruits they get year in and out, how is this possible? Would they have even taken Bouknight?
  22. jibsey

    Monday, March 1st Update NET: 36 KenPom: 29 BPI: 26

    Strange. A world where you make a living predicting seeding in a once a year tournament. And many times be wrong with that prediction.
  23. jibsey

    Nova getting annihilated by Butler

    Game not over
  24. jibsey

    RJ Cole looks much more settled and confident

    Bazz and Boat took us to the promised land, can Cole and Bouk? Who’s our Giffey?
  25. jibsey

    Survive and Advance

    We can still lose games and get in. Other teams will lose.
  26. jibsey

    UConn -6

    How good we really are? You saw the first half of that game? This team has not put together 2 halves consistently this year. Do you like the way we shoot fouls or get to the line? I too see the potential but that’s it for now.
  27. jibsey

    UConn -6

    This is going to be a close game but if it is not then we are better than I believe we actually are.
  28. jibsey

    Everyone Healthy per Hurley

    It means everyone is not healthy.
  29. jibsey

    UConn -6

    UNC is total garbage? No one giving Marquette credit?
  30. jibsey

    James Bouknight is good at basketball

    Bouk is crafty around the hoop but Kemba was stronger. Still concerned about Bouk's overall strength and durability because he really lays himself out there. Can he stay next year?
  31. jibsey

    Bouk vs Jalen Adams

    This is the worst player comparison ever. Just not in the same universe.
  32. jibsey

    OT: Tiger Woods

    SUV’s hit curbs and flip, happened to my daughter and her friends who were suspended uninjured from their seat belts.
  33. jibsey

    Does anyone know what’s really going on with Akok?

    Thanks, that’s a good perspective on this from someone who went through it. We often expect these athletes to heal faster than possible.
  34. jibsey

    Marquette vs UNC

    Marquette is doing pretty good against NC. Our game looks tough.
  35. jibsey

    2021 Recruiting: Pitt's Xavier Johnson Transferring

    I think that Gaffney if he was more assertive could do it and be more like Cole was the other day. We’ve seen glimpses of that from him but he needs to have the confidence, pt, and the coach’s go ahead to do it.
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