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  1. hardcorehusky

    Concern going into Tournament play

    With Nova losing Gillespie and Creighton and McDermott having issues, we have as good a chance as anybody to with the BET. Winning and getting more experience for the NCAA is the biggest opportunity- that and another title.
  2. hardcorehusky

    UConn @ Conway S. Carolina (3/5 v. Miami (OH) @ Noon, 3/6 v. Davidson College @ 10:30a, 3/7 v. Coastal Carolina @ 3p & 3/8 v. Coastal Carolina @ Noon)

    3rd trip this season- time for guys to settle in. Is it too early to match Casparius vs Coastal as opposed to starting today?
  3. hardcorehusky

    UConn Spring Football 2021 begins...

    I have been a fan of Matt's since we brought him in. I like the fact that he is getting an opportunity to speak for the program.
  4. hardcorehusky

    Gillespie with a nasty knee injury

    The key moving forward in the BET for Nova is how do they handle on ball pressure. He is their point guard per se. If we get them in the finals, I like our chances without him.
  5. hardcorehusky

    For Uconn to go deep into NCAA tournament...

    The comparison and level to me for ONO to be very effective is Jessica Moore. Similar build, really ran the floor well and held her own in the post. If she plays like Moore, we will be very difficult to beat.
  6. hardcorehusky

    UConn @ Southern Mississippi (Fri. 2/26/21 @ 5p/ET, Sat. 2/27/21 @ 2p/ET & Sun. 2/28/21 @ Noon/ET) Games are on CUSA-TV

    I agree- but what has been missing has been the big key hit- we had 14 hits yesterday - one big two out hit or someone hitting a homer with 2 on has been the difference between winning and losing.
  7. hardcorehusky

    UConn Spring Football 2021 begins...

    In football- speed kills
  8. hardcorehusky

    Is Donny A Jack***?

    Tim Brando is the pros pro. He is so good and has been for many years. He can work with anybody. I am not in love with Donny's thoughts on certain topics(play AJ as much as possible), but he is soo much better than most of the color commentators today.
  9. hardcorehusky

    UConn @ Southern Mississippi (Fri. 2/26/21 @ 5p/ET, Sat. 2/27/21 @ 2p/ET & Sun. 2/28/21 @ Noon/ET) Games are on CUSA-TV

    We need the clutch hit to put up some crooked numbers. That will happen soon I hope. We are close but just need to get over the hump.
  10. hardcorehusky

    UConn @ Southern Mississippi (Fri. 2/26/21 @ 5p/ET, Sat. 2/27/21 @ 2p/ET & Sun. 2/28/21 @ Noon/ET) Games are on CUSA-TV

    We need that big hit to break things open. Hasn't happened through the first 4 1/3 games!
  11. hardcorehusky

    UConn Spring Football 2021 begins...

    I am more than willing to talk schemes and personnel- but I just don't tolerate bashing for the sake of bashing.
  12. hardcorehusky

    UConn Spring Football 2021 begins...

    So, tell me what your eyes told you when you watched practice since September. I wasn't allowed in, were you? So, to make a statement based on November 2018 and not seeing the d line and ends for over a year, that makes you a realist? A realist sees and calls it for what it is. What you...
  13. hardcorehusky

    Has a Late Season Transformation Already Happened?

    The season ultimately rides or dies with how ONO and CW play against an elite opponent. I think that Geno hit on a masterstroke by adding to their games- ONO passing and CW penetrating and playing in the passing lanes. Building on those successes will help the rest of their game in an Elite 8...
  14. hardcorehusky

    UConn Spring Football 2021 begins...

    Man - I wish there were more conversation around the depth at OL and LB. I am concerned about the depth at OL and thought we were light at LB to start with without the Ganyi Achilles.
  15. hardcorehusky

    Head Coaching carrousel mania for 2020 begins

    So Rhett Lashley is now 37 and never been a head coach.
  16. hardcorehusky

    UConn @ #5/#16 Virginia (Friday 2/19/21 @ 3p > Saturday 2/20/21 @ 1p & Sunday 2/21/20 @ 1p -- All Games streamed on ACC Network Extra/ACCNX)

    What ever happened with the proposal last year to start a month later and help cut out the travel to warmer climates?
  17. hardcorehusky

    Other college baseball games across the country

    Par for the course for them. Great hitting and spotty pitching
  18. hardcorehusky

    Hurley wore out his own team

    It was Bouk who was fatigued. 2nd game after being back- his legs weren't under him in the 2nd half. Not the whole team. The gang couldn't shoot straight from the opening tip - Martin, Cole, Whaley, Jackson. It had nothing to do with fatigue- it was an off shooting game.
  19. hardcorehusky

    UConn @ #5/#16 Virginia (Friday 2/19/21 @ 3p > Saturday 2/20/21 @ 1p & Sunday 2/21/20 @ 1p -- All Games streamed on ACC Network Extra/ACCNX)

    Jones said Wang was the opener- Peterson had the starter job until a bad outing in a scrimmage last week. They didn't want to stress him so they started with Wang who was going to get 1 time through the order.
  20. hardcorehusky

    Hurley wore out his own team

    If our 3's were going in, no one would be saying we looked tired. We didn't look tired, they were grinding but couldn't get the ball to drop.
  21. hardcorehusky

    Love the Whaley pushups

    He did more pushups after that sequence than he had minutes in his sophomore year!!
  22. hardcorehusky

    2021 expectations

    I think we get at least 5. My expectation is a bigger, stronger and faster team. One that is more mature than we have put out in years. I am concerned about the O line because of defections and I want to see improved play at QB. We have good skill players and as long as the O line holds up...
  23. hardcorehusky

    2021 expectations

    None of your comments match your handle. We get you hate Edsall and Benedict- but every single post?
  24. hardcorehusky

    UConn Baseball 2021

    My dog now knows if I say Liverpool is killing me he leaves the room. He is learning what dumb shot means too!!
  25. hardcorehusky

    Refs and Announcers

    This was a missed opportunity by Fox to show that they care about women's basketball. Instead of McNutt talking about nothing, replay the screens and show what the foul was. Don't say - my dad was a ref so I won't say anything bad about them.
  26. hardcorehusky

    OT: Paige Buckets

    Best point guard on campus!!
  27. hardcorehusky

    UConn vs South Carolina - Game Analysis

    Lately ONO has been shooting a lot from the outside - if Boston is covering her- this is the design to keep her away from the boards. The key is for Liv to hit a few outside shots to get Boston away from the basket. Defensively, you could see zone from UConn to limit Boston and force SC to...
  28. hardcorehusky

    The Top 3 Things You Want To See Against SC

    1) ONO competing against Boston 2) CW driving toward the basket with purpose 3) A win
  29. hardcorehusky

    Kara Wolters SNY

    I have no problems with our broadcast crew. Most women's basketball programs wish they could have a broadcast crew. My only complaint is graphics- I would love to see the foul situation with the running score. Other than that, I am happy with the broadcast product.
  30. hardcorehusky

    Hurley Costs Us Another Game. Will the reporters ask some tough questions?

    Here is where Hurley showed he needs to grow as an in game coach. Besides the opening 5 minutes, with under 2 minutes left in the game, he made defensive replacements to stop Sh which worked. It took the offense the full shot clock to get a layup for Sanogo with a little over a minutes to go...
  31. hardcorehusky

    Chief’s Briefs - Seton Hall Edition

    Chiefs starting 5 might be our worst defensive lineup.
  32. hardcorehusky

    UConn football is ahead of schedule headed into spring ball (McFarlane/Courant)

    Did it ever occur to some here that Randy didn't need the money? He didn't come here for the money- he was employed and had banked enough to retire. He came back because he had built this thing from scratch and a horrible hire and 1 even worse than horrible hire killed what he built. He was...
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