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  1. champs99and04

    UConn +8 vs. Nova

    Nova lines are always set a point or two higher than I expect. I remember being shocked that they were a 3 point favorite over Oklahoma in the final four a few years ago when they'd been blown out by the Sooners earlier that season - then they won by like 50. 8 or 9 is about what I was...
  2. champs99and04

    UConn Depaul Cancelled on 12/23

    Thank you to the Connecticut Department of Health for looking out for our student-athletes. You can never be too safe.
  3. champs99and04

    I had planned to post this March 12th

    The bolded section is recently added. Everything else is verbatim from my March draft box. If you'd told me back in late December that UConn would finish 10-8 in conference play, I wouldn't have been surprised. They were a decent, albeit limited team that was set for two+ months and 18 games...
  4. champs99and04

    OT: Brady and his offensive line

    I think your theory is correct, but I'm less certain that Brady in Tampa this year at age 43 is the right case study. He knew he hadn't been the same guy since 2017 and needed a better roster to offset his decline. The Patriots had something close to that in 2018, but between Gronk leaving and...
  5. champs99and04

    OT: NBA Playoffs

    - A lot of these game 7s in recent history seem to turn into rock fights. I don't know if it's nerves, fatigue, looser officiating, or some combination of, but it feels like we've built too large a sample at this point to chalk it up to variance alone. We'll see if teams start tweaking their...
  6. champs99and04

    OT: NBA Playoffs

    Taking a lot of mid-range shots maybe isn't ideal long-term, but they still have huge value in late game situations against tough defenses and probably always will. Kemba can't hit anything from three and gets swallowed at the rim, but you still get the sense he can get to his spot and drill...
  7. champs99and04

    OT: NBA Playoffs

    The game is more than the box score, and if you look beyond the box score, I think you'll find - for a number of x's and o's/personnel type reasons - that Kemba wasn't as awful in that game as it might appear. But for all intents and purposes he got his lunch eaten in what was arguably the...
  8. champs99and04

    OT: NBA Playoffs

    6 for 18 looks a lot better than 3 for 15 even when you take the clutchness/degree of difficulty out of it.
  9. champs99and04

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    I don't know about this. If you're a professional athlete then it means your career did pan out. Not everyone is going to rise as far up the ladder as they'd like, but that can be said of any field. I won't comment on Stanley's situation specifically without knowing more, but generally...
  10. champs99and04

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    This can't be real. Didn't know him but my world feels shattered by this news. His dunks will be etched in my mind forever. Retire #21 today - thank you for the memories and rest well.
  11. champs99and04

    OT: Kyrie Irving

    Starting to take Kyrie's side on this the more I think about it. The shutdown has unwittingly steered people towards the darkest alleys of society and intensified their urge to reform them. Bring back all the distractions and that fight weakens considerably.
  12. champs99and04

    OT: Kyrie Irving

    I don't think anyone has a problem with Kyrie expressing his opinion so much as they do the manner and timing with which he did so. This sounds like more of an adrenaline-induced plea at the 11th hour - when they were essentially just dotting the I's and crossing the T's - from someone who's...
  13. champs99and04

    OT: Kyrie Irving

    The firing itself was justified. The circumstance(es) that enabled them to do so without receiving any considerable public backlash was systemic racism in a nutshell.
  14. champs99and04

    OT: Kyrie Irving

    It's beyond me that anyone can support Kyrie on this yet still let UConn off the hook for the Ollie debacle. Y'all really couldn't have tried any harder to miss the meaning of systemic racism back then. Seriously. It's been a huge problem here dating back decades, and not a subtle one. Kyrie...
  15. champs99and04

    LJ Figueroa in the transfer portal

    The league has been decimated by early departures this spring like no other. No reason UConn can't compete for the title.
  16. champs99and04

    Longtime Boneyard Poster Passed Away - Robertelamin

    Ugh. Obviously I have a general sense of what a ~38-year-old looks like, but seeing the picture really drilled it home for me. He hadn't even gotten to the back nine yet. I get that this is a popular board and that people die, but you can't convince me we're not on a run from hell right now...
  17. champs99and04

    Gilbert Officially Transfers to WSU

    What do you think he should have done?
  18. champs99and04

    OT: What changes are you and family making to your lifestyle due to coranavirus?

    I'd argue that self interest and survival is endemic to all individuals. Our perspectives on anything are born from our experiences and by extension limited by our ignorance. In a healthy, fully functioning democracy, both of these perspectives are incorporated into our way of life and...
  19. champs99and04

    Iona hires Rick Pitino

    Rick Pitino is probably treated as unfairly as any figure in sports. He's done nothing wrong and still gets covered like he burnt down an orphanage.
  20. champs99and04

    OT: What changes are you and family making to your lifestyle due to coranavirus?

    So basically we're canceling a world meant for young people in order to protect old people who will continue to vote to ruin our planet, segregate our country, and wreck our economy from themselves.
  21. champs99and04

    A little hope for CV

    Christian is a year older than most seniors as it is. He's not coming back next year to play for free.
  22. champs99and04

    Bouknights NBA stock

    Yeah. NBA guys care less about the poor technique, lapses in concentration, and undeveloped physique and more about how the measurements/combine numbers line up with the prototypes. Plenty of guys can jump out of the gym (Pat Connaughton) but fall due to a lack of lateral quickness and/or...
  23. champs99and04

    Bouknights NBA stock

    I don't think people realize how bad he is defensively.
  24. champs99and04

    Drummond to Cavs

    Kanter wasn't exactly an analytics darling until recently. You don't think you're being a bit dismissive of someone who'd undoubtedly be adding a different dimension to the team? I can understand Boston not wanting to part with their other guys, but you make him sound like the Coronavirus when...
  25. champs99and04

    Drummond to Cavs

    No one's lost out on more from the league devaluation of counting stats than Andre. If this is a decade or two ago he's considered one of the 5-10 most valuable assets in the sport.
  26. champs99and04


    Carlton is 6'10 and that's why he plays. It sounds obvious, but it's true. The fact that he has a fairly wide frame and soft hands doesn't hurt. His basketball IQ is there even if his skill set is not. I think he was coached pretty well at Demaha Catholic and I can see why his sturdiness may...
  27. champs99and04

    UCONN -11.5

    This is how Vegas makes money. Set a line that looks way too high following your worst two games of the season (which also happen to be your first two road games) and bait a self-loathing fan base into giving the 11.5 against an over-matched opponent. I'm sure the same thing will happen in...
  28. champs99and04

    4th Straight Year

    I don't doubt that Hurley will eventually get this program going. The question is whether the payoff will be worth the wait. The task confronting Hurley now is distinctly different than the one he's faced at his prior two stops. The further you climb the ladder, the more player retention...
  29. champs99and04

    Taking stock of the program heading into 2020 (originally written 12/11)

    UConn’s somewhat meteoric rise in defensive efficiency – from a disappointing 129th a year ago to 37th as of this moment – can be attributed in large part to the addition of Akok Akok. They simply do not make very many human beings like him, and to the extent that he’s elevated their defensive...
  30. champs99and04

    Sad news regarding CAHusky

    Haven't posted here in a while, but stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this. Props to @browndog319 for bumping it yesterday, otherwise I may have never seen it. Some things are tough to understand. I remember thinking how cool it was, when he graduated a few years ago, that someone could...
  31. champs99and04

    As the losses mount, some bizarre behavior from Edsall

    My instinct was to feel the same way, but after reading the article, no, Jacobs is right. It's not that hard to treat people with respect, no matter what your record is or how much might be working against you at any given time. Football coaches in general feel way too comfortable dumping on...
  32. champs99and04

    It’s time to replace Randy.

    Would all the people whining about the brand of football rather be UMass? Serious question. They're innovative and modern and exciting. 24.6 points per game! They're coming off an exhilarating 37-29 win over Akron and could use your support for the upcoming homestand against UConn and Liberty.
  33. champs99and04

    It’s time to replace Randy.

    Boise's possessions last year 10 plays, 69 yards, FG 2 plays, 71 yards, TD 4 plays, 43 yards, TD 6 plays, 64 yards, TD 3 plays, 92 yards, TD 11 plays, 91 yards, TD 9 plays, 52 yards, FG 1 play, 72 yards, TD 7 plays, 21 yards, Punt 5 plays, 80 yards, TD 9 plays, 76 yards, TD 13...
  34. champs99and04

    It’s time to replace Randy.

    Granted my bar is low, but if you compare last night's game to the Boise game from last year, they're noticeably more competitive in every phase of the game. The total yardage last night ended up 607-426 in UCF's favor. Sure a lot of those were garbage yards, but even in the first half they...
  35. champs99and04

    College Football - Week 3 Thread

    Disagree. ASU's win @ Michigan State is one of the best of the young season. Stanford was expected to lose and USC's loss to BYU is partially offset by the fact that Utah won @ BYU to open the season. Colorado's loss doesn't shock me after their big win against Nebraska last weekend. The...
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