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  1. UofCT

    Final Big East Draw

    Has DePaul ever been good?
  2. UofCT

    Kenpom #24

    Mentioned this in an earlier thread but putting us as an 8/9 seed is very unfair to the 1-seed. I think back to 2014 when Kentucky was an 8-seed and slotted next to a 1-seed Wichita State.
  3. UofCT

    our last tournament win

    I mean his resume is very good and he should be able to get another college job ASAP.
  4. UofCT

    our last tournament win

    Ollie 7-1 in the NCAA tournament!
  5. UofCT

    Is UConn Now The Favorite To Win The Big East Tournament In its First Year Back In The Conference?

    One can know a lot about basketball and not mention RJ Cole.
  6. UofCT

    Brendan Adams Graduating in May

    I would imagine this means he is leaving?
  7. UofCT

    Hurley signs 2-year contract extension

    Great news.
  8. UofCT

    Wings + Rolling Rocks?

    Is this still a thing? Please advise
  9. UofCT

    Concern going into Tournament play

    If he's in the game with Sanogo, Bouknight and Cole then he has a good chance to get open looks.
  10. UofCT

    Is UConn Now The Favorite To Win The Big East Tournament In its First Year Back In The Conference?

    Reags has been following and writing about college basketball for years. Total Kentucky homer but he knows his stuff
  11. UofCT

    Georgetown staring lineup

    Is B Adams graduating early?
  12. UofCT

    #2 North Carolina St @ Syracuse - 2/28/21

    Nice thread on Cuse board about how our season ended after we lost to Prov
  13. UofCT

    2021 Recruiting: Hawkins Update

    I wonder if the announcer knows where he committed
  14. UofCT

    Monday, March 1st Update NET: 36 KenPom: 29 BPI: 26

    I don't think the committee can put us as an 8/9 since it would be ridiculously unfair to the #1. We would beat Ohio State and Baylor by double digits.
  15. UofCT

    Now 28 in Kenpom

    Does the committee look at all of these rankings?
  16. UofCT

    Bouk #10 Vecenie's Draft Big Board

    Would LOVE him to land on the Thunder with UConn alumni Coach Daigneault. He and SGA would be a nice backcourt together. Other landing spots I love: Knicks: He and Quickley could be a great combo for years plus Thibs has somewhat turned that franchise around. Grizzlies: Really underrated...
  17. UofCT

    Bouk #10 Vecenie's Draft Big Board

    CBS has him as high as #7
  18. UofCT

    Joe Lunardi now has us as one of the last four in

    Nothing is guaranteed. There is a huge gap amongst the bracketologists. We are as high as an 9 in some and first four out in others.
  19. UofCT

    UConn -6

    Next time you have winner bets like this please share. Thanks
  20. UofCT

    Big East Tournament bracket/TV times?

    Blocked off 3pm on 3/11 just in case.
  21. UofCT

    Joe Lunardi now has us as one of the last four in

    I am actually concerned about the makeup of this committee. I understand they have to leave the room when they are discussing their program but there is nobody in here vouching for the Big East.
  22. UofCT

    Big Bubble Night Discussion

    Why is there such a discrepancy? Edit: Between Palm and Lunardi.
  23. UofCT

    Updated Resume (2/24)

    I'm not sure which bracketologist to trust there is such a discrepancy. Palm had us as a 9-seed before the G-town win and Lunardi has us a first four in/out depending on what he eats for breakfast.
  24. UofCT

    OT: Play GM, fix my Celtics this season

    Trade some of the younger guys & the trade exception via Hayward and get a quality big like Horford (been decent this year) or Kevin Love who is more of a risk but when he's playing well the shooting, rebounding, decision making and passing are elite. Celts need a backup PG for Kemba. Kemba...
  25. UofCT

    Updated Resume (2/24)

    Jerry Palm article. He touches on the injured player / roster addition scenario Palms bracketology has us as a 9-seed BEFORE the Gtown game...
  26. UofCT

    Kenya Hunter made a mistake.

    Unfortunately whatever is wrong with Kemba has a lot to do with it
  27. UofCT

    Kenya Hunter made a mistake.

    Do any coaches in the NBA really excite you? Stevens would be unemployed for 5-minutes before landing any NBA/college job he wants.
  28. UofCT

    Updated Resume (2/24)

    Andy Katz has us as an 11-seed playing Arkansas
  29. UofCT

    Kenya Hunter made a mistake.

    or they promote Kenya after they make the coaching change.
  30. UofCT

    Another terrible first half+ for Hurley.

    DUDE RELAX. We are 11-6 and have a chance to finish 3rd in the Big East. Given all the nonsense (shutdowns, injuries, etc) this has been a good season so far from Danny and the team. Winning record on the road, winning record in conference...
  31. UofCT

    This team will never take the next step with Hurley as coach

    Lol apparently it’s Hurleys fault that Ollie couldn’t recruit any shooters
  32. UofCT

    This team will never take the next step with Hurley as coach

    The same team that beat Oklahoma with NBA all star Trae Young? Making sure we are talking about the same team. Please advise
  33. UofCT

    This team will never take the next step with Hurley as coach

    By now? He doesn't even have a full roster of players he recruited. What are you talking about?
  34. UofCT

    2022 Recruiting: Update on Donald Hand

    Before I trolled the boneyard I was a regular troller of the CT HS boys volleyball forums. Daniel Hand would usually win games and threads in that forum would start with Hand Over (Insert HS name here). I thought the HS name was Hand Over for the longest time.
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