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  1. hardcorehusky

    Another Boeheim moment

  2. hardcorehusky

    Thank You Seniors

    Thank you to the seniors for a leading a turn around this season. For playing exciting competitive hockey and laying the ground work for the future. Best of luck to all of you and I hope you have the opportunity to create more hockey dreams.
  3. hardcorehusky

    Hurley approach vs RE

    Men's board freaking out over a blow out loss. Some saying Hurley should have cleaned house with the holdovers and brought in New guys. Sticking with them hasn't moved the program up fast enough. RE moved out as many guys as possible and Boneyard freaks out. Who knows what the right...
  4. hardcorehusky

    Former UConn Baseball player named Red Sox Asst Hitting Coach

    Peter Fatse was named Boston Red Sox hitting coach today.
  5. hardcorehusky

    The Positive Assessment of UConn vs Wagner

    Beautiful night for football. Not sure about the cone drill on Silver Lane that delayed entry into the stadium and congested the whole area(got there around 5 pm). Tailgating is always fun - had a special visitor(former player) and that makes it more fun. LOVED the new Randy on his IPAD...
  6. hardcorehusky

    Recruits 5 6 and 7

    Per Randy: Nice to hit the trifecta today for @UConnFootball. 2019 #RaiseTheNar #BlockC Don't know how to paste a tweet here.
  7. hardcorehusky

    Edsall talks talent deficiency Nothing we did not know. Recruiting height over speed kills programs.
  8. hardcorehusky

    Former UConn QB Coach named 49'ers QB Coach

    Remember Shane Day? Report: 49ers to hire Shane Day as QB coach
  9. hardcorehusky

    Why a New President is Important to Football Success

    As we all know, UCONN is working on finding their next President. If that President understands what it takes to be successful in football, they will direct admissions to work with football on admitting some athletes that could help the program. For too long, the football program has been...
  10. hardcorehusky

    Watched practice tonight at the Rent

    Part of the perks of season ticket holders- stood on the sideline for the scrimmage. Haynes is starting RG. Pindell looked very good and threw the ball very well. Washington is #2. I will call him unconventional in the way he throws the ball but he moved the offense. Kevon Jones started...
  11. hardcorehusky


    Lashlee leaving is not the end of the line for us. RE has a history of great assistant coaches. No reason to think RE won't have this taken care of quickly. Also, when he said the QB spot was in great shape, he knew at the time Lashlee was looking(look at his contract). I am not worried...
  12. hardcorehusky

    Who do you think will be the new Assistant Coach

    Not that it is official, who do you want to see?
  13. hardcorehusky

    KO coached his butt off tonight

    Very demonstrative - getting Jackson to go into the corner was awesome. Getting on Vital for showboating and not getting back on defense. Time outs were spot on. Good execution out of time outs. Good night for the Huskies.
  14. hardcorehusky

    Roster make up

    Randy 2.0 did a wonderful job salvaging the class- addressing needs at QB, O-Line, CB and Safety. He brought in two linebackers and that was not a need. WR was not a need and obviously TE wasn't an issue. Losing Sheffield to FSU is no shame, but unfortunately, that leaves us with 2 seniors...
  15. hardcorehusky

    DJ back in CT

    Just not at Hand.... Former UConn QB Hernandez named new football coach at Ledyard
  16. hardcorehusky

    Now who is going to be the DC?

    Is there a superstar DC or NFL DC that could be coming to Storrs? After bringing in Lashlee, the universe to choose seems a lot bigger!!
  17. hardcorehusky

    Who is Randy's coaching staff? Jan 12 is coming fast

    Sorry SportsArt- gotta do another thread- mostly to have fun with the haters and those who wouldn't mind him back but just in case lightening strikes twice- who is on the Coaching staff? Do we see a return of Hank Hughes as D Line coach? Would you want Mike Foley to be O Line coach? Jon...
  18. hardcorehusky

    St John's vs Cuse @ the Dome

    Found it by accident. The announcers have a southern drawl. The ACC just doesn't get it. B-T-W the Johnnies lead by 12.
  19. hardcorehusky

    Who looks better today- UCONN, Cinnci or Houston?

    We clearly did the best we could do quietly. Rena Khator did all she could do publicly backed by Tillman Fertitia and anyone else publicly. Cinnci publicly whored itself to the Big 12. We thank the AAC publicly for allowing us to go for it. Houston blasts everyone in the Big 12 and doesn't...
  20. hardcorehusky

    Change in Beat Writers for the Courant

    Looks like there was a shake up in the department and the 4 writers have been shuffled. Des going to High School Sports and Mike Anthony the new Football beat guy.
  21. hardcorehusky

    So who is the new 2017 recruit from Massachusetts?

    Paw prints on twitter and it ain't No Escalators!!
  22. hardcorehusky

    Who hires an AD to impress P5 schools?

    For those who think an AD hire is done to impress other schools is nuts. You hire an AD to manage your schools programs. Who cares where they came from as long as they are competent, can fund raise, hire the right coaches and support them as best as possible? CR is not done at the AD level...
  23. hardcorehusky

    Guess who is an NFL O Line Coach?

  24. hardcorehusky

    How to Improve the Offense

    After listening to HCBD say the offensive line did well against BYU but the running backs have had their problems in pass protection, I was thinking about personnel and scheme to help Shireffs and the line out. I look forward to other people's opinions. 1. Why not go to Jazz Clax in the...
  25. hardcorehusky

    Program headed in right direction

    Am I disappointed in losing that Missouri game by 3? Yes. Did I like the 2nd fake kick? No. Programs don't turn on the results of one game, one play. However, there is a process here and even though I do not like Diaco, I have to give him credit for turning the program into the right...
  26. hardcorehusky

    If you could ask Coach Diaco one question...

    what would it be? Tuesday night there is a few minutes set aside for questions from the sell out crowd, so if you had a chance to ask a serious question, what would it be? I will make sure one of the responses is asked. Hardcore
  27. hardcorehusky

    Mark in your calendars July 29,2014

    The annual UCONN Alumni Association Football Kickoff Dinner with Coach Diaco!! I'll share the details as we get them.
  28. hardcorehusky

    Rutgers Role in the Big Ten

    Folks- it was always about the eyeballs for the Big Ten Network and a place for Ohio State, Michigan, etc to visit for their alumni and recruiting. Here's a New York Times article on the dumpster fire itself...
  29. hardcorehusky

    3.1 overnight, 8.3 Htfd- New Haven

    UCONN - Michigan had the most viewers of any game last night - with the electric atmosphere there is something for Delaney and the Big Ten to ponder!!
  30. hardcorehusky

    An Evening With Paul Pasqualoni

    Fellow Boneyarders, UCONN football fans - For the past 10 years, the UCONN Alumni Association Hartford Chapter has hosted a football event. This year, Coach P and players will be coming to the Rent on July 30th. We promise a new and improved Evening with Coach P - this year there will be...
  31. hardcorehusky

    Thank You to Jim Calhoun Dinner October 15th- please pin

    As we have from the time Coach came to UCONN, the UConn Alumni Association Hartford Chapter will have our annual dinner with Coach Calhoun Monday October 15th at the Bond Ballroom in Hartford. We just got the go ahead from Coach so you can get on the tickets early before they sell out. $47 for...
  32. hardcorehusky

    Our schedule included 8 teams that are going bowling

    Schedule did not turn out as easy as first thought
  33. hardcorehusky

    Maybe now we can get Notre Dame into the conference?

    I hate it but this could be the Big East's Hail Mary!!
  34. hardcorehusky

    The Answer to Our Offensive Woes

    should be Scott Mc Cummings. Here's why: Run the Option Offense -our oline can create holes, is not adept at pass blocking, our recievers are ok and we have some depth @ running back. While we can't be Georgia Tech -we can be effective in gaining large chunks. Passing becomes limited but so...
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