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    In Memory of My Loving Father, 'Dogbreath2U'

    Hello all, I am in writing this in respect to my beloved father, Thomas M. McAuliffe, known here as Dogbreath2U, who passed away this past Friday night at the age of 62. My father was born in Kansas City, Missouri and grew up in the nearby charming suburb of Overland Park, Kansas...
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    Chat room open

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    Chat room open

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    Chat room open

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    The Good, the Good, and the Good

    Amida Brimah.....Great game!! He finally seemed to have the game slow down, or he slowed down....whatever, but nice job with the blocks without fouling and outplaying Tacko by quite a margin. Kentan Facey.....Moments of greatness! Solid effort and he is just out there competing. He made a...
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    Best presents, gadgets, etc ?

    Anyone score a fun or cool present? Fun gadget? New tech?
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    Chat room open

    no more
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    Chat room open

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    TV for Ohio State?

    I know it is on the Big Ten Network only. Game is at 6:00 p.m. IIRC, this network is on one of the satellite providers. Would it be a safe bet that sports bars will have the game? I just found this site ( BTN ) that says that Cox has BTN on channel 1489. I will have to look into this...
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    Match-up with Oregon?

    Anyone got any insight on today's game?
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    Chat room open

    Not for those with short fuses or high intelligence. Or, maybe not.
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    Chat room open

    link on top
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    Chat room open

    come on in
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    Classic regular season games, 1995

    UConn was undefeated and playing Syracuse for the first #1 national ranking ever for the good guys on 2/12/95. The next game was against Georgetown on 2/14/95. The SU game was an extremely well played game against Moten and Wallace, among others. The game against Georgetown was more of a...
  15. Dogbreath2U

    Walton to LA Lakers

    My sources tell me.....
  16. Dogbreath2U

    go Indiana, beat the squid

    not a Crean fan, but want to see UK go out early.
  17. Dogbreath2U

    Best Play of the Game?

    It took a while to get going, but a lot of good plays. The one that I liked the best was when Jalen got the ball with the clock running down, he uses a screen, doesn't force a drive and hits a 3 before time runs out. This was such a breath of fresh air! How about the precision bounce pass...
  18. Dogbreath2U

    Best Defensive UConn team since JC?

    With the talk about how well this team is doing on the defensive end, I was thinking about which team was the best we have had. I think of the '89-90 Dream Season team and the '99 NC teams as being the best defensive teams as a WHOLE. The Dream Season team was amazing...they swarmed the ball...
  19. Dogbreath2U

    Has Sterling Gibbs become "The Guy"?

    I think he has, but it's hard to tell what will stick with this group. The other players started to make sure that they were getting the ball back to him down the stretch. I think that he is the guy who is showing composure and when he takes the pressure on himself, the rest of them can relax...
  20. Dogbreath2U

    Ricky Moore's 2nd greatest game?

    I am watching select games from the 98-99 season and there was a string of really tough games in the middle of the year. One game I found to be really compelling was on 1/30/99 against St. John's. This was the SJU team with Artest, Postell, Thornton, and Barkley. This may have been from...
  21. Dogbreath2U

    How good will the defense be on this year's team?

    PF: I would expect that Shonn will be a big upgrade defensively right from the start. Facey? Enoch? Point guards? Can Sterling defend? Jalen? Not much talk about their defense. This is a bit of a concern for me. Shooting Guards: Will Rodney become the defender he could be? Omar...
  22. Dogbreath2U

    Best place to go for vacation on a Caribbean island?

    Have a big anniversary coming up in the spring and would appreciate recommendations about vacation spots for April, 2016. Criteria: Caribbean island, nice beaches, not a family resort with lots of kids, safe, possibly not completely flat (not a deal breaker). Thanks!
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    Free music offer!

    Free album just for you!
  24. Dogbreath2U

    Lion after Boneyarder near LA

    ., The lion was quoted as saying "I'm coming for jleves." Photo of lion on top of 35 foot pole in Hesperia, CA.
  25. Dogbreath2U

    1998 Huskies: Flashback

    As I mention from time to time, watching old Husky games is the cornerstone of my continuing to exercise on my treadmill. I watched a few games from 1997 and it brought back Rip playing point guard on a team with a bunch of freshman. Watching some regular season and all of the postseason games...
  26. Dogbreath2U

    Courant story on Sam Cassell, Jr.
  27. Dogbreath2U

    Notre Dame is doomed tonight!

    No chance, even with a lead at under 3 minutes in first half
  28. Dogbreath2U

    Crean on the edge? 25 seconds left...

    25.3 seconds left, IU down 72-69 vs. MSU Good drama on TV!
  29. Dogbreath2U

    Temple smacking SMU some at the start

    Temple off to a good start, 19-12.
  30. Dogbreath2U

    Calhoun interview on ESPN now from last year

    Not sure exactly when this was recorded, but before the tourney.
  31. Dogbreath2U

    Kemba Hot Like Fire!

    Kemba with 33 points with 1:18 left as his Hornets are beating the Celtics 100-89.
  32. Dogbreath2U

    Any updated game time?

    Any updated game time? Thanks.
  33. Dogbreath2U

    A bit on Briscoe from another thread

    This was linked for the Bagley kid, but read the part about Briscoe and possibly choosing sooner than expected: Briscoe Decision... Interesting times!
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