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  1. Fishy

    COVID Vaccination

    When you get a vaccine is almost entirely a mix of luck and effort. There are no tips aside from bookmarking sites and visiting them often. In late January, I spent several hours over a period of a week trying to get my mother an appointment. I managed to get her one in late March at a mass...
  2. Fishy


    There were a few different tee shirts for the BYC. I think the first one was white. I know there were hats for a while because I have one.
  3. Fishy

    OT: Rivals Board Resurgence?

    I was unaware that Rivals still existed, so I assure you that I am not posting there.
  4. Fishy

    2020 Recruiting: Rich Kelly - In Transfer Portal

    No. double checks to make sure he has not accidentally logged on the Marist College basketball board Definitely, no.
  5. Fishy

    Job posting (no joke, guys)

    I would like to apply. However, please be advised that I would not be available to actually do any work in person - my contribution would be limited to Facetiming into a job site and pointing out icky things that need cleaning and then doing something else while the ick is remediated.
  6. Fishy

    2021 Recruiting: Pitt's Xavier Johnson Transferring

    Have you see this thing we’re calling the “recruiting class?” It contains such a player.
  7. Fishy

    2021 Recruiting: Pitt's Xavier Johnson Transferring

    Anyone who thinks we should go after the Pitt kid should have his account deleted right after he’s punched in the throat.
  8. Fishy

    Kenya Hunter made a mistake.

    0% chance.
  9. Fishy

    Nimari Burnett Texas Tech Transfer

    Don’t recruit other people’s problems.
  10. Fishy

    Scotch thread

    It reminds me of both, too. What I think they did really well was lean way in on the rum cask. It’s not a bourbon finished in a rum cask, it’s their whiskey diverted to a rum cask instead of an oak barrel. If you enjoyed this, there are some rums that you would enjoy sipping. (Zacapa comes to...
  11. Fishy

    Beer Thread

    The problem with these breweries is that at some point, it is too expensive to remain small.
  12. Fishy

    Why do we have Whaley and Sanogo both setting screens at the 3 point line?

    Double ball screens are hardly unique in basketball.
  13. Fishy

    Beer Thread

    I’m protesting beer until the IPA and crazy name fad is over. I’m thinking about starting a microbrewery that I will name “Beer.” Our beers, which will not include any IPAs, will be called “Beers.”
  14. Fishy

    Scotch thread

    Personally, the rum is head and shoulders for me. I’m not quite sure what to say about the Port Finish yet. I had it before, but this is batch 8 and it’s... “something.” Honestly, it’s almost just a rye. I’m guessing these port barrels were not on their first or second fill here. (Edit: The...
  15. Fishy

    Scotch thread

    Productive trip to Total Wine.
  16. Fishy

    We should play Providence in Boston Garden once year.

    No idea. The idea that playing in Boston opens up any kind of recruiting ground was nuts.
  17. Fishy

    Duke Freshman opts out

    Amazed that one of the players quit on the season before Coach K did.
  18. Fishy

    Jim Christian out @ Boston College

    There should be zero chance that Cooley would leave Providence for what is an even harder job. There’s a reach Boston College cannot beat PC regularly for recruits.
  19. Fishy

    Jim Christian out @ Boston College

    They were going downhill with or without Skinner. The ugly side there was not that they fired Skinner, but that they decided to destroy his reputation in the press for no good reason. BC sucks because there is no compelling reason for them not to suck.
  20. Fishy

    Jackson's Court Vision and Passing is Too Good

    I think given how screwed up this season is, you just put him on the court and let him work through whatever. He’s too good to sit.
  21. Fishy

    Adams and Carlton out

    One of the reasons that Hurley was playing Adams 30 minutes a night in February was that he had to play Adams 30 minutes a night into February. Our lineup was and is a product of the injury issues. I like Adams as a player, but he’s a role player - some games, he’ll be in there 20 minutes...
  22. Fishy

    Richie Springs - Anyone else think we should give him some run Saturday?

    We have offensive issues. This feels like a good way to make them worse.
  23. Fishy

    OT: Off topic-Update on my wife.

    The world does not have enough people like you and your wife. I’m truly sorry that there’s one fewer now. Be well.
  24. Fishy

    Scotch thread

    I think they’re just good. It’s not like an Islay where there’s 8,000 things going on in the glass and you kinda need to be in the mood for it. The Breckinridges are good all the time - kinda like Green Spot and the Nikka Coffey Grain/Malt. You take a sip and your reaction is, hey, this is as...
  25. Fishy

    Big Recruiting Complication

    It will fail quickly and comprehensively. No one will pay a cent to see semi-pro prep players that they‘ve never heard of play basketball. The league will realize exactly zero revenue and will be a money loser from the time the first check is written until the time Carmelo and Kevin refuse the...
  26. Fishy

    We should play Providence in Boston Garden once year.

    There is literally no reason for us to play in the Garden once a year unless it’s Madison Square and then we should play there more than once a year.
  27. Fishy

    Jordan Hawkins bounce 👀

    Providence is recruiting the chair.
  28. Fishy

    OT Running

    The Litchfield race is very nice - very pretty. It’s not the toughest course, but there is a laugh-out-loud hill right after mile six on Gallows Lane. Hardest race I have ever done is the Escarpment Trail Run - it’s a 30K trail race over the five high peaks in the Catskills. The uphills are...
  29. Fishy

    KO - Miami Resident

    It does, but, in my case, this will take a very, very, very long time.
  30. Fishy

    KO - Miami Resident

    He burned the bridges behind him. Don’t care if he comes back or not.
  31. Fishy

    Can you dunk?

    Of course, I can dunk, but I’m not going to just because you guys want me to.
  32. Fishy

    Fish Droppings - St. John’s Edition

    Simplicity is the glory of expression - Walt Whitman
  33. Fishy

    Fish Droppings - St. John’s Edition

    That sucked ass and I regret the two hours I spent watching it.
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